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I was lucky enough to end this year’s press events with a really special trip to Grootbos, one of my absolute favourite places in the world.

I’ve blogged about Grootbos before (here), but to recap, Grootbos is a private five star eco nature reserve that’s just a two-hour drive from Cape Town. It boasts an incredible array of indigenous fynbos and, because of its proximity to the ocean, one can also enjoy the Marine Big 5: whales, sharks, dolphins, seals and penguins.

Our two-hour drive to Grootbos was sheer bliss as the most beautiful scenery constantly surrounded us.


This stretch of road in Kogelbaai was voted the most scenic coastal drive in the world by BuzzFeed.

Upon arrival at Grootbos, we jumped into a Land Rover and were given a glimpse at the incredible Fynbos that grows in the reserve.

flower safari 8

While driving, it was breathtaking to see the vivid shades of yellow & orange dotted atop the mountain.


Next to the Protea, Pincushions are my favourite flower. I just had to take a pic of the beauty.

After our flower safari, we were treated to a scrumptious al fresco lunch. Most of the fresh produce used on the Grootbos menu is organically grown on the reserve. Whatever is not grown or produced on the reserve is sourced from the nearby towns, thus helping uplift the community.

GB food 2

Because I LOVE gardening and growing things (especially herbs & veggies), being given a guided tour through the organic vegetable gardens was a sheer delight.

GB veg garden 1

Rows and rows of delicious organic veggies & herbs

GB hothouse

One of the hothouses with an abundance of the most luscious looking, sweet smelling basil.

GB veggies

Just take a look at these! How yummy does that purple pepper look?

Learning more about the Grootbos Foundation and their empowerment projects further drove home my love of this reserve and it’s incredible people. The Grootbos Foundation strives to empower the local community by developing sustainable nature-based livelihoods among the local communities. It is this core philosophy of conservationism linked with social development that has made Grootbos an award-winning world leader in responsible tourism.

The foundations 3 programmes include:

  • Green Futures – this focuses on conservation (read more here)
  • Football Foundation, which focuses on utilizing sport for development. (Read more here)
  • Siyakhula focuses on the creation of sustainable livelihoods through enterprise development and training. (Read more here)

Funds generated by the Grootbos ecotourism business, together with donations received from guests and external donors, are invested through the foundation’s key programmes.

It was then time to check into our Villa (yes, Villa) and relax before the evening launch. A quick dip in the deliciously cool water was all that was needed to feel refreshed and relaxed.


The reason for the actual invite to Grootbos was to celebrate the collaboration of the new Grootbos Just Pure amenities, which are available to guests at the reserve. The Just Pure brand is committed to creating products that are pure and 100% natural.

GB Just Pure

Just Pure originates in Hermanus and was launched in November 2007 due to a growing demand for natural products that don’t contain synthetic ingredients. All products are manufactured in this beautiful coastal town and support local business. It goes without saying that Just Pure doesn’t test their products on animals. All products are biodegradable and use minimal packaging that is always recyclable.

GB fynbos room mist

Just Pure has created a unique and exclusive scent for Grootbos that is based on the abundance of indigenous fynbos plants growing wild in the reserve. The essence of the single blossom fynbos Erica Irregularis honey is also included in the mix. It’s difficult to describe the scent, but I’d say it has wild, herby and very green notes that will resonate with both men & women. I’m particularly taken with the body lotion, as it has the most incredible moisturising, almost buttery type texture. It beautifully nourishes the skin, leaving a gorgeous glow on the body.

gb view

Being at Grootbos again (I last visited in January this year) was the perfect time to reflect on what’s been a really good, but somewhat challenging year. I find being in nature works wonders to clear my head and really helps me find balance and focus. I have absolutely no doubt that visiting Grootbos will have the same effect on you.

Find out more about Just Pure skin care HERE.

For more on Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, follow them on Facebook HERE, or on Twitter HERE or on Instagram HERE. To read more about the beautiful reserve, checkout their website: 


Such beautiful photos! I go walking on the beach by Kogelbaai with the dogs quite a lot & it is just so beautiful. After what happened last week in our government and all the negativity it is wonderful to see what a beautiful place we are fortunate enough to stay in.

Thanks Terina. Grootbos really is a special place and yes, I too think that we should celebrate the beauty that surrounds us. No use getting caught up in all the negativity that abounds. Here’s to 2016, I hope you have a great one. X

I just went onto the Grootbos website and the resort looks amazing! Need to visit next time I’m in the Cape. Lovely post, I had no idea this little piece of heaven even existed!

A little piece of heaven it is, Lyndia. From the food to the surrounding beauty, incredible rooms and attentive staff, it really is my favourite place on earth.

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