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It’s no secret that I love the sun and come summer, you’ll often find me on the beach or poolside catching some rays. After all, Vitamin D is good for you – just as long as you don’t overdo it.

Being in the beauty industry, I’m well aware of the dangers of too much UV exposure (wrinkles, pigmentation, skin cancer, heat stroke), so I always ensure I protect my skin with the very best sunscreen, preferably SPF50.

I always have a giggle to myself when friends say they prefer a lower SPF as it helps them achieve a better tan. Whether you use an SPF 10 or 50 – the protection is the same – the number on the SPF relates to the amount of time you can spend in the sun without burning. And, just for the record, you do tan with an SPF – you just won’t burn (as long as you reapply when necessary – experts advise every two hours or after swimming).

Here’s how SPF works:

Say it takes around 10 minutes in full sun for you to tan/burn without SPF. A SPF 50 would give you 50 times the protection of no sunscreen. Basically, this means it would take 50 times longer before you start to burn, or in this case, 500 minutes. However, you do need to reapply during the day as swimming, towel drying and sweating removes the sunscreen. If I’m spending a day at the beach or poolside, I’ll reapply my sunscreen 3 times (or the minute I feel my skin starting to burn) during the day, to ensure I don’t burn.

When it comes to my face, I’m proper militant about protection (SPF everyday and sunnies and a hat when I’m outdoors), as I know how ageing the sun can be.

QMS Cellular Sun Protection

One of my absolute favourite sunscreens for the face is the QMS Medi Cosmetics Cellular Sun Protections, R930. Yes, I know it’s expensive, but there are three beauty items I’ll spend good money on, namely a serum, enzymatic exfoliator and a good sunscreen for the face.

I love how lightweight the formula is and that is has a DNA-Repair complex that provides protection against sunburn and premature light-induced aging.

The DNA-repair complex contains Endonuclease, the skin’s own DNA restorative enzyme which, once it reaches sun-stressed cells, activates its repair mechanisms to counteract developing skin damage. In addition, it also strengthens the skin’s immune system, slowing down the ageing process. And if all this wasn’t enough, Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant protects against free radicals while Shea butter nourishes the skin. Because of its lovely, light texture, it makes a great everyday sunscreen too.

For more on !QMSMEDICOSMETICS, visit their website or follow them on Facebook HERE


I’ve got one QMS Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50, valued at R930 to giveaway. To enter, leave a comment below telling me why you’d like to win this sunscreen. Please ensure you also leave an email address (only I’ll be able to see it) so I can contact you, should you be the lucky lady. The winner will be notified by email next week Thursday (21 Jan) 


I am guilty of not always wearing SPF as often as I should, most sunscreens that I have tried clogged my pores or made my skin extremely oily. I would love to try this quality product.

At the age of 48 I have to apply sunblock every day as pigmentation and old sun damage are showing easily. Heard only wonderful things about this product and would love to try it!

I hate the way sunscreen feels on my skin but this sounds fab the fact that ii is lightweight and it has a repair complex in it what more could a woman want 🙂 Please pick me 🙂 Thank You!

I have very pale skin and the other day i noticed i have a sunspot on my nose, the thing is i did put on sunscreen everyday, something tells me it did not work as well as i expected it to,or maybe i need a stronger SPF or something like QMS Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50 so that i dont always have to cover up my face everywhere i go…….would love to try this product!

I am very fair and wear spf 50 everyday but many suncreams can feel heavy and greasy. I know this QMS sunscreen would be a dream to wear daily!

A good sunscreen is a must for me now. So sorry I learnt this a little too late as I have sun damaged skin now. Would like to try this product with SPF50

I would LOVE to win this because I too am fair skinned! Due to genetics, I am a sunscreen fiend and apply every morning as part of my morning routine, and am always looking for the newest and best products that provide protection and treat my skin right 🙂

I never go a day without sunscreen. Old habit i taught myself. i would like to win this sunscreen because it sounds amazing and I am tired of makeup, but want to look young forever.

I love QMS’ range, but haven’t tried their sunblock before. Would love to test it!

Its so hard to find a good sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white residue and Iv been spending a lot of time in the sun recently so I need a good sunscreen to protect my skin

My husband is now experiencing the effects of damage when he was younger. Pre-melanoma stage in various places on his face. Now he’s aware of the dangers of the sun. Never too late. Protect each day. Hates a build up on his face. QMS sun protection factor 50 sounds amazing. Would love to try.

i would love to win the QMS Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50 to provides protection against sunburn and premature light-induced aging.Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant protects against free radicals while Shea butter nourishes the skin. Because of its lovely, light texture, it makes a great everyday sunscreen

I am devoted to sunscreen as I really believe it will contribute more towards your looks than a million makeup products ever could. I wear a high SPF religiously because especially in summer I’m at the beach most days, so this really caught my eye. What makes me wish for it is not only the SPF50 but the fact it repairs your skin as well, and so much has been put into its formulation. I definitely think at 34 I’m at the prevent AND repair stage of my life 😉

I believe in wearing sunscreen daily , im hoping this little task of putting on sunscreen will minimise the sun aged skin and wrinkles later in life. QMS Sun Protections sounds like a great product, would love to try it.

I’m probably one of the most fair-skinned people I know and I’ve found that it is remarkable how quickly sunburn can occur – regardless of whether you are seated in the shade. This product would make a great contribution to my morning routines.

I would love to win this as I have very sensitive skin and would like to use a decent sunscreen which is not thick and leaves my face looking white.

I would love to win cause I never leave home without sunscreen and firmly believe sunscreen repairs and prevents damage

I would love to win as I burn soooo easily & am getting so much pigmentation on my face o_O. I apply sunscreen every single day – a few times a day, but I still seem to burn 🙁

I’d love to win this sunscreen, as I’m desperate to find a sunscreen that does the job, yet doesn’t leave my face feeling either dry or like an oil slick, or even worse, white as a ghost. I’ve tried so many and have yet to find the right one for me.

I’m also about to enter my 30’s so I’m needing all the help I can get to make sure my skin stays as young as possible 😉

I burn easily and always looking to try new sunscreens. Would love to win this!

QMS is a brand I have been really wanting to try. I am still to find someone who uses QMS and doesn’t like it. I don’t do much makeup and like to stick to the basics. Sunscreen being one of the product you cant skip, I would really love to try this one as I am still to find that perfect sunscreen. Thanks for the giveaway. Fingers crossed.

I need… and it is my Birthday this month… Just Saying…

My husband wants me to spend more quality time with him and he suggested that I join him out fishing! This sunscreen will really come in handy.

I’ve worked for a long time with my beautician to get my facial pigmentation under control. I’m prone pigmentation and know that the only way to keep it in check is never leaving the house without sunscreen on! I’ve tried a few pharmacy brands but its an expensive exercise to find something that is light enough for daily use, and to use under my foundation. I’ve read a lot about QMS in the past, and would love to give it a try…

The “black don’t crack” saying unfortunately doesn’t apply to me. Age 35 has really shown my skin that pigmentation started way back in 1999. I have always used sunblock but must have bunked the lesson you just gave me via blog, the spf level I used was nowhere near the product giveaway has.
Please let me try it, better late than never.

I have heard wonderful things about QMS. Finding a sunblock that is suitable for my skin is quite a difficult task, it either dries out my skin, or causes blotches. I would love to try this amazing sunblock, I have no doubt it would be perfect for my skin.

Because of the harsh sun in our country,I try not to leave the house during the day.Yes I know this sounds insane but the sun really gets to me.My skin is fair and freckles like a piece of litmus paper.I have tried numerous sun blocks,SPF 50 and above only because I really cant wait for night to leave the house but they are all tacky,thick and unpleasant on the skin especially the face.My usual complaint is the product melting and running into my eyes.You see I am a very hot person IE: I don’t deal with summer or humidity well.This product by QMS sounds fantastic.Normal sunblocks add to my temperature levels and this is not a good space for me to be in.Well winning this may enable me to actually leave the house in some comfort and be protected.Always wondered why my family had to leave Northern Europe to come to this hot arid land.I’m an English Rose not an African Cactus lol

I would love to win it for my wife who is very fair and has skin cancer removedfron her faceat 36.

One word… GINGER! Lol… Being a natural redhead with vampire pale skin is an extreme challenge…the light anti aging effects would be a great plus for me as I have recently started moving over to anti aging products to keep my skin glowing… This product would really help me enjoy this year’s extreme summer sooo much more!

I would love to win this product. I never leave home without my SPF50 sunblock, something I should have started in my teens. This product may be a bit pricey, but it will be worth the expense, as it sounds like an amazing product, so I would love to try it.

I know i should but i dont… i think i just havent found the right one that doesnt feel oily under make up!

Hi lovely giveaway, perfect for us South African ladies. Whatever I have been using has not helped cos I have noticed I have more brown marks so this product would really help my face ?

Got to keep the wrinkles at bay and sfp is what will do it best ?

I would love to win this product because its the best of the best and I only deserve the best. Also would make an awesome birthday present which is coming up shortly on the 14th of Feb 🙂 Email:

I’d love to win because I spend a lot of time outdoors and it would be great to use a single product that is an excellent moisturiser as well as a sunblock. I hate having to use two products! xx

I have two colours: paper white or bright red. I thus use sunscreen religiously, but I have been struggling to find something that is perfect for my face. I’d LOVE to win this to give it a try. 🙂

I spend a lot of my time out in the sun because I volunteer at an animal shelter. This suncreen will definitely help keep my skin protected. I would definitely love to give this a try.

I work as an aftercare supervisor and spend most of my afternoons while the little ones play and I do need a very good sun protector!!

Would love to win this amazing product as you can’t go without your sunblock for ultimate protection and beautiful skin. ♥ this product soooo much!!

Because I love winning things and it’s been a while, and my face looks like chickens feet! ?

I would love to win this as I plan on taking my little boy to the beach as often as possible 🙂

Summer sun – in combination with the heat, humidity, and air conditioning – wreaks havoc on my skin. I Moisturize before going in the sun but need a good sunscreen to keep my skin protected, hydrated, soft, and smooth. I am 44 years of age and prolonged sun exposure has gradually thinned my skin and caused wrinkles. The Sun, wind, and sand has been harsh enough on my sensitive skin, so I am really in need of a good sunscreen that won’t cause breakouts or rashes. With all the outdoor activities I do from hiking to swimming and my high risk of getting skin cancer, I pay close attention to using sun screen and picking the right brand for my skin is important to me. During the Summer months my sensitive skin develops painful sunburn, premature aging, and unsightly flaking. My sensitive skin has also become highly pigmented and has lots of brown spots. It would really make my day to win this much wanted and needed product as my skin is really in need of an effective sunscreen.

leave a messageI would love to won this sunscreen! I am really fair and unable to achieve a tan unless I’m in the sun all day- and even then I’ll acquire sunburn on some or other spot that I missed. (Like the back of my arms this weekend- at least the back of my neck was saved). My current sunscreen I apply to my face makes my eyes burn really bad and it’s so sticky and urgh (I use baby sunscreen) I suffer from keratosis pilaris- the only way to lighten it effectively so that it’s less noticeable is a tan! So summer I ditch the lactic acid cream and go for any tan I can achieve. I would love love love to win this sunscreen- one less thing to worry about.

I work for the farming industry in KZN, my job obviously involves a lot of outdoor work as I constantly have to go out and visit farmers at their farms. Because its work I have to keep a certain standard of dress-code so I can’t wear any big floppy hats unfortunately! I really have to rely on sunscreen to save my skin! I would love to a high quality sunscreen like QMS!

I’m a fair skinned, freckled redhead who spends far too much time outside with horses, much to Mother Nature’s amusement! I put on sunscreen daily, but I still manage to burn – and the greasy, oily formulas mean that any and all dirt, grass, and sand (and there is a loooot of all of those anywhere that horses can be found) stick to my face, my arms, and everywhere else. It would be amazing to be burn free and not feel like I have the entirety of Gauteng’s farmlands attached to my skin 🙂

Oooooh yes pleeeeeease! QMS! Is this most incredible brand. I was lucky enough to have a !QMS facial once and my skin was glowing afterwards. Loved it!! I am incredibly pale – do not tan at all – so needless to say my cupboards are full of self tanners. Missing from my collection is a really good sunscreen. I’ve known for a while the SPF 15 in my base just doesn’t cut it!!! I need !QMS 🙂 X

I had skin cancer removed in my face at 34. Roughly the size of a 50 c piece. I have to wear sunblock when im in the sun. A good sunblock will be amazing

This product sounds incredible! My 2 little girls love spending the summer days outside and loves to play in the pool with mommy, it really makes their day. Unfortunately I have extremely sensitive skin and not wanting to disappoint my girls I’ve tried numerous brands of sunscreen and have already gone through 2 bottles alone this summer season. Yet still I cant even spend more than maybe 40 minutes playing/swimming outside with them without having to cut our quality time short because of the discomfort to my skin. I would so love the chance to try QMS Medi Cosmetics Cellular Sun Protection as the reviews for this product are very positive and gives me hope that there might be a solution for my grief!

I am fair skinned with freckles and very conscious of the impact the harsh sun has on my skin, wear sunblock daily but its so oily and yuck! Would love to win this

I am the never ending flawless skin seeker. When the dermatologist points out where you could use some the ripe old age of hits a painful nerve.

From the Oil Cleansing method (OCM) to a night cream of Coconut Oil and Tea tree and Turmerynne supplements (Turmeric and Cayenne!), I am trying it all to find my natural fountain of youth.

Let this awesome sunscreen be my one constant! 🙂

I am a little OCD when it comes to sunblock for myself and my family and always on the look out for new and improved products. QMS Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50 sounds amazing and would be great to try.

The QMS Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50 is the perfect solution for me ito sun protection especially as I am at the beach a lot surfing and really need to ensure that I have the best SPF on at all times .

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