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CHANEL is one of my favorite brands. Not only do I adore the clothing and accessories, I LOVE the skincare, fragrance and makeup too. In fact, I bet you didn’t know that very often, it’s Chanel’s catwalk shows that set the makeup trends for the upcoming season.

But I digress, this post is all about the new beauties currently available at CHANEL, from skincare to makeup. Because Chanel’s packaging is so gorgeous, I decided to style and photograph the images below in a very minimal way, playing with moody lighting and heavy shadows. I love the results and think this is one of the best product shoots I’ve ever styled and photographed. As per usual, I used my iphone to shoot and edited the pic’s with Snapseed. I love the results – let me know what you think.


Chanel Sublimage_1

First up is the deliciously decadent, supremely nourishing and totally splurge worthy Sublimage La Crème that retails for a whopping R4950. This is the ultimate combination of luxury and high cosmetic performance. If you can afford to splurge on a face cream, make it this one!

This luxuriously rich anti-aging cream contains vanilla plantifolia, an ingredient renowned for it’s anti-aging properties. It works to stimulate collagen production and microcirculation while strengthening the skin’s barrier function, all while preventing dark spots and pigmentation.

Chanel Sublimage _2

Look at that texture!

CHANEL Research studied the benefits of massage on the skin’s radiance and firmness. To optimize the benefits of Sublimage La Crème, they have developed a specific application technique:

Take a small amount of Sublimage La Crème with the spatula and dab onto each cheek, forehead, neck and décolleté. Using both hands, smooth over the face, from the center outwards. Then, glide under the jawline and gently smooth outwards from chin to clavicles. To optimize the benefits, perform the regenerating application gesture developed specially by CHANEL: make fists and massage the different areas of the face with circular movements, using the fingers.

Three beautiful textures of cream are available in the Sublimage la Crème range, namely:

  1. Sublimage La Creme Texture Fine – Fresh and light, perfect for normal skins to oily skin types.
  2. Sublimage La Creme – Rich with a melting texture that hugs the skin. Great for normal to dry skin types.
  3. Sublimage La Creme Texture Supreme – Cozy and caressing, it envelops the skin, intensely nourishing it. Perfect for dry and very dry skin types.

I’ve been using mine for a week now (I have the texture supreme) and use it mostly in the evening, but sometimes in the morning too. I swear, my skin looks more plump and even toned. I’m also quite sure my pores are less visible.


Les Beiges foundation 161

I really like the CHANEL Healthy Glow Sheer Powder and am thrilled that there is now a Healthy Glow Foundation (R785) in the lineup.

The concept goes something like this: When skin is left bare in the open air, it glows with vitality. This is what Healthy Glow Foundation recreates: the sensation of skin that breathes freely.

Enriched with a hyaluronic acid derivative known for its moisturizing properties, this foundation delivers comfort and hydration all day long. A polymer that resists sweat and sebum works to ensure impeccable hold. There are also mineral pigments and soft focus powders that enhance the complexion while covering any imperfections. Kalanchoe extract has been added and boasts hydrating and antioxidant qualities and encourages skin oxygenation. Of course, an all-essential SPF 25 UV sunscreen provides skin with optimal protection, while shielding it from the sun, free radicals and daily oxidative stress.

I find it best to apply the CHANEL Healthy Glow Foundation with my fingers, as suggested. I was expecting a very light veil of coverage, but was actually surprised at the medium coverage and subtly mattified texture of this foundation. It does a sterling job of evening out the complexion, beautifully covering any pigmentation. My one suggestion – if you tend towards dry skin – is to moisturise your face really well before using this foundation. I find I got the best results when using it over the Sublimage La Crème. I also reckon that this formula will be great for women with combination or oily skin types.

I was sent this really cool video called CHANEL Beauty Talks, a web series of spontaneous conversations about beauty between Lucia Pica, Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer for CHANEL, and supermodel Gisele Bündchen. This is the first episode where they meet in New York to talk about natural beauty and share some tips and beauty secrets.

I love the Gisele’s tip for using the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation. I mean, how gorgeous is she? I also quite like that she’s a mascara and blusher gal too. When I’m in a rush and have no time to spare, those are the two makeup products I reach for too.


Chanel sunkiss ribbon

If you, like me, love collecting limited edition makeup, do try get your hands on the CHANEL Sunkiss Ribbon Blush Harmony (R885), which forms part of the Spring 2016 LA Sunrise makeup collection. Inspired by the radiant light of California, this light diffusing blusher contains shades of intense fuchsia, coral, fresh pink, reddish pink and a coppery beige. I love the intricate, interlaced ribbons that are embossed with the CHANEL logo – I mean, how pretty? I (reluctantly) use mine by sweeping a blusher brush over the compact (combining all the colours) and gently apply to the apples of my cheeks. The result is a pretty pop of gorgeous colour that looks really natural.


Chanel rouge Coco shine-mighty

I do love a sheer, barely there lip colour, especially for everyday wear. The CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine (R505) also forms part of the Spring 2016 LA Sunrise makeup collection. I love how it gives my lips a hint of pink colour, almost like a stain, just more glossy looking. It feels beautifully hydrating and comforting on the lips, a bit like a balm.


Rouge noir 8

Last, but certainly not least is my most beloved nail colour ever, the one that started it all…CHANEL Rouge Noir Nail Colour (R365). I was in my early twenties when everyone was caught up in the Pulp Fiction craze. And key to rocking the ‘Mia Wallace’ look was a sharp bob, a white shirt and nails coated in Rouge Noir – a very edgy and unique colour for its time. I remember putting my name down at the CHANEL counter in Cavendish and waiting almost a month to receive my treasured bottle. My relationship with Rouge Noir has lasted 21 years, and is still going strong. This is one nail colour no woman should be without!


Rouge Noir is my favourite too. It’s so classy and elegant. Had to laugh at your mention of Miss Mia Wallace 😉

Lovely! Even if you need to sell your house to buy them all. ; )

Packaging looks amazing. Read great reviews about Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation, I hope they have my shade.

I love your photographs. The shadows add so much mystery. I mentioned once that I tend to always buy the same brands and products… So I’m off to buy the Rouge Noir. Let me see what I’ve been missing. Oh and why do you collect limited edition makeup?

Thanks Corlia. I can’t believe you haven’t tried Rouge Noir! You are going to love it – it give the nails such a classy, but edgy vibe. I collect limited editions mostly because they are all so beautiful. Most of my collection is from Chanel & Dior. I never use them, and the majority smell hideous as they’ve gone off. But they are so beautiful to look at. Perhaps I should do a post?

Hi Xoliswa, the unfortunate thing with Chanel is that they don’t have a huge range of foundation colours. Many of my friends battle to find shades dark enough for their skin tones. It’s very frustrating, actually! However, they are looking at bringing (and developing) a more diverse range of shades. Lets hope it happens soon.

LOL Natasha! At least the lipstick and nail varnish are semi affordable, the face cream…not so much 🙂

Remember our “Mia” bob hairstyles, Tracey? We were so OUTSTANDING in the 90’s!!!!

Love Chanel – i have been wearing the Les Beiges Foundation non-stop; it really is such a goodie! These photographs are absolutely stunning, Cands – well done! You need to give me lessons 😉

Yes please!!! Share your treasure with us. I’ve never come across a makeup collector so it should be very interesting to read 🙂

I will definitely do a feature on my collection. Thanks Corlia for the inspiration & idea 🙂

Thanks my friend, your pic’s are amazing too – you so don’t need a lesson. Let’s rather have coffee 🙂 I too am in love with the Les Beiges (in fact, I love all Chanel’s foundations). X

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