Skin Creamery holding

It’s no secret that I have so much love for the proudly local, organic brand, Skin Creamery.

Last year, I introduced you to their brilliant ‘Everyday Cream’ that can be used on both face and body. You can read the post HERE.

Today, I’m so, SO excited to showcase the brand’s two newest products: a hydrating facial oil, and an innovative facial cleansing powder. To say that I’m OBSESSED with both is an understatement! I can’t imagine my life without them. Best of all, each product retails for under R300!

Skin Creamery Oil

First up is the Facial Hydrating Oil (R285 for a 60ml) – BUY HERE, made using a blend of certified organic baobab, jojoba and Kalahari melon seed oils. Aside from the divine, comforting smell, this oil nourishes the skin and smoothes fine lines, giving it a dewy, radiant glow. It is also suitable for all skin types, uses only certified organic ingredients and is hypoallergenic.

Jojoba oil, once fully absorbed into the skin acts as a cleanser from within by penetrating deep into the follicle, clearing out any blockages in the pores. In addition, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing reactive skin and relieving symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Marula Oil is loaded with antioxidants and essential fatty acids like omegas 6 and 9, which hydrate the skin and protect it from external aggressors.

Kalahari melon seed oil is renowned for its regenerating properties, and because it contains large amounts of phytosterols, it maintains the barrier function of the skin.

The way you apply it is quite unique (I’ve never used a facial oil in this way before) – Apply 2 (I use 3 or 4) drops of oil to wet hands and massage into skin. The oil molecules break down when mixed with water, so literally melt into the skin, leaving no oily residue.

When I use the oil at night, I don’t even need an additional night cream. During the day, all I find I need is my sunscreen – again, this oil nourishes my skin so beautifully, I don’t need an additional moisturiser. I nearly passed out when I saw that this baby retails for a very affordable R285 AND it’s packaged in actual glass!

Skin Creamery powder

The Cleansing Facial Powder (R240 for 40 grams) BUY HERE reminds me a bit of the Bobbi Brown Buffing grains, only it’s far more reasonable, and kinder to the environment because it doesn’t contain polyethylene (plastic) beads. This beauty contains only natural herbs and minerals that cleanse, purify and exfoliate the skin, without drying it out.

You can use it one of three ways:

  1. As a daily cleanser, but you need to remove your make-up first. Simply add a few drops of water to form a paste and gently massage onto the skin.
  2. As an exfoliator, twice a week by combining it with your cleanser, or using it alone, as directed.
  3. As a restorative face mask – just add raw honey, apply to the skin and allow it to work its magic for 10 minutes.

I like using mine twice a week as an exfoliator after I’ve washed my skin with a gentle cleanser or oil. I love how soft my skin feels after using it.

Skin creamery powder dry

A close up of the powder, before adding water

Skin creamery wash 1

After adding water, the powder turns into a paste

The formula contains Calcium Bentonite, a mineral rich clay that absorbs excess oil without drying the skin. Baobab fruit powder, high in Vitamin C has been added to fight ageing and boost collagen and elastin production. Buchu, an indigenous fynbos herb, brings its incredible anti bacterial properties to the formula and is responsible for the unique scent. Lastly, finely crushed, micro granules of macadamia nut shell give this powder it’s all-natural exfoliating super powers. Again, the packaging takes my breath away and is real glass. For the price of just R240, it’s a steal.

To read more about Skin Creamery, checkout


Obviously I’m giving both products away to one lucky reader to try. To enter, leave a comment below this post in the comments section telling me why you’d like to try these two products. Please ensure you leave your email (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the winner. The winner will be notified by email next week Wednesday 16 March 2016.


I would love to try these products as I am incorporating natural skincare into my routine:) and I have heard amazing reviews on the products:)

I would love to try them because they sound and look amazing! Plus its good to support local products so thats a bonus!

First of all, the packaging (obviously)! It would look so dashing in my new bathroom! I also appreciate the fact that it would make my skin look and feel amazing and I’m all for supporting local brands 🙂

I don’t have very bad skin, but I always strive to keep it natural and beautifully radiant as possible seeing that I’m getting older and this product is just what my skin is looking for. Its organic, natural and sounds like THE products to have. So hopefully I can be a lucky lady and gets to own these little two beautiful babies 🙂

Just the fact that these products are organic and a local brand.

Would love to try these products as they sound amazing and I love to support local products!

I can not wait to try this , the packaging, ingredients, and benefits,and that’s it’s made here :)))))

I am pregnant and battling to keep my skin moistureised.
I would love to try these products and knowing they are organic just rocks me and babies world!!

Love the packaging and natural ingredients. Also, the fact that it’s local 🙂

Is ‘I neeeeed them’ a good enough answer? Because: I need them! 🙂

I love the clean look of these products and I’m really excited that it’s from a local brand! I’ve never tried a cleansing powder before – it’s such an interesting product.

I love the clean look of these products and I’m really excited that it’s from a local brand! I’ve never tried a cleansing powder before – it’s such an interesting product.

Oh my!! Been dying to get my hands on these. Twitter has been buzzing about Skin Creamery and both of these products and I can’t wait to try them. Fingers crossed! xx PS Your images are so pretty!

Love your review on these two products,firstly they are local and they are affordable made only with natural ingredients.The Facial Hydrating oil sounds amazing it unblocks pores,smooths fine lines and gives a radiant glow.All that my skin needs at this very moment.The Facial Cleansing is another great product that I would like to try cause it hasent got those horide plastic beads that other products contain.I would love to exfoliate my skin with this product and have my skin feel silky smooth without that dried out feeling that my skin feels with most exfoliators that I’ve tried.Having Dry and sensitive skin can be a challenge in finding the right facial products that work so I would love to give these products a try.

I love that these products are natural and local – we need more of this! My dry skin drinks in jojoba oil and the cleansing facial powder sound like a dream (and more affordable than Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant!)

Would like to try these products as they sound amazing and are a local brand

My skin has been acting up a lot with this crazy Cape Town weather hopefully these will work their magic in helping me have soft, hydrated skin before Winter comes a long.

I’d love to win, because I’ve been wanting to try products of the Skin Creamery and am not using a skin conditioner currently and on the hunt for something new.

I’ve heard really great things about Skin Creamery, and their ingredients look super. I’ve tried so many other beauty products and seen some okay results, but not without hideous scents and sticky gross textures, or a reaction. I’d love to try these, and hopefully make it my new BFF. ?

Thank you for introducing us these fabulous and proudly South African skin treats. With its anti-aging, natural properties, antioxidants and essential fatty acids , I am sure that Skin Creamery in its beautiful packaging are must tries.

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Skin Creamery and I would LOVE to try out these products. I’m a sucker for new and cool cleansers, so that cleansing powder sounds right up my alley! Also, I love facial oils, and with the dry Pretoria autumn/winter looming, this will be perfect.

i would love to try it out i love it because it’sa proudly local, organic brand and can be used‘Everyday Cream’ that can be used on both face and body. thats awesome

I would love to win this giveaway so I can complete my Skin Creamery Range.
I’ve been using the all over cream for face and body on my special needs son’s keratosis very dry skin and results are perfectly hydrated smooth skin….I’m on my third bottle already!
The facial hydrating oil will help keep his very dry skin hydrated and the facial cleansing powder will help to exfoliate the face without drying it out.
Might just be the answer to the other skin concerns I’m facing at the moment.

I have been on a path of eating clean and exercising on a regular basis. As I have notices a huge difference in my skin but one thing I haven’t changed is my skin routine. I have become more aware of the importance of what you put in your body as well as what you put onto your skin and how harmful harsh chemicals can be for your skin and body. After this post I decided to read up more about the product and I am so intreged , I love the fact that it’s organic and it’s made from locally grown ingredients and packaged locally. I would definitely want to win this product . Would love to document on the journey these products takes your skin and do a before and after . Thank you for introducing us to this product and hope that it makes a whole lot of women’s skins happy and healthy .

I am such a fan of Facial scrubs..the added benefit of these beauties is the stunning presentation, super on the beauty shelf in the bathroom! As we approach a half century, we need all the help we can get so these jars of hope would be so welcome 🙂

I love the idea of both these products, the fact that they are natural and locally made really speaks to me as I try and source all the products I use based on these two basic principals. I have very sensitive skin, so trying something new without testing it is always a challenge for me as I never know how my skin will react. Winning these products to try out (and force all my friends a family to try, which is what I usually do – hey, I’m pushy like that!) would be the perfect solution to this dilemma.x

Oh what a treat for a tired mom and my 40th birthday coming up on April 8th 😉

Just love an oil for a night cream and would love to use it on my skin and love the natural ingredients of both products.

Natural products like these are probably just what my super sensitive skin needs ??

Would love to try because of all the super ratings and reviews it has got. And because it’s all natural

Would love to try these products because I love Skin Creamery products and have been a fanatic since their inception.

I am obsessed with face oils and would love to give this one a go!

Been dying to try these, especially the oil <3 It sounds perfect!

Oh, Candice…. I have been lusting after these products.
I am big into natural skincare these days and I adore oils.
I also love that these are vegan and packaged in glass!
Pick me! 🙂

I’d love to try these both! I’ve been so keen to try the facial oil, as I’m looking for one that absorbs quickly into my skin, especially for winter, when I’d like to incorporate a lighter oil for the morning. This one seems to be the top chosen oil for quick absorption!
I am on the lookout for a gentle exfoliator and this seems just the thing! My skin has been in desperate need of a good scrub, and I really want to give this one a go!

Hi Candice. I would love to try this. I have super-sensitive skin prone to blemishes, so I struggle to find products that work without drying or burning my face off. I know Jojoba is great for regulating your skin. And what’s not to love about lovely local products?!

I am currently pregnant and I have a really bad outbreak so I need something gentle and soothing to cleanse my face.

A “dewy radiant glow” from the Facial Hydrating Oil sounds amazing. I would especially love to use the Cleansing Facial Powder as it is great that it is kind to the environment

These products are on my lust list and have been ever since i saw lechelle rave about them on her snapchat. After reading the ingredients and the incredible properties these products hold, i just know that it’s something my skin is craving for. Not to forget that it’s all natural and that’s a MAJOR BONUS on my list.

I have been dying to try these! LOVE the packaging and that it is enviro friendly! ticks all the boxes

With life becoming just too hectic over the last few years, having turned 30 a few years ago and my career picking up, time just doesn’t seem to be enough and I have neglected my skin terribly. I have such a build up of bacteria that I had to see a dermatologist at the beginning of the year and am on antibiotics to clean up the build up and improve the condition of my skin. To win these amazing products which will leave me with incredibly clean skin will be heaven sent! Now is the time to take back my years and to start to live better and take care of my skin. I need this gentle exfoliator, the treatment oil for incredibly beautiful and glowing skin which I know is within my reach.

Hi Candice,

I love that these are local AND cruelty-free. I have been hearing lately how dangerous those exfoliating beads are for the environment 🙁 the facial power looks so cool, never used something like that before!

– Jane Wonder –

I love face oils, and I would love to try this one! I have heard great things about Skin Creamery, and would love to experience it for myself.

Apart from the fact that these products are local, organic and animal-cruelty free… I love everything from the packaging to the very essence of the products.
Candice please cream my skin!!

U had me at ” I don’t need an additional moisturiser” now this is something my dry skin would apreciate

Local is lekker … would love to try this , the packaging, ingredients, and benefits. Sounds like a winner product to me.

Holding thumbs.

Hi Candice. I discovered your blog when I read your post on sensitive skin ( and have been a follower of your blog ever since! I have been looking for a natural range of products that is gentle on the skin – especially an exfoliator. Everything I have tried is too rough or too strong. These new products from Skin Creamery seem to soothe and calm your skin while cleansing. Being a stay-at-home mom, long beauty routines are not an option and these new Skin Creamery products will simplify my beauty routine. Thank you for the suggestion! I would live to try them!

I have these products on my ‘next to buy’ list after reading rave reviews about them. I am particularly interested in the oil. I think it is just want my skin needs right now.

Hey Candice. I love your blog wow would love to win these products..They look amazing hope they will do wonders to my skin..???

Thanks for giving us a chance to win this giveaway..

I would love to try these 2 products, especially the powder. I am on the lookout for a good, reasonably priced cleanser/exfoliater which is kind to my skin and the environment.

I have been searching for a range of gentle but effective, natural products for some time, without success. These Skin Creamery offerings sound amazing, and I would love to try them. Organic AND local … could there be anything better?

I;d lover to try Skin Creamery because as I work in Cold Storage (-25 degrees) my skin takes a real beating. I usually have to use so many different serums and creams and lotions that I would love to scale back, and try organic products

These products from Skin Creamery sound amazing!! I love the fact that they are a local brand too!! I would love to win because my skin is sensitive and dry and I often find that most night creams are not rich enough to keep my skin hydrated and I wake up with dry skin (nightmare). A product containing Jojoba oil, Marula Oil and Kalahari melon seed oil sounds like hydration heaven!! 🙂

I have so much trouble with my skin. I have both acne and a few wrinkles. I thought by age 35 my skin would be much calmer and less irritated. I am also passionate about natural and things not tested on animals, so these product tick both boxes.

I’d love to try these! I have classic combination skin, so a good balance of clarifying treatment and then moisture is great. I’m obsessed with facial oils! x

I’d love to try these these as they are simple, local, effective and beautifully packaged. Plus I need some exfoliation at the moment to cheer my dull skin! xox

I Love premium quality fair-trade and organic products.

That it is locally made and sourced from sustainable projects is the cherry on the top.

Can’t wait to try it 😀

I would love to try these products firstly because it’s locally made and it’s hypoallergenic which is a plus for me as I have very sensitive skin. I’m heading for my thirties and scared of getting wrinkles so I would love to own products which have college and fight anti-ageing. I love that he’s products are used from all natural ingredients and that the powder is multi tasking which saves on time and money I could really do with a multi task g product and I have never tried a powder form facial product before. Please pick me would really love to try these products out they look amazing 🙂

I would love to try these beauties as they are of natural and local origin and the fact that I have psoriasis on my hands.This means whatever I put on my face first gets to make contact with my hands which are very painful and sore at the moment.The combination of beautiful oils derived from nature are sure to be non irritating and soothing to them.Local is lekker.

I desperately need to change my products as the ones i am using don’t work for me anymore and this sounds so promising, especially the cleansing facial powder. I also love the packaging.

Both of these look and sound awesome. I would love these because I love that they are way better for the skin and environment! I think the cleansing facial powder would help pull out of the toxins from my skin!

I follow a strict organic skin and hair care routine with all my products being paraben, soap,sulphate and mineral oil free due to my sensitive skin and dry natural hair. This would be a great product to test and it’s even better that it is reasonably priced and proudly South African


I am lusting over these products! I recently joined a friend for bikram yoga. I was super unprepared and borrowed some men’s all-in-one shower stuff, my skin felt like a pool noodle! Thankfully there was a Skin Creamery tester on display on my way out, I grabbed a few pumps full and spread as much as I could over my skin. Soooo divine. Desperate to try the rest of their stuff.

I have previously used the Skin Creamery Everyday cream which was amazing. I love buying local products and only use natural cosmetics. I was also so impressed with how helpful and friendly Hannah was for the Skin Creamery order which left a great impression.

I currently use another local natural organic skincare product for my moisturiser and cleanser. I would love the opportunity to try the Skin Creamery facial hydrating oil and cleansing powder.

These have been all the rage all over the blog world. It looks and seems amazing and I am totally in the market for a new oil =)


I would love to try these natural products, it will help my skin.

I also love supporting local artisans #LoveZABuyZA

Would love to try it as it is a local brand and want to try something new.

I’ve never even HEARD of a powder cleanser. Would love to try it!

I would love to try out this product, especially in preparation of winter 😉 this could end up being the ” it” product solving all my issues with my skin !

My skin has become extremely Dry, dull and dehydrated skin & has fine lines and wrinkles. I also have Pigmentation (dark spots). The Summer sun – in combination with the heat, humidity, and air conditioning – wreaks havoc on my skin. I Moisturize before going in the sun but need good products to keep my skin protected, hydrated, soft, and smooth. Over the years, prolonged sun exposure has gradually thinned my skin and caused fine lines & wrinkles. The Sun, wind, and sand has been harsh enough on my sensitive skin, so I really need good products that won’t cause breakouts or rashes. With all the outdoor activities I do from hiking to swimming and my high risk of getting skin cancer, I pay close attention to using effective products that will improve my skin condition. My skin is in need of these products. Especially the Facial Hydrating Oil as it will nourishe my skin and smoothe the fine lines, giving my skin a dewy, radiant glow. I presently use soap which is often harsh and has a drying effect on my delicate facial skin. The cleansing facial powder will purify and exfoliate my skin, without drying it out. These products are hypoallergenic and are therefore ideal for my hyper sensitive skin. I am really in need of these products and would really appreciate it if you could please pick me

These look really lovely. My skin is really sensitive to perfumes and alcohol, but clays and oils work great for me. Would love to try these out.

I recently discovered body and facial oils and it has made a real difference.
Melon Seed
Facial Hydrating Oil

I really would appreciate these products, I’m eager to sample the powder cleanse as I have never heard of it before. I also love using oils at night to hydrate my skin.

I would love to try both products because they sound amazing, they are locally made and they are reasonably priced.

Being a new mom, I have experienced a change in my skin. I have searched high and low for products that work on my new skin type and have not yet been successful so far. I have only heard good things about Skin Creamery and have being dying to try out there products!! I absolutely love the fact they also incorporate organic ingredients and that it is hypoallergenic because my skin tends to be very sensitive when it comes to harsh ingredients. I would love the opportunity to use a good and highly recommended product.

I love using a facial oil. So does my teenage daughter. We’ve just finished our oil, so it would be great to win this.

would love to try because of your review, support local and I love lotions and potions in glass containers!

I’d love to try these products! I try only to use organic beauty products and have read such good things about these products and the ingredients that they contain.

love organic products and love the fact that this product is hypoallergenic as my skin can get extremely sensitive to ingredients. Been wanting to try a facial oil and this one sounds absolutely perfect for my skin. Thanks for the really awesome product review.

Your fab review has me totally intrigued with this product and I would love to try it. I am all for locally made organic products and really like that this product is hypoallergenic.and will not adversely affect my sensitive skin. I love that the Cleansing Facial Powder can be used in three ways which is fantastic as that in itself is a great money saver, and less products cluttering up the bathroom/vanity.

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