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My love for the Dove brand has been well documented on my blog. In particular, I love the haircare – especially the Intensive Repair range. You can read my previous reviews on this magnificent range here and here.

Dove Hair South Africa recently ran an online survey with Women 24 to gauge the relationship women have with their hair, and how it contributes to the way they feel. Unsurprisingly, 80% of women surveyed felt that their hair affected their mood. When asked to share one word that best describes how they feel about their hair, this was how they responded:

  • 30% said identity / personality
  • 40% used the word ‘challenging’
  • 30% said confidence

The above does not surprise me at all. On a good hair day, I feel confident and ready to tackle anything and everything. On a bad hair day, I’m generally moody, petulant and feel insecure. It’s amazing how our hair is so much a part of our identity.

good hair 1

Having a GREAT hair day!

I’ve been very lucky in that I have hair that’s easy, healthy and manageable. It’s thick with a slight wave, so I can wear it straight or curly. I believe my relationship with my hair is (mostly) a positive one.

However, as I get older, my relationship with my hair is becoming a bit challenging. I need to colour my hair every 6 to 8 weeks to hide my greys. I don’t like these so called ‘hairs of wisdom’ because I think they make me look old. I’m pondering whether this is societal conditioning (most likely is) as I can think of a few women who rock grey hair (Jackie Burger being one). But, if I’m honest with myself, I’m just not ready to embrace the grey.

Also, this constant hair colouring is leading to a LOT of chemical damage, and I’ve noticed that my hair is drier than it was 10 years ago, and certainly not as lustrous and healthy.

Dove 6 close-up

So I was super excited when Dove sent me the newly re-formulated Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair range. It uses Nutri-Keratin repair actives that progressively nourishes and strengthens from within, ensuring my hair continuously looks stronger, healthier and more lustrous after every wash. If only it could stop my hair from greying…

The Intensive Repair Shampoo (R45.99) effectively cleans my hair and I like that just a small amount is needed to work up a good lather. It also smells divine. The Intensive Repair Conditioner (R45.99) is very lightweight and you apply it to wet hair, massage and rinse.

Dove 3 mask & shampoo

I have to be honest, most of the time I don’t use a conditioner, as I prefer to rather slap on a hair mask when I wash my hair (every 2 to 3 days). I apply the Intensive Repair Treatment Mask (R79.99) to my wet hair and leave it on for about five minutes. I love how soft and manageable my hair feels after using it. Even my 12 year old, who doesn’t have any damage, but does have thick, curly hair, loves it. Just yesterday she commented on how good it is at removing tangles and making her hair shine.

Dove 2 mask

I love the thick, creamy texture of the Intensive Repair Mask (above)

Even though I love my hair mask, I’m really enjoying the Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner (R45.99). It works like a mask at the speed of a conditioner; leaving hair nourished, tangle free and silky smooth. The consistency is thicker than that of a conditioner, but not as dense as a mask. Best of all, it only takes a minute to work.

I was rather excited to see that the whole Dove Nutritive Solutions range has had a re-launch, and now has a new look and feel, as well as some significant enhancements to the formulas.

There are four collections within the Dove Nutritive Solutions range:

  1. Intensive Repair is the best solution in the core range for damaged hair. The formulas deeply nourish and help to repair even the most damaged hair.
  2. daily moisture protects normal hair from the daily wear and tear of life. Nourishes to make hair softer and 5x smoother.
  3. Colour care is designed to provide progressive nourishment to coloured hair. Nourishes hair to keep colour vibrant for up to 10 weeks.
  4. Nourishing oil care treats frizzy and unruly hair, by progressively nourishing hair at the deepest level, smoothing up to 100% of roughness and controlling frizz.

Like any relationship, developing a long term positive relationship with your hair takes time, commitment and trust. Dove Nutritive solutions will provide you with the immediate result of hair repair (shine, fresh smelling hair) with long term benefits from progressive nourishment. I love how Dove is committed to helping women build a loving and nurturing long term relationship with their hair – one that makes them feel confident and is a source of happiness.

Dove 1


I have 5 hampers to giveaway. Each includes the full Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair range (4 products), a microfibre hair towel and bath towel to the value of R 1000 each.

To enter, leave a comment below telling me in a paragraph about the relationship you have with your hair. Is it an ongoing battle, or a relationship of love? I want to hear about it – the good, bad and funny. I’ll choose the five stories I like best and announce the winners on a blog post on Friday 1 April.


This is such an amazing giveaway wow!! Hope I can win one of these. I’d be the happiest lady on planet Earth if I did.☺

My relationship with my hair is one of love… I have thick, shiny and healthy looking hair 🙂

I always battle with my thin dry hair. Having psioriasis too does not go down well. From having itchy skalpy flakes I would so love to try this Dove range. Prayfully it can help the situation.

At this stage i really feel sad and as broken as my hair, i’m broken inside. My hair so broken off and has chemical burns. I had to cut my hair, which was really thick and long. Now it just hangs below my ears. I pretty much cry every morning. I really loved my hair but now not so much.
ps i really hope i win

Would love to win Dove as my hair unless blow dried looks like a birds nest often just too much frizz especially with Cape Town Weather….

I have always had trouble with my hair, it’s curly, soft and long. The bottoms dry out very easily. The usage of straightners cause even more harm and damage so does colouring . There are some salon shampoos that work effectively to sort out this problems but come at huge price tags. I believe Dove is a trusted brand and will heal with the same results at at a much more affordable price tag. This is a cool giveaway any girl with hair problems would love to have a hamper. I would sure love one too.?

Truth be told, I’m rather proud of my hair. It’s taken a hell of a lot of patience, a lot of experimentation, and a fair bit of self restraint to get it to where it is today. Now I’m about there, and I’ve become obsessed with growing my hair. My new goal is to grow it to have beautiful mermaid hair – wish me luck!

I love my naturally curly hair cause it has more than enough volume and I can pull off a curly wet look any time, but then there are time that I hate it with a passion. I mostly hate it when the unpredictable Cape Town weather causes it to frizz without any warning.

I have been in a love affair with my hair since I admitted that I have stick straight hair. Hot curlers for hours, GHD curling by a hairdresser, uncomfortable sleep with a head of braids…stick straight. It’s a reciprocal relationship. My hair can be evil and turn into the a birdnest of tangles if not treated well. If I give it the love, good products and nourishment it needs it is transformed into a silky layer of gold surrounding my head like a halo. <3

I have long thick hair.. which I love and would never cut off. The only problem is i’m pretty grey at the roots.. I started in my 20’s already.. And going to the salon every 5 weeks just isn’t in the budget, so I have a family member dye my roots regularly. But it does tend to dry out my hair and the damage is visible. I would love to try these Dove products and improve the condition of my hair. It really is in need of a treatment and some TLC.

My hair is a battle, it is damaged, dry, I have splitends and hairfall. Dye has also contributed to the damage. I would love to repair my hair and grow it longer. This range would definately help restore my hair and boost my confidence.

Lately my relationship with my hair is tie it up! #thatisall ? I love that I have hair but shoo it does NOT behave! Frizz from nowhere, curls in places and straight in other places. It looks nice when I have been to have it coloured and cut but thereafter I don’t know. Think it’s the menopause and the swimming doesn’t help either. Lovely giveaway 🙂

I hail from a family of women who have the most amazing hair. My granny who was from India sported long and flowing tresses which she attributed to regular oil massages. I still remember her massaging my hair with smelly oils which she chanted would make my hair thick and lovely. And it was true as my hair became my best trait. I had long and flowing hair that was like silk! That was until I became pregnant. It was if all hell had been let loose and j am not talking about a crazy pregnant lady here. My beloved hair be and like a war zone and looked worse for wear. I was left with knots and dryness like never before. So I had to resort to the chop. Not forgetting a disastrous fringe as well that still haunts me till this day. Ah the woes of motherhood. Alas not much has changed except that my baby is now 12 and we fight over our Dove hair products. Let’s just say that after many years and after using this fantastic product range, I am starting to get my groove and my hair back! So winning this amazing treat will sure be appreciated by both mom and daughter because we know we are worth it( ok thats a Loreal line). Quite simply, we love Dove hair products we would love to be spoilt!

I have very coarse hair and I love my natural hair but it is very hard to maintain which makes it a mission to just leave the open. I understand that my hair is very thin and using chemicals on my hair are a definite no no. I would like to just let my hair down but combing it can be a struggle.

I would absolutely love to win.. I have an ongoing battle with my hair, some weeks are better than others… Using too little product then its too dry and quite unruly… Too much products then its way too limp and extremely flat…

I have a love hate relationship with my hair I use to have nice curly hair but with all the colouring my curls are not there anymore it’s just a mixture of some curls, waves and some straight pieces. So I can’t really wear it natural and some times after blow drying my hair it comes out looking so shiny and healthy and some days it looks like a mess all dry. I find that when I don’t have anywhere to go my hair looks super awesome but the days when I need to look good my hair just disappoints. So yeah that’s my relationship with my hair;)

A constant for sure ! my hair gets so dry , have to use masks and heat defense sprays constantly . I wear my hair down all the time but struggle to get that soft healthy glow and look , can be rather depressing !!


I bought myself those funcky hair colour (pink) to be exact and the bleach to lighten my hair.  I have natural ash blond hair and I coloured my hair black but I was very daring to do this all by myself at home. 

I got home with the do it yourself kit and couldn’t wait to start, I applied the bleach to my hair knowing that it will take a while to bleach and went and lie down on my bed to watch my soapy on television and fell into a deep sleep……………………….I woke up in the morning hours acknowledging that I still have the bleach on my hair. Got up and rushed to the shower to wash off the bleach  and to apply the pink. 

Oooooh my word………………… looked amazing for sure and all my friends and family was stunned with what I did. 

My aunt always used to say a woman’s beauty lies in her hair, I guess this is the reason I maintain long hair, sometimes a battle because of the length and time to wash n set it , and I sometimes have those bad hair days, where I jus roll it a bun , dap some baby powder to cut the greasiness, but over all I LOVE my hair, when I wash & set it, some how my confidence boosts and I feel like I’m on the top of the world, and I can style it many ways , in a bun, in a French plait, left open, put a cute hair band, a pony…

I have a love hate relationship with my hair. Some days are good and other days are bad. I always say my hair has a will of its own. lol
I take every day as it comes.

My hair is medium length, wavy, volumous and unpredictable. I love my waves! I love my volume, but sometimes I look like I just stepped out of a hurrican, so when I need to look professional or neat 😛 I play it safe and tame the mane with leave in conditioner and oils and the trusty cloud 9. It goes from 100-30 on the volume scale. But I love how versitile it is.

I would say my relationship with my hair is similar to a long term love affair. In the beginning you shower each other with love and expensive gifts (shampoo). You enjoy spending time with each other. But as the years have passed, and we both settle in to middle age, we definitely don’t make as much effort with each other. “Oh yes, hair! Didn’t notice you there. Suppose I should wash you. Can we make this as quick and painless as possible.”

I’d say I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I love it when it’s good to me and just hate it when it does not want to play along. I have naturally curly hair and definitely needs a flat iron after a blow-dry. My hair certainly was at its best when I was younger and then again when I was pregnant in 2014. “Preggie hair” is the best (well for me it was). I want my preggie hair back (without being pregnant again, hahaha!)

Hair oh stupid hair of mine! I have declared war on my hair for being so irritating!Its bad enough my hair is falling but whats left is dry and frizzy , its like my hair wants to make a fool out of me , I think even a poodle has better hair than me . As for gym towards the end I look like I have mini horns coz my hair just decides to stick out in numerous places al at once :/

Okay, so what do I say about my relationship? Complicated? More like a love-hate relationship. I love my hair with my whole heart, and on the day that I wash it, my hair totally loves me back…or does it? Well, you see, it is all rainbows & unicorns in the morning and then slowly as the darkness of the night creeps in, my hair starts to depart from our love & turns on me…Turns into limp, oily and flat hair…like the GRINCH stole all the lush beauty from my darling tresses! Well, then we usually break up at night…although we still sleep together (DON’T JUDGE ME)…And then depends on how bad the fight was (and the weather, to be honest), we get into the bath together and rekindle our love, coming out fresh & looking fab…if it is gloomy outside and I am running out of time, then sadly that puts a strain on our relationship. It is a daily struggle, but love is love, what is meant to be cannot be separated. I am dearly hoping that you can provide me with some therapy and we can together work at making this bond a stronger, mutually beneficial one 🙂

My hair : well when its newly coloured and cut i love it, when I think it’s at it’s worst – others love it, and when I am due to have it done it really looks good. ..basically I can’t win ?

I love my hair. Always take care of it, tried many different products to see which works best. Your hair is your crowning glory after all…

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. As in I love it for about 3 days after a salon visit and hate it until I go the salon route again. It’s very fine and flat and only looks good straight after a tint.
Then it becomes a cycle of tint, flat greying roots, body building products, frustration, tint!
I’m also not ready to go the full- on grey route yet, so for now I’m caught up in the “love-hate” cycle!

My relationship with my hair is a wake up in the morning tie it up in a pony and that’s that, until i spot the grey 😉 then it gets some tender love with hair dying and oil treatments

My dark blonde hair is straight, fine, and flat. It’s something that I am completely at peace with. It’s super low maintenance. I cut it myself with a VERY cool and ingenious tool. It air dries, doesn’t need to be straightened, and I can get away with only washing and conditioning and seldom anything else. That being said, I know my hair COULD be so much better and I want to start investigating things I can do to make it stand out.

My hair is a flat mess. I just need some volume but no amount of anything will assist with this. I had been a bridesmaid the one time and she wanted locks and my hair just did not want to play along. They used a whole bottle of spray on me, needless to say it did not work at all. SO I need to still find exactly what style works with my flat hair.


My relationship with my hair has become challenging. I have lost a lot of Confidence when it comes to my hair and have an ongoing battle with my hair. I would really love to win the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive repair range because my hair is dry, brittle, lacks luster, has split ends and breaks easily. My hair is dry, colour damaged and prone to breakage and split ends. For months I’ve been trying to get an effective hair repair range. In desperation, I’ve tried all sorts of shampoos/conditioners and masks, including going all natural products for awhile. But nothing has worked!! I even cut my rather long hair to a short length with the hope that it would help. I am 44 years of age & presently experiencing hormonal imbalances problems coupled with high stress levels which has caused me to loose huge amounts of my hair. Losing my hair, has an impact on my confidence and my overall self-esteem & affects my life. My hair has a rough texture with dryness and brittleness. Also, due to over blow-drying, weather and use of harsh shampoos and chemical treatments as well as heat-styling methods has resulted in my hair becoming damaged. Yes please, I would love to win Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive repair range because it will not weigh my hair down or make it look greasy not to mention it will soften & add shine to my dullest strands. I want to take control of my hair so that I can style my hair the way I want & not the way it wants to be. I need these products to help repair & nourish my damaged hair & to make it healthier, stronger and beautiful. I would love to have healthy, shiny, manageable hair again. Every woman has a unique relationship with her hair, unfortunately mine is an ongoing battle. It would really make my day to be given the opportunity to try the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive repair range as it could be the solution for my dry damaged hair. I would really love to look and feel confident again and would like to reap the long-term benefits of these amazing products.

I would say I have a Love/Hate relationship with my hair. It is very thick, but I definitely have bad hair days when it goes a bit wild, and I have to spend a long time blow-waving to try and keep it neat. I have quite dry hair, and it is full of static especially as we approach Winter. I think the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair range could be just what the Doctor ordered! 🙂 Would Love to win this Pamper Hamper!

I have a weird type of hair- thin, frizzy, curly. So even though styling takes about 30mins wet to dry it’s a real mission. I have a love hate relationship with my hair- depending on season. I sweat from my scalp in summer- so I cannot style and flat iron my hair without it ending up a frizzy mess by the time I get home (hairspray is my best friend). So that leads to using my flat iron WAY more than usual or walking around with curls that I always feel is too “big” and frizzy when dry so I carry around a spritz bottle with water and conditioner in it.. I prefer my autumn/ spring hair. Summer = “minced”/ Winter/rain = “minced”. so my hair is safest when it’s not too hot and not to wet then I can wear my hair sleek and loose and toss the ponytail!

Since going natural in 2009 I have fallen in love with my hair, & have come to accept it just the way it is…I no longer force to straighten it or long for it to grow long and downwards…I am “super”natural I defy gravity & that is ok with me, the natural hair journey aka #teamnatural (online Nazi) is a draining quest though & in a bid to break off from being so strict & using so much time & effort for my hair (example a whole day dedicated to washing & treating my hair) I cut my hair into a Mohawk, I’m still natural &I LOVE my natural hair I will never chemically alter it but I am enjoying the versatility I have. I love my hair. I am all for #teamnatural it is necessary for black woman to accept & love how they were born not using strong chemicals which burn our scalps or pulling our hairlines away, damaging our natural beauty for aesthetic beauty standards of the world ( sorry I’m going to deep lol but hair is a serious topic for black woman), so once I grow my hair again I will be back to a set regimen but remembering not to let my hair consume me too much. & just enjoy it.

I have gone from one disaster to the next with my hair. It all started when I was a child and my mom used to give me awful ‘pot’ cut hairstyles. I looked like a boy with a seriously thick fringe! Even my friends used to tease me. So after I moved out of the house, I was determined to make my own hair decisions (mom doesn’t always know best, right?). I very boldly went from brunette to blonde with a DIY box kit. Much to my horror, my hair went yellow…and then proceeded to fall out in clumps! I had to cut all my long locks off. The peroxide turned it into jelly. So guess what? I was inadvertently back to having a pot cut look! Cringe. Not hot in your early 20’s. Since then I have been dying in the salon (I learnt my lesson), and thank heavens I am back to being a brunette again. But recently I had such a terrible cut in Claremont that I had to find a new salon, which I did in Gardens. When I got there, the ENTIRE team of staff stood there laughing behind me. Turns out the previous cut was so skew that it “looks like a mouse has been chewing at the ends”. How embarrassing? No one told me! So my confidence has been up and down with my hair. I can’t wait for it to be glamorous and healthy again. I just really need the right advice.

it’s a tough relationship because my hair is thick and curly and i mean really thick and curly. when i was about 10 i wanted my hair cut into a short bob with a fringe and it didn’t work out but i insisted on making a fringe until one little boy asked me why my hair looked like a stoep roof. i stopped doing that and it took years before i just accepted my curls. And now i am working hard to make sure my four year old loves her thick curly hair.

So this is my second entry (i hope i am allowed) … today my hair looks even worse, it feels super grassy almost like straw. I am absolutely gutted about how damaged my hair is and i truly truly truly need some serious hair repair. i miss my wavy thick hair. *Sigh*

I have a love hate relationship with my was soo weak and would break at the drop of a hat.The iron was my enemy.i loved the end result but hated the long term hair broke and i made the choice to plait it and put a weave for a year.i would take it out monthly to wash.treat and replait not i use the dove intense repair shampoo and condition and the treatment and im taking Prosana hair and nail booster to maintain it so it doesnt break again.4 months in and its looking healthy.

I love my long locks 90% of the time when it is really in good condition but as I am surfing quite a bit, the salt water has really created havoc with it and it is dry and frizzy most days. I use a hot oil treatment to try and combat the dryness but my hair is not the crowning glory it once once. I have been tempted to cut it short again but then I tend to look like I am only 16 and still in high school. I would really love to win the Dove hamper to give my hair the treatment it deserves and I really need it to look great within the next week as my BDay is coming up on the 6th April and I would love to look glam for an evening out.

I have reached that stage in my life in my 50’s where I made the decision to no longer colour my hair to cover the grey. I started to get grey hairs when I was in my teens and have always coloured my hair, trying various colours and hairstyles. A short crop pixie cut al la Jamie Lee Curtis is what I tend to get done, but as my hair grows really quickly, I need to keep getting it cut every 6 weeks. I tended to have to colour my hair every 3-4 weeks because of the amount of grey hair and lack of pigment. I went to my hairdresser about 4 weeks ago and had it cut really short and have not yet coloured my hair and I am embracing my grey hair. I am enjoying the compliments and encouragement from my less braver “grey hair” sisters and friends about my new look and hopefully I will not be tempted to go back to colouring my hair.

Hi, who are the winners? 🙂

I have always loved to use dove products because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. I would love the opportunity to try more dove products and experience all the benefits dovebhas to offer.

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