LOVE 122

An intense moment in life, rooted in reality, this is Giorgio Armani’s newest tribute to modern femininity.

Created for a woman who dares to say yes to life and love.

Si teaser 3

A new interpretation, light & sparkling, independent & courageous.

Say yes to love.

si love 1

 Irresistibly independent, eternally optimistic, she has the confidence to give in to emotion and be seduced by freedom.

LOVE 111

Her joie de vivre is infectious. Her spirit both daring and determined. On a summer’s day, she turns to the sea. She feels the sun on her skin and the fresh exhilaration of the breeze. She belongs here, in this beautiful place, in this moment.

All will be revealed on Thursday this week…

si teaser 4


This teaser campaign, the wording, resonates so perfectly for me right now.. Giving in to love and life. Belonging here, in this moment, being seduced by freedom..
I’ve experienced the most frightening 5 days of my life, ever! week before last. Thought I was going to die but we lost our baby in the process 🙁
Most heartbreaking and heart numbing experience in my entire life.. But I’m here today, home with my beautiful family, giving in to love and life and taking full advantage of my freedom and God’s will for me to live this life.


Hey Shafiqua, I’m so sorry to hear your heartbreaking news. You’re a strong woman and I think your outlook, given what you’ve just been through is incredible.I’m sending you a ton of love. Keep your eyes peeled on the site, as I’ll be giving away 5 x 50ml bottles of the new Si on Thursday. XXXX

Oh wow hotness!!

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

Thank you so so much! <3

Hi Candice started reading your blog recently and love it. The wording of this add is beautiful it makes me wanna be this girl. All the words describes a strong modern woman. LOVE IT!

Beautiful images & I can’t wait to try the fragrance.

Stunning. I love the images very romantic, whimsical and magical 🙂

Thanks Kim, the words you used pretty much sum up the fragrance 🙂

The fragrance is stunning, Maria. I’ve got 5 to giveaway on Thursday, so keep your eyes on the site.

Thansk Al 🙂

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