Okay Candice, it’s time to GET YOUR $HIT TOGETHER (GY$T).

I was doing so well at the beginning of this year with my financial planning. My head was in the right zone, and thanks to the clever 22Seven App I’d downloaded, budgeting was so much easier. Even though it took some effort, I managed to save quite a bit.

Then life happened…the busy bug set in and I found myself devoting ALL my time to business, with the little I had left to my family. Other than paying bills, I’ve given little or no thought to saving.

And things just seem so damn expensive!

However, I have to confess that I’m a LOT better with money than I ever was, thanks to the 22seven App. You can read about just how bad I was with money here, here and here.

When 22Seven sent me an email telling me it’s National Savings Month, I was like “…yeah right! In this financial climate, who has extra money to save???” 22Seven believe that most people do have extra money to save.

So they’ve tasked me to get my $hit together, by setting 7 Challenges that that I need to complete within 22 days. All the challenges will help me find, and save money.

I’m ALWAYS up for a challenge, and I’m very excited at the prospect of finding some extra cash.

I’ll be sharing my successes and failures, thoughts and observations as I go. I’ll also let you know how much money I find (or lose) on each challenge, and how much money I saved at the end of them all.

These are the 7 GY$T Challenges I’ll be undertaking:

Decellerate – For cell phone airtime and data, I’ll compare what I’d be paying if I changed from contract to Pay as you Go, or vice versa. I know I’m going to save a heap of cash here. Because we have uncapped Wi-Fi at home (& I work from home), I haven’t bothered buying a data bundle. So when I’m away from home, I use mobile data, which is expensive.

Lunch deloaded – Both my hubby and I work from home. We’re quick to run across the road to our favourite café for a quick breakfast or lunch. In fact, according to my 22Seven app, last month I spent R534.00 there. Next week, I’ll prepare lunches instead of buying them, and compare that with what i normally spend on food.

salad in a jar

Wonder how the hubby will feel about eating salad for lunch? In a jar, nogal!

Find something free – I’ll do something free (or cheap) for entertainment, and compare that to what a meal or night out would have cost.

forest walk

Walks with my family in Newlands Forest is one of my favourite things

Spring clean – I’ll be selling all my old clothing that doesn’t fit, or that I don’t wear anymore. There are even some designer pieces I need to get rid of.

clothing 1

True Dat!

Pay yourself first on payday – Today, I’ll put R900.00 bucks into my investment account, and see if I even miss the money later in the month.

Groovy gift – A good friend has a birthday coming up, and I’ve undertaken to make her a gift using stuff I already have lying around the house. I have a pearl of an idea for this.

DIY scrub 1

A DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Coin jar – I’ll put every coin and any spare change that comes my (or my hubby’s) way into a jar for 22 days, and see how much it comes to at the end. I’ve done this before and was AMAZED at how much I accumulated.

coin jar

The cutest damn coin jar I ever did see! 

Okay, wish me luck – I’m off to GY$T do it 😉

Learn more about the 22seven app and download it here


Love it! Especially your coin jar! Me and my husband also decided to start saving but what is best? A savings account or investing?

Hi Candice-Lee

I downloaded the 22Seven app after reading your original post and instead of checking mails first thing in the morning – I actually check my app because I love seeing a consolidated view of my money instead of having to open different platforms.

I’ve always been good and careful with money but I feel like the app makes me even more conscious of it! So on payday, the first thing I do is put money away and then I breakdown a budget for myself based on two columns: necessities vs luxuries 🙂

Also, I’ve developed a ridiculous obsession with Nike shoes so I set myself a goal of putting R100 in a jar at the end of every week that I complete 6 days worth of training. That means I could afford a pair of shoes every 3 months (whether they be Nikes or not, it’s money for shoes, yay!) but then I don’t allow myself to purchase any other item of clothing for that month so I don’t go crazy.

The things we have to do as responsible adults… 🙂

Hey Catherine, I’m so glad you too are finding the app useful. I love the idea of your ‘running shoe goal jar’ and think I may just steal your idea 🙂

Hi Elsandra, I think that because interest rates are going up, saving is a GOOD idea. I’m afraid I’m not the best one to ask which is better; saving or investing. I reckon if either you or your hubby have a good, firm grip on the markets and what they are doing, invest. If you’re more like me (clueless about the markets), save.

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