Si reveal 5

On Monday this week I posted a teaser for the new Giorgio Armani fragrance – the third installment of the Si line. Today I’ll be telling you all about it – but first, a recap on the previous two scents:

1. Si Giorgio Armani for women, R870 for a 30ml. Opening notes of bergamot, Mandarin oil and liquer de cassis, give way to a heart of Rose de Mai, neroli and jasmine. The base includes patchouli oil intertwined with blond woods, amber and Orcanox™.

2. Si Intense EDP Giorgio Armani, R1325 for a 50ml is an intense version of the original – perfect for evening.

si 41


Si is created for a woman who dares to say yes to life. She’s irresistibly independent and eternally optimistic. She has the freedom to give in to emotion. She always says yes to love. The Si woman is strong and sensual and dares to live life to the fullest.


Love 8


The new Si EDT (R995 for a 50ml and R1395 for a 100ml) is a bright and delicate interpretation that’s refined, yet very seductive. It’s a luminous floral Chypre that combines juicy notes of blackcurrant, crisp green pear, Italian bergamot, mandarin and neroli oil with a delicate floral heart of May rose and Freesia. The base notes are made up of amber wood, vanilla, a touch of musk and patchouli. 

This is my favourite of the three. I love that it’s floral, but not too overpowering. It works well for both day and evening and has great lasting power. I also adore the blush coloured bottle cap with it’s sexy curves. 


Si Rose


I have 5 x 50ml bottles of Si EDT, each valued at R995 to giveaway. To stand a chance of winning, subscribe to In My Bag (if you haven’t already) then leave a comment below this post telling me why you’d like to win a bottle. I’ll announce the winners next week Friday Thursday 2 April. 


I would so love to win this….am a total perfume junkie and love Armani. I cannot go without my perfume…and I believe that wearing perfume, makes your more attractive. I do not have a signature fragrance…..I believe in wearing a different one every day of my life…not one day is like the other…so not my mood too…and then my perfume cannot be the same aswell. I would be really blessed and happy to win one of these 5 bottles that you have to give away Candice. Thank you for this opportunity. I am a keen follower and supporter of In my Bag…and still share with my friends on a regular basis. Have a blessed day. Kind regards Marlene.

This is such an amazing giveaway! I’ve loved this fragrance since it launched in 2013 and have always sneaked a whiff every time I headed to the fragrance counters at the mall. Its the perfect combination of romance and playfulness! Would love to add this to my collection! x

I would love to win as Giorgio Armani is an amazing scent.

would love to win so i too can smell irresistible.

I would love to win a bottle of Si EDT – I have only ever smelt this fragrance in store via a tester and I fell totally in love with it ♥♥♥ to own it would complete me.

Do i qualify Candy ?
would love a smashing perfume. Love Lin

I have never owned any perfume by Giorgio Armani and to be able have a chance to own this divine Si EDT would be wonderful, I am a perfumeholic and it would be great to own the genuine perfume instead of the cheap makes that I tend to buy.

I love what Si stands for, Yes to Life, Yes to Love!
Love to win this new fragrance!

I’m a Mommy and full time caregiver to my special needs son that cannot walk talk and is 100% tube fed. Jesse’s needs always comes first so this giveaway would be a dream come true.
.. ‘love in a bottle’ …. floral fragrance with great lasting power

Hope this reaches you love Aunty Lin

“…a woman not yet seen, but whose perfume accumulates on the horizon like a storm cloud.” Anon.

I love this fragrance! In the last week I’ve asked two ladies which fragrance they were wearing because I loved the smell so much and both times it was Si Giorgio Armani!

I would love of bottle of my own as this smells beyond amazing!

I just love any scent that is floral! And I absolutely love that this is for day time and night time, and yes the bottle is so sexy!

I am a big Armani fan. I was very disappointed when Armani Remix was taken off the market, so maybe this can be the fragrance i can replace it with! Would love to win, thank you for the opportunity to enter!

I fell in love with this fragrance since I sniffed the tester. This is SUCH an empowering scent, it’s something both my Mum and I would like. I would really like to treat her with a gorgeous scent since she did everything in her will to help me through an extremely tough time and I would love to treat her with something extra special, because sometimes a ‘thank you’ just doesn’t feel right. My Mum both bond over perfumes since she bought me my very first bottle and I want to return the favor for everything she did in a small, yet powerful gesture.

Dearest Candice-Lee

‘Si’ translates to the word YES. How often do we as women say YES to our deepest desires and our dreams? We are constantly belittling ourselves and always settling for second best. I for one had my Si moment exactly 3 years ago when I was in a dead end job. Yes, it paid the rent BUT what about my dreams of becoming something great? After surviving a horrific car crash in the year 2000, I knew that my life was spared for a reason. And that reason was not to live a mundane existence filled with regret!

I knew at that moment in time that I needed to be the change that I wanted to see. I quit my job and have never looked back. So far, I am 80% done with my first novel(I have writers block), am in my final year of Psychology and am attempting to start my own blog(you are my inspiration for this!). Yes, there are times when I miss having a steady income but looking ahead, sacrifice gets you somewhere. So yes, I want to BAG this sensational parfum simply because I know it will make me feel powerful. Si is for the woman who is demure yet has a fierce lioness within ready to take on the world. I am that woman and I know that when I am an old woman in a rocking chair, I can honestly say that I have lived:)

So yes, Candice- Lee(A Si woman too) please wave your magical wand so that I can be mesmerised by this gorgeous parfum.

From your biggest fan

P.S Have tweeted about this fab giveaway(@anishasingh007)
have shared on Facebook

I just love all the Armani fragrances they are so naturally crisp which last the whole day, so yes please would love to win this. Thanks Candice always for your nice posts ♥

I got a sample of Si in my recent Elle Magazine.It smells amazing.It would be such a treat to receive a bottle.

Just love the packaging and presentation, so feminine and stylish (in typical Armani fashion). would love to win this prize, good luck to all the ladies that enter!

I’d love to win a bottle of Si EDT – wow it would be such a luxury to have one!! I consider myself a YES girl, an eternal optimist and (hopefully) breath of fresh air, so to sweep into a room or just my kitchen with my apron on (hee hee) SMELLING of YES would be fantastic!! Thanks for a great review/giveaway. X

I have a perfume obsession and would love to add this to my collection! The bottle is also exceptionally pretty! What a sublime giveaway! Already subscribing to “In My Bag” Blog…..Fingers crossed tightly 🙂

I would love to win a bottle of this so that I can suprise my mom with a nice gift , she never spends any money on herself always just buying things for the kids , and she works so hard looking after us I would love to be able to say thank you with a stunning perfume !

Currently smelling of raisins and covered in easter eggs I would love to win a bottle of this decadant fragrance to smell glam and fab at theis easters luch,instead of the usual slob I ususally smell I,I am subscribed 🙂

I want to win because of 2 letters:
S : Simply
I. : Irresistible

When I hear Giorgio Armani, I can only imagine how divine this must smell. Everything I have ever smelt of Armani has been out of this world amazing. My hubby is lucky enough to own one of the men’s range and it is heavenly.. so many compliments when he wears it.
I would also to have that experience.. being told you smell great is an awesome compliment. so I would absolutely love to own a bottle. Thank you. And my 40th is coming up next month 🙂 would be lovely going into my 40’s with a new fragrance.

I LOVE this perfume with al those notes,to take me away far from here cant live with out perfume,a woman who dares to say yes to life,i am a strong woman and sensual and dares to live life to the fullest.

This is the best Giorgio Armani EDT. I would love to WIN a bottle of SI! Good day 🙂

I am finally learning to take better care of myself, I would love to win a bottle of SI EDT because as a woman I want to give more to myself and fill my own cup, and make the most of who I am. Thank you 🙂

I am in desperate need of a new fragrance I only have one that I am currently using. This would be any amazing 25th birthday gift to myself .. I can only dream about owning the Giorgio Armani EDT this will definitely make a normal boring birthday special.

the best smell always leave a best impression about anyone, this would also help boost my Confidence levels and get anything i set my foot on.

Hi there, I would absolutely looove to win this, as I think smelling gorgeous is just part of being a woman! I love smelling fabulous and would love this to ensure I can still!

I love perfume and love having different fragrances to wear. Unfortunately perfume is expensive so the few I have I cherish. I would love to own and experience this new fragrance.

The combination of both the top notes and base notes sound really amazing, and Si, wearing this fragrance will really make me feel fantastic and confident.

My absolute favourite fragrances contain floral and fruity notes, especially pear. When I read all the different notes in this fragrance I knew that it would be my ideal fragrance. Crispy pear, May rose, Patchouli, Freesia and neroli oil just to name a few of them, makes my heart beat a few beats faster. I’ve never been lucky enough to own a Giorgio Armani fragrance but it would be such a blessing! I am a true lover of perfume. The whole process of blending and choosing the different ingredients to create a signature scent is captivating! Also, the detail that goes into designing those perfume bottles leaves me amazed. I never throw the empty bottles away. 🙂 Please Candice, will you be my Fairy godmother this week and choose me as one of your winners?

I would like to win this scent for my mum because it describes her. it would be a real pick me up for someone who selflessly give her all to her kids.

How do I begin to plea my deep intense desire to own a delectable Bottle of the Armani range perfumes <3 <3 <3 The notes of blackcurrant, crisp green pear,Italian bergamot, mandarin and neroli oil OMG!!! Sounds like a combination made in Heaven , Many of my family and friends Most importantly me ABSOLUTE LOVE. Armani its in a league of its own 🙂 The CONSPICUOUS scent and ELUSIVE notes is what set this perfume apart from any other <3 <3 <3 I would personally Climb the highest mountain and tallest tower any day to win a Bottle of such AMAZING POWERS!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 and it would have be worth it 🙂 🙂 🙂 One Bottle has my name on it and I hope In The Bag listens to it and give me one!!! 😀 😀 😛

I love a fragrance that can be used during the day and at night so this would work great for me

I love to associate scents to particular times/events/holidays in my life and I am currently on the hunt for a new winter scent. I always make sure I have a beautiful scent on-hand, whether or not I’m heading off to an important meeting or just enjoying it in the comforts of my own home.
This seems right up my alley as the delicate notes will lift the doom and gloom winter presents, yet seductive enough to transition into cosy nights by the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate.

I love fragrances, every other woman as well. It would make me very happy to receive a bottle of fragrance. We all want to smell good and feel extra special myself included. I would treasure my fragrance at the same time making sure I smell like heaven.I would really love a bottle, havhaven’t had any new fragrances in yrs. Thank you

il tempo come venire per un cambiamento , io voglio che sia Si da Giorgio Armani grazie, I want to make a change… All I ever wear is Ultra Violet by Rocco Robanne and I tend to buy fragrances from Body Shop… Think this would be Amazing. Ciao Bella 😉

Winning a bottle of Giorgio Armani would be the rainbow through the eye of the storm for me. It’s not been a good a year and their is something that always puts a smile on my face, and thats perfume. Please turn my year around.

Giorgio Armani has always been my favourite-without a doubt

My reason is simple…..I have hot been able to afford to by myself a nice perfume in YEARS!! A girl needs to feel like a million dollars sometimes, and I would if I won this 🙂

I am in love with this fragrance. I am blessed to have a bottle already which is huge for me because I am not often able to afford such gorgeous perfumes but winning a second bottle would be so amazing as i think I have found my signature scent after many years of trying to pin point the one scent that encapsulates how I see myself.

Sounds amazing perfect combination and very stylish packing would be wonderful to win a bottle. I would love to smell simply irresistible all day long. Holding thumbs 🙂

I have sampled this in Duty Free and it’s beautiful – I’m a real sucker for anything with neroli in it. Also, I’d really like to channel my inner Cate Blanchett for 2015!

I’ve subscribed a while back. 🙂 My bottle of DKNY just finished, and I’m looking forward to trying out something new and different, AND I am 100% sure Si EDT will be the perfect newbie! 🙂

Who wouldn’t want to call this lovely bottle of perfume theirs! I have been away on a work project and only took one bottle of my cheap Puma perfume with me. Would be a lovely pick me up to come home to this gorgeous beauty. I love floral perfumes and I love perfumes that are a pinky colour, I think 80% of my perfumes fall in that category. I have read great reviews about the EDP intense (thought it was the only one) but I knew it sounded a little too “intense” for my taste. A floral however is something I love and wear everyday!

I believe in working really hard for something you really want.To me perfume is a luxury especially expensive designer perfume like Armani. At the moment I’m working extremely hard just to get the necessaties for my famliy. Owning designer perfumes is just a dream that has to go on the list of longterm goals or maybe not? 🙂 I think I deserve to be selfish for once dont you? That is why I deciced to take a chance and entering this competition 🙂 Neroli and Bergamot are the oils I use in my bath and burner to combat my depression and stress, so having those notes in a perfume I’m going to be wearing daily will most definately put a permanent smile on my face. Thankyou for giving this oppertunity to 5 lucky women 🙂
Loads of <3

My life philosophy is “if you want to do something… Do it”, “if you want to go somewhere where you have never been…. Go there”. I don’t live with regrets so I say yes to challenges that come my way and embark on journeys that are exhilarating and add value to my life. At 40 I learned to surf….. I was dead scared initially but this made me feel totally alive. I overcame my fear of water by learning to scuba dive….. Initially I would not even jump into the pool with a life jacket on!! Life is really too short to keep saying “I will think about it”….. Just say ” Si”

I’d really like to win this fragrance, I’ve not been able to buy any of the others in the Si line. It would mean so much to win one and finally own my very own Si perfume!
Rushda xx

I’d love to wear this on my wedding day, which is around the corner. I always associate a scent with a memory and whenever I wear this scent, I’ll be reminded of our special day. What better scent to wear on your wedding day than one with a slogan that says “Yes to life, Yes to love”

I love perfume, I love to smell good…it just instantly lifts my spirit!

I would so like to win, as I cannot remember when last I could afford to indulge in a bottle of perfume. My birthday is in April and this would just make my month!!!!!

This fragrance sounds amazing, and as mentioned on your teaser post, your description of it resonates with me perfectly after the passing of our precious little baby boy..
I can’t describe to you the trauma I went through in order to try and save him, but after 5 days in hospital, literally fighting for not only my baby’s life, but for my own as well, I am so thankful to be here today. Our Almightey Creator, has blessed me with another chance at life. One where I can be free to give in to emotion and be free to make the best of my second chance with my other little gems at home..
Amongst various religious ways of honouring our son, I am also collecting 12 new things to always remind me of him. He was born on the 12th of March.. In my quest, I am hoping to acquire a new fragrance, his birth stone, a pendant with his name and birth date, flowers to decorate our home, a prayer, a song, etc.. I have one photo of him shortly after he was born and I’d like to find a way of reserving it somehow..

Kai will always be in our hearts and we will cherish him and remember him in our lives. We grieve and we hurt, so much! But we also realise the blessing that he is for us and we know that one day we will meet him again.. I could ramble on and on, but winning this fragrance and embracing it’s scent and description, is for me to build my memories of a child I only got to spend a few minutes with xxx

I’d like to think I am the woman Si is created for … someone who embraces life – warts and all – optimistic, strong, independent, funny, emotional, dependable and a yes, trying to live life to the fullest.

I would love to win a bottle of SI by Giorgio Armani…. it sound amazing and I think it is a Gorgeous fragrance!!!! I cannot remember when last I could afford to indulge in a bottle of perfume…. I would love a bottle of this fabulous fragrance for myself, I think I really deserve a wonderful fragrance just for once in my life!!!! 🙂 Please make my dream to true 🙂

Pick me please 🙂 Thanks.

Hi Candice,

As I read so many amazing comments, all of whom deserve to win… as equally as I would, I write in the hope that as you read my answer, you will have a “Si” Moment.

I believe that I should win because I am persistent, strong willed and never say No to any task or challenge, the type of women that you had descried in your blog. I believe that being adorned with a fragrance like that of Giorgio Armani Si will be as big a confidence booster as the Armani name is to the world of fashion. It would give me such great pleasure to be the carrier of such an amazing aromatic fragrance.

I hope that as you read my answer, you can give it a “Si” stamp of approval as you have given to the last installment of the “Si” range.

In total optimism, I await the winning names and hope to see mine there.

I would so love to win this, being my birthday month and retrenchment month too. A happy but so sad time of my life,smelling really good will lift my spirits somewhat.:)

I would love to own this Armani SI EDT – It represents the type of woman I am – A combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit <3 Love Love Love – Say SI to life, love and being the feminine yet strong independent woman I am.
Ps: Love your blog and reviews, keep them coming.


I am fan of all things smelling nice and love all my perfumes. Smelling nice and being confident of what I am wearing makes me feel beautiful. I would love to win a bottle and would be loving it so much.

Honestly I would love to win this for my mum and gift her with an unexpected surprise…she was just saying to me how she needs a new bottle of fragrance (in conversation)…just imagine how stoked she would be to receive this! I can just imagine that priceless smile on her face 😀 #PleasePickMe

Please can my wife have one ? She’s been really down in the dumps lately and deserves a little pick-me-up…;)

I collect perfumes and I would love to add this one to my collection, I just love a floral scent, lots of times these gorgeous perfumes are just out of my budget!

I love all the Armani fragrances, but I think Si encapsulates my essence, as I too dare to say yes to life. I would love to win this amazing fragrance. xoxo

It would be great to win this! March has been a rough month, life is so busy and smelling good just instantly lifts your spirits. If you’re feeling good, you can take on anything!

I love the description of the fragrance that the Si woman says Yes to life! I am coming out of a difficult employment period and will be seeking a new position in an entirely new sector. I am truly ready to confidently say yes to life and new opportunities! I would love to win a bottle of Si to fragrantly start my new journey! 🙂

I love the description of the fragrance that the Si woman says Yes to life! I am coming out of a difficult employment period and will be seeking a new position in an entirely new sector. I am truly ready to confidently say yes to life and new opportunities! I would love to win a bottle of Si to fragrantly start my new journey! 🙂

I need to be spoiled; Please ‘In My Bag’, please spoiled me with the gorgeous SI Giorgio Armani.

Honestly, I would LOVE to win a bottle of Si because I am tired, pregnant with baby no2, full -time working mom who has had a bit of a bumpy ride this year so far and I could just do with something lovely and pretty to uplift me 🙂

I would like to win because it just sounds divine and I am a scent fan! A lady can never have enough scents and Armani SI sounds like the next must have fragrance.

Would love to win a bottle love there scents and it would be a early birthday present for me iam an April baby 🙂

Nothing better than a posh fragrance to lift my mood. The scent and also the luxe aspect of it. In reality, I can’t afford to buy designer clothing, but I always keep a couple of fragrances on my dresser. I subscribe.

Hey Candice-Lee

I would love to win a bottle of Si EDT because my mother raised and pushed me to be the independent woman that I am today. I was resentful when I was young but now I see that it was to my benefit. I am proud to have been the first person in my group of friends to achieve many ‘firsts’ in my personal life and career, because I had a strong woman who moulded me.

I am a floral fragrance lover to my core ( tanx to my 1st fragrance Chloe Narcisse ), I am notorious for my love for this genre . Alongside citrus scents, floral scents are my weakness and my greatest pleasure . Perfumes are great for uplifting your moods and I believe this would definitely boost my confidence . Smelling good makes you feel confident ! Being and feeling beautiful also works well with smelling good

I would love to win this for my sister. She would love a bottle of this beautiful scent.

I’m the kind of woman who doesn’t feel complete without matching lingerie, and perfume. I can’t leave the house without perfume and go through bottles of stuff, because without the perfect signature scent, I feel naked and incomplete.

I’ve have always (well, since I discovered it) had a bottle of SI intense on my perfume tray. It’s such a perfect scent. I would absolutely love to add the new SI to my perfume tray, and possibly make it my new signature scent, completing the way I look and feel when I leave the house everyday.

I think I should win a bottle because without my beloved perfume, I may as well wear lingerie that doesn’t match, and ugg boots with shorts!

For me Si Giorgio Armani evokes an senses of independence ,achievement as well as me discovering a world of femininity, sophistication and glamour . Si Giorgio Armani is symbolic of many of my greatest acquisitions in life. It will bring me soo much joy and sensuality on each occasion of use.

A bright and delicate interpretation of Sì and its vision of a captivating, carefree woman
Sì is a tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength, and independent spirit. A modern chypre reinvented, Sì opens with deep blackcurrant nectar that softly recedes to airy florals. A base of musky blond wood adds lightness while grounding the fragrance for a lingering, distinctive trail.

The above interpretation of Si is a reflection of my personality of being confident, independent, chic and sophisticated young woman who pushes herself beyond the limits to accomplish my goals.

For me Si Giorgio Armani evokes an senses of independence ,achievement as well as me discovering a world of femininity, sophistication and glamour . Si Giorgio Armani is symbolic of many of my greatest acquisitions in life. It will bring me soo much joy and sensuality on each occasion of use.

A bright and delicate interpretation of Sì and its vision of a captivating, carefree woman
Sì is a tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength, and independent spirit. A modern chypre reinvented, Sì opens with deep blackcurrant nectar that softly recedes to airy florals. A base of musky blond wood adds lightness while grounding the fragrance for a lingering, distinctive trail.

The above interpretation of Si is a reflection of my personality of being confident, independent, chic and sophisticated young woman who pushes herself beyond the limits to accomplish my goals.


Giorgio Armani is one of the most influential fashion designers in the world and is most definitely one of my favourites. A girl can but only swoon and dream of being able to wear one of his designer garments.

As many of these designer labels comes at price tags that are too pricey for us who live from pay check to pay check, (also known as the plebs to the upper crust), it is nice to know that we can still get our hands on a piece of couture that can also be worn, but in a different way.

As I fall under the category of women who will never be able to afford an item of Giorgio Armani clothing I would be absolutely thrilled to own the Si Fragrance, which I have smelt a numerous amount of times and of course fallen in love with.

I know that if I win this fragrance, every day when I spritz it onto my skin I will be able to say the following:

Sì to Strength.
Sì to Dreams.
Sì to Freedom.
Sì to Love.
Sì to Myself.

So, Sì Candice, (Beauty Mom) I would to be one of the strong and sensual women who dares to live life to the fullest with this gorgeous fragrance in my hand.

Kerri xxx

I love perfumes…..N this one looks amazing. Would love to win it…fingers crossed!!

I have the long-lasting and beautiful fragrance of the new Si on my wrist, as we speak, and can’t stop smelling it. It was a sample from Truworths and I would love to win my own bottle.x

Si, Si 🙂 I love perfume, I love perfume, I love perfume. I was so excited about the launch of this amazing perfume which is a delicate, more youthful version of Si. Each time Im at the fragrance boutique, I have sprayed this on my pulse and I love the “aftermath” of it all. The freshness is amazing, amazing, amazing, a mixture of black currant, green pear, mandarin, neroli and bergamot.The scent is completed with a rich base of amber wood, patchouli, musk and vanilla. The heart is delicate and floral with notes of freesia and May rose. Besides me loving it, my man…says its tickles his tastebuds (ahahah). I would love to be drenched in this, just for him 🙂

Si – I’d love to win this. I’ve just come home from Tyger Valley – I sampled a spray and I’ve been sniffing my wrist ever since. I was planning on being super extra sweet & caring to man bloke tonight so that I can convince him I need this … but I’m going to cross toes/fingers until you do the lucky draw incase … you pull my name. I’d love to win it.

PS: Then I can save being super extra caring to my bloke for another treat 🙂

I would love to win a bottle of Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Toilette because I love it! My mom wears it and it smells absolutely INCREDIBLE. It is a delicate, yet mesmerizing fragrance. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Floral fragrances! If elegance could be captured in a scent, it would definitely be Si EDT! Fingers and toes crossed… 🙂

I would absolutely be thrilled if I’d win this perfume. I am inlove with not just the purfume but the color and packaging. I love your blog.

Wow, I feel like licking my screen because of the way you describe this perfume!!

I would love to win a bottle because as a woman I am constantly refining myself as I try to become a better person, friend, daughter, sister and niece. I am independent and strikingly optimistic and why not – what do I have to lose? I say yes to life daily as we only have this one life and I try and cram in as much as possible now rather than regret later.
I say yes to love because where is the joy without it! I am flirty more than seductive 🙂 and I say yes please to winning a bottle of this golden goodness!!

i would love to win this for my mom because it’s her birthday soon and this perfume sounds exactly like the scent she would love! she does so much for me and I would love to give her something very special! i also know she had never tried anything from Armani before so this would be a great present for her! xxx

I am a perfume fanatic and this is one of my absolute favorites! I have just finished the last drop of my bottle and really need some more

People , including myself, should be more open to new experiences and embrace them with a YES attitude.

I’d love to this win this – having a YES attitude and YES (SI) perfume to spur me along sounds like a winning combo. Yes I CAN rather than I will try is all about positivity so I think it’s an apt name for a perfume that encourages a women to be all that she can be!

Because it’s perfection in a bottle ♥ I have never owned an expensive bottle of perfume because I just can’t afford it so I would LOVE to win this! ! Holding thumbs to win something for the first time!

I would LOVE to win this, it would totally make my year! I have never won anything before, fingers crossed xxx

>WHOOP WHOOP< Super awesome competition with a fantastic prize.!!!!!! 10/10. Easter is upon us and the easter fever has hit me bad. This is exactly what I need to celebrate in style and smelling divine!!!!!

i would love to win a bottle as I would love to give it to a special lady, My friend and employee Lucia Oosthuizen. A woman who doesn’t realize her true beauty and is blessed with humility and commitment. I know she needs a new bottle of perfume and if I won a bottle of perfume, I would give it to her as a gift to let her know how special she is and how much she means to me x

I would love to win a bottle! I think it captures my essence completely! Independent, eternal optimist and general lover of life. It sounds absolutely delicious and sensual. XO

Being a full time mom can be draining and right now i feel so tired and down and sometimes i just want to give up. I would really love to win this awesome fragrance. It will definitely pick me up. So Si to life and Si to keep going 🙂

I am a single mommy (young widow) and live on a tight budget, I love to win this beautiful scented fragrance as I have not been treated to my Favourite brand of which is Giorgio Armani for a long time. It will be appreciated and well used thank you for this opportunity. My late hubby used to always spoil me with each new Armani Fragrance that was released…. love him to know I was fortunate to see this awesome competition on your fb page and have entered….smiles from heaven.

Since this little miracle made its appearance onto Social Media in SA my heart has been skipping beats. You probably wonder wh?? Well first of all looked everywhere.. who stock this in “No Products Garden Route”??? – Yip guessed it right.. nowhere to be found. Online – only Woolies but not the EDT 🙁 🙁 and the if I found one, would not be able to afford it anyway – would feel to guilty to buy this for myself and not to invest the money for my 11 month old boy . 🙂

You probably wonder why I dropped the Y in “wonder wh??” and the N in “and the if I found one” – Its for Yea 🙂 I won Nay 🙁 not the winner but maybe next time 🙂

Hi Candice,I would love to win ARMANI Si EDT.My beloved father recently passed away and I am devastated.He was my mentor,friend and the kindest person I ever knew in my life.Also he was devilishly handsome even at 89.When I was younger,he installed a love of fragrance in me with all the beautiful aftershaves he wore.My mother who now has fallen into ill health from the loss of her life partner for 62 years has plunged into a terrible depression. She also loved fragrance.Unfortunately she has been so miserable now and has not worn perfume for some time (she used to never leave the house without it ) I would give her the SI if I won it,to make her happy and resurrect her with some positive energy and fragrance.This would definitely be a boost for her and help relieve her of some of her depression.Fragrance has such an impact on ones wellbeing.So its “YES “to SI whose name has such a positive vibe and meaning in Italian.

Because it;s spring and i need a perfume to start this season feeling faboulous.
I love Armani because i makes u feel classy and feminine and i think it suits me.

I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success in your business.

As a full time working wife and mother of two, I #saySi to putting myself first for a change. Not that I will be neglecting hubby or the kiddies, I am just going to stop putting my wants and needs at the bottom of my to-do-list. I am important too and deserve to feel like a queen every now and then.

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