Most of you that regularly read my blog will know that I’m crazy about the Sisley Black Rose Face Mask, an overnight treat that my skin absolutely loves. You can read more about it here. I’d go as so far as to say that it’s one of my top 5 beauty products.

You can image my excitement then when I heard that Sisley is launching a Black Rose Face Oil to compliment the iconic mask. It will be available at Sisley counters on the 25 September.

The new anti-ageing oil with black rose was developed for women 30+ with normal, dry or very dry and dehydrated skin. Sisley’s research indicates that dry, or dehydrated skin is lacking in essential fatty acids. Fatty acids ensure that the cell membrane functions optimally and reinforces the skins dermal barrier. In a nutshell, this oil is for women who are concerned with anti-aging and whose skins have become dehydrated or dry by environmental conditions.

Black Rose Precious Face Oil R2265 (for a 25ml) is formulated with 5 plant-based active ingredients that soften and nourish the skin while boosting moisture levels. A few drops of this elixir morning and evening, leaves the skin looking smoother, healthier and more toned while protecting it from external aggressors.

A blend of camelina and plum oil delivers nourishing omega 3 and 6 that reinforce the skins lipid balance, padina pavonica extract stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, avocado extract soothes and rejuvenates and phytosqualane moisturises and nourishes.

Bulgarian rose, Magnolia and Geranium essential oils give this oil a beautiful scent while also toning, purifying and soothing the skin.

You use Black Rose Precious Face Oil by applying between 3-7 drops onto clean skin morning and evenings. The spreadability of the oils is great and

I found 3 drops more than sufficient for my skin. Also, I didn’t need an additional moisturiser after applying this oil. Even though the texture is ultra-fine and silky, it’s deeply nourishing. In fact, I think oilier skin types should avoid it as it may leave the skin looking greasy.

This high-end facial oil retails for R2265, which is expensive, I know. But, it’s important to bear in mind that Sisley only use the best ingredients in their products. A few years back, while in Paris, I had the opportunity to interview the (family) owners of Sisley and I remember Madame Isabelle d’Ornano saying: “ it doesn’t matter how expensive an ingredient is. If it’s the best and delivers results, we’ll use it in our products.” And let me tell you, the ingredients used in this oil are the best and of the highest quality available.

Also, this oil will last for ages as a little goes a long way.

Sisley giveaway


Because I know how much my readers love Sisley, I thought I’d give one of you the chance to win BOTH the Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil (R2265) AND the Black Rose Cream Mask (valued at R1355). Yes, you read that correctly, one reader will win both of these amazing products.

To enter, subscribe to In My Bag by filling your details into the ‘subscribe to this blog’ tab (if you haven’t already). Then, leave a comment below this post telling me why you’d like to win these two products.

I’ll announce the winner’s name of Friday afternoon the 12 September. 


need to beat the ageing process…. 40+ and looking like it…. So i need to win

I would love to win this for my moms birthday coming up in November, she is such a hard working person & never ever spoils her self, she always looks after others first & think this would be a great way to say thank you & make her feel spoiled for a change 🙂

OMG, I don’t think I have ever been more excited for a competition. That little bottle of miracles is exactly everything I am looking for – anti-aging, dehydrated skin, soft silky finish and to top it all off an amazing smell. WANT IT so badly 🙂

Sisley is just the Madame and right on top of luxury facial products! That is just that… I am going through a very annoying time with my skin at the moment … it is very dry and my current products don’t seem to “penetrate” my skin, instead I am sitting with 3 red and very irritating bumbs in three different places on my face(at my age!) and they seem to want to multiply in number!

This is an amazing give away. I would be truly blessed to win this. Thank you once again for the opportunity to enter such an amazing competition and to be part of such an amazing blog! I love to be here! Warm regards Marlene.

I’d love this to pamper my skin & feel great!

Amazing prize! Thanks and have a lovely day.

I would love to win this prize and my tired skin definitely needs some TLC. What an amazing prize.

I’ll celebrate life and spring with three drops of this sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil…. magnificent to think that with only three drops there is plenty to be excited about!

Amazing prize! I have very dry 30+ skin and this is the ultimate luxury product range that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to try. I have a feel in I may never want to go back! I’ve subscribed. Tamsin

After years of not taking proper care of my skin I have finally started and am really enjoying it. Obviously I want to try many products to see what works best for me and I also have lots of catching up to do to get my skin to look and feel the best that it possibly can. If you love this so much then I must have it as part of my new found regime 🙂

Some of the best products currently available – who wouldn’t love to win this? And being 49, it really is important to use proper products.

Being in my 40’s with a still kind of good looking skin I need to start taking better care of my face. I would love to win to just spoil myself with something so wonderful amazing that I will never be able to afford.

I have an extremely dry skin and at 36 the lines, especially frown lines are starting to show. The new anti-ageing oil will be perfect for my skin.

Would love to win these amazing products as it is my birthday and just turned 46 I desperately need these products to nourish my skin so that I can look young and vibrant again.

I have been desperate to try the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask for YEARS, but I could never bring myself to actually buy it ($$$). I’m a huge fan of facial oils and this one sounds utterly dreamy – the perfect anecdote for my dry, dehydrated skin.

This prize is pure luxury – fingers crossed that I win it!

I’m 32….. the wrinkles are starting to show! Would love to try this out

Awesome competition and fabulous prize!!! If I’m the winner of this amazing prize it would be a dream come true to me to win such a prize. And I would love this gift for my birthday the 29th……. I will be 53 and really need some fabulous products for my skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With my 30th birthday a few months away I’ve recently become even more obsessed with slowing down my skins aging process. Prevention is better than cure! My normal to dry skin would revell in this luxury. I’m also smitten with anything that has the word rose on it 🙂 x

Coming out of winter my skin is tight and dry, and I’m having trouble with flaky patches around my mouth and chin. This prize sounds absolutely divine and so luxurious, what a treat for my dry skin. Crossing fingers and toes that I win!

It sounds sooo luxurious, and suited to my 30+ skin. I would love, love, love the treat and can just picture myself with my Black Rose mask on the nights my 8 week old allows me some me-time 🙂

OH MY WORD!!! Fingers, toes, legs… everything is crossed! I’ve read so many amazing reviews and articles on this mask, and I would LOVE to try this oil too. Luxury at its best. I’ve never tried anything from this brand before as, let’s be honest, its a little bit out of my price range. So I’ll keep everything crossed 😉

I have been craving this magical potion for so long, unfortunately it is way out of my budget. I would love to win this spoil as my skin is in dire need of some love and attention!

Hi, what a treat! I would love to win this as I am a Skincare Therapist myself but never have the money to really invest in my own skin when it comes to lush, expensive and good quality skincare.
I’ve had a whirlwind of a year discovering I had a sister I’d never met until recently and fighting with home affairs to get my British husband to stay in the country plus opening my own little beauty room at home, studying and working part time for my families business.
I don’t think I deserve it anymore than anyone else but would absolutely love the treat.
Thanks for the blog and your generous giveaways!
Happy Spring 🙂

Please pick me. These are my DREAM products. I’ve been ogling that Sisley mask for years now.

subscribed on This looks amazing would love to win this. My skin is in need of some pampering products.

Great Giveaway! I am already subscribed to your blog! My skin has taken a beating under the harsh few Winter months we experienced recently. This treatment would be the perfect start on the road of recovery and it will coincide nicely with the changing of the seasons. I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed! xxx

I must admit that I have really neglected my skin with disastrous consequences , since I had 2 major operations recently I just shifted the focus on getting well but when I look in the mirror it depresses me as I look older than my age

I would love to win because my skin needs a little bit of love!

Wrinkles! Pigmentation! Uneven skin tone and saggy skin! Ugh!! Who needs them? Well nobody deserves them! This is life so for a lot of us this is reality…….but all is not lost! Sisleys oil and masque are here! Manufactured with the creme da creme of ingredients. cannot go wrong…awesome giveaway

Wow this is the best giveaway ever! From the moment I read about this Sisley Black Rose oil,I got exited,so much so that I bought a sample on E Bay.The only problem its like half a ml in a little bubble of plastic.So precious that I am almost too afraid to use it.I am a complete addict for rose scented face products of the more natural brands.To date I have a rose scented eye cream (old formula) by Decleor and Ren Rose Oil Serum and one sample sachet of the Sisley Black Rose Face Mask,which I am saving for a special occasion.I have breezed past the Sisley counters at Edgars hoping for the Black Rose oil to arrive as well.Yes I have a Rose addiction for sure and this giveaway has my heart beating in a frenzy ! Love love love <3

My birthday is coming up at the end of September so to me this would be the best “gift to win that I could give myself”- he he. It would be nice to get a skin treatment that doesn’t consist of left over food my daughter always decides to decorate me with. Don’t get me wrong I know oats and banana is good for you… Would just be a very pleasant and needed change 🙂
either way, Awesome prize!

I may not be a woman but I’m representing all the gents out their who enjoy looking after themselves.

The Sisely Black Rose products, like the name suggests, sound like a decadent way to look after yourself. Therefore I nominate myself for a luxury spoil like the Sisely Black Rose product range.

My skin needs a bit of rejuvenation since this Winter has definitely taken a toll on my skin leaving it so dry and flaky! Definitely need some Sisley products to get my skin back on track!

Wow what a great giveaway! I’d love to win these products as I absolutely adore Sisley products but don’t always have the budget to purchase it. Would be great to pamper my skin with top quality ingredients!

I’ve been stalking that Sisley mask for ages – just really don’t have the spare cash to splash. But – holding thumbs I’ll be lucky with this draw. Thank you for thinking of us – and offering an opporunity to win.

Crossing toes and holding thumbs
Karen Lamb

Yes please I’d love to win to help fight the signs of aging that are creeping up. I love camelia oil, It’s such a skin perfector. Plus, it’s my birthday month!

I would love to win these products. I always take extra care when it comes to my skin but am definitely noticing the signs of ageing. This would be perfect to give my skin the extra boost it needs 🙂

OH MY WORD! How amazing does this all sound? Rose + hydrating + anti-age… yes please! I’m 35 and looking for a product to help me age gracefully … PICK ME 🙂

Gawking in wonder at Sisley Black Rose’s Precious Face Oil and Cream Mask! I’ll treasure every drop of Sisley on my youthfulness journey! Price is way over my budget allowance, winning will be awesome! xxx

Dearest Candice-Lee

When I think of a rose, I reminisce to the happy days of my childhood where I spent many lazy days smelling the beautiful fragrance of roses. My gran used to make her own rosewater spritz which would cool my skin during the hot summer days. I have carried on her rose tradition and am the proud owner of a little rose bush in my garden.So yes, the smell of roses makes me feel at peace and fills me with joy. For me the rose symbolises eternal beauty and hope. I must admit that reading about this holy grail oil by Sisley, makes me want to try this product. I for one know first hand that Mother Nature has bestowed many healing and rejuvenating properties in the humble rose. To be able to pamper my dehydrated skin with this miracle oil will be most welcome. I am at a point in my life were I need a skin saviour and this cult classic from Sisley could be the answer to my skin care woes. The fine lines and uneven texture have suddenly crept up on me, coupled with those pesky grey hairs which my daughter reminds me of every day! I crave to have skin that glows with health and I know that Sisley Black rose oil will deliver the best results that I crave so desperately. I can imagine applying a few drops of this precious oil and being lulled to sleep by the magical scent of roses!

Reading your blog is like the smell of roses!

Lots of love

oh please, please…I have not entered any of your comps for a while to others a chance to win…but I cannot resist this one!
I am exhausted from too much work and moving and chaos and one of my team told me I look TERRIBLE this morning. My face is haggard with fatigue. Please pick me. 🙁

I’d like to win these luxurious products because they just sound like the ultimate treat! I love using oils on my face especially since my skin is much drier now that I’m pregnant. I’m currently using the last of my organic rosehip oil and need a replacement 🙂

I have really naughty skin & this would help trememdously! Tried a whole lot of things, and from what I’ve read on this post, this would definitely help me!

Holding thumbs xx

I would love to win this gorgeous products becuase I am skin obsessed. My skin is such a priority for me, I contiuously aim to improve my skin. I’ve never tried this brand of product before and I would love to see what results I would receive from it. I am always on the look out for new products that can contribute to the well-being of my skin. xxxxx

I would LOVE to win these products to get my skin ready for my daughter’s wedding in November. I don’t always take care of my skin and now I am in a panic to get ready for her big day, which is also a big day for me because she is the first of my two beautiful daughters to get married.

Wow, this is a seriously amazing giveaway! I have read so much about this brand but the price point is just not realistic for me. I would absolutely love to win this prize to have the chance to use such luxury products.

What an incredibly generous giveaway- I would love the treat, over 40 and really feeling the ageing pain! Thanks for being such an amazing blog. Ps….would love to know what your top 5 beauty products are?

Goodness girl but u have awesome giveaways…. Always wanted to try Sisley….my skin really needs a boost 🙂

Fabulous, fabulous giveaway! WOW! Ah I would love to win this prize as my skin has really taken a knock in the past few months from stress and I have my brother’s wedding coming up and just need my skin to look healthy and glowing! Thanks Candice! 🙂

Sisley is great brand with some “standout” products.I have read some great reviews on the Black Rose Precious Facial Oil and would love to try n review for myself! Fingers crossed.

September is my family’s birthday month. It was my birthday on friday 5 and my husband on thursday 11. He is turning 40 so I’m saving up for his birthday present and I told them not to spoil me as I only turned 39. This would be an amazing present for me. My skin would really love it too.

If you saw my skin you’d understand Candice – it’s been a long hard winter and I could do with the added boost that these gorgeous Sisley products give.

After being a mother and grandmother for almost 30 years, I have neglected myself horribly and now I have started taking care of myself. I can really do with X-tra tlc and caring.
What better way than winning this wonderful products?

wow really awesome giveaway 🙂 I would love to win this gorgeous products because My skin has always been my obsession and since it has always been bad it makes it worse. Recently my skin has taken a harsh beating with the cold and looks worst than ever. I feel these product can help me back to recovery and grant me that confidence once again. Would really love to try it and would definitely share my experience 🙂

My mum is having a birthday at the end of September. And she would surely appreciate this gift. Both of the products seem to be amazing and I would be very glad if my mom could try these.

Bulgarian rose, Magnolia, Geranium, Avocado Extract, Camelina and Plum Oil…natural + beautiful ingredients, while toning, purifying, nourishing, moisturising and soothing the skin!! And that is just the oil! Wow, this is a giveaway that is hard to resist and so generous. With these super SISLEY products my dehydrated and tired skin would do a little dance like it was 25 years old again!

I would love to win this hamper as I love all things beauty related..and with having to help support my grandparents financially, the beauty budget is non-existent. I could also do with a bit of spoil/good luck after a difficult year dominated by the murder of one of my best friends…I am sure the stress has taken its toll on my skin 🙁

would love to win this for my mom!

Its been a while since I treated myself and would love to be treated with this

Turning 61 in 2 months, this would be a great gift from you to me 🙂

My skin is combo/oily, clog-prone and sensitive. Due to working many late nights and more stress, my skin has been taking a beating lately. At 42 years of age, I have already started to notice the first signs of aging: uneven skin tone, dehydration, fine lines. In addition to that, I am also prone to hormonal acne. My usual skincare has comprised of stripping cleansers and harsh acne products that does’nt seem to cut it anymore. I need a complete overhaul, products where my skin can become silky smooth, plump, and more even-toned. I am sure the Sisley black rose precious facial oil is am amazing product which my skin will certainly benefit from. My skin is in need of a product that doesn’t feel greasy on the skin, that will soften and smoothen. I truly believe my skin will benefit from these products and would it would make my day if I won these much loved & wanted products

Have been subscribed for awhile now. Wow sisley products are so amazing, I got to try them in a glossybox and I really loved it but the bank balance doesn’t allow. My skin has been wrecking havoc lately, I end with with dry patchy areas of skin and have to carry e45 cream with me when I notice because it looks quite bad. It’s been a long and stressful year, been sick many times, currently trying to get my inflamed colon to uninflame itself. This would be a nice treat and spoil. Something I can’t get myself (there are doctors fees to be paid) but I know I would love. My skin is definitely dry and dehydrated and would love to see if this can make it back to it’s good old self.

The inexorable passage of time and gravity have left their mark. Sisley Black Rose Creme is sorely needed

Would love to win these and see for myself the results!

to try the product and to see the results

If its the best quality no matter how expensive i’ll use it!

Oh please pick me!!!!! I am absolutely dying to try this out. I have only heard great things and with our recent move my skin is absolutely been suffering especially with dehydration. This would be the best gift ever 🙂

Friday the 12th will be my birthday…the 40’s are taking its toll on my skin. This will be such an awesome gift.

Oh Wow!!! Pick me, pick me!!

I would LOVE to try the Sisley facial oil! Being in my mid-40’s, and wondering why, apart from the threat of the dreaded menopause, I have such a dry and dehydrated skin. I have tried numerous product ranges and none of them manage to get rid of that taut dry skin feeling even after i have used products. My skin has also become tired and lackluster – too many hours in-front of my laptop and of course stress doesn’t help.

I have heard a lot of about this product and would really love to try them both, hopefully proving that all my skin needs is a good treat!

Aghhhh…how I would love to win this oil! End of winter is showing on my face at the moment so it would be well used! And to feel pampered every day, well that’s just the way it should be!!

It would be amazing to own and use a Sisley product. My skin would sing for joy!

I am subscribed via email and I would love to win this for my mum, she is always concerned about her skincare, and always encourages me to be more active with preserving my youth and taking care of the body that I have been blessed with. She is such an inspiration, and I am ever so grateful to her!

Please send this to me, so I can bless her alike too! Thanks 🙂

I would absolutely love to win this prize, my skin is in need of some good ol’ TLC after this harsh winter season xx

It’s my mom’s 60th birthday in October, this would be the ultimate present for me to thank her for all she’s done. She’s always been focused on everyone but herself and I’d love to pamper her.

As I am over 50 my skin needs a great product pamper and I believe this would do the trick. What an awesome prize 🙂

Lovely giveaway!! Would love to pamper my skin with this amazing product 🙂

40 plus and desperate …. not for a man but for this Sisley 😉

Hi there it would be a blessing if I could win this. This mummy Seriously needs some TLC & pampering! Its been a rough road for the past 2 years with my baby & my skin has definitely taken a beating. I dont look like a 35 year old…I love older. 🙁 Please help me get my sexy back!
Love & Light xoxo

Wowee what an awesome giveaway. I have never tried it before but would love to try the Sisley black rose products. A couple of reasons…1. I love nice facial products 2. My skin has been suffering through winter and is sooooo dry. Dry as a bone is not dry enough to describe it. 3. I had an basal cell skin cancer in my face which was removed and now are very concious in repairing sun damage from my youth 4. This would be amazing.

Im 70 and 70 year old skin needs something special! This is just it!

OM Gosh! What a lovely giveaway. I once tried a sample of the Black Rose mask and fell in love with it. The price though………!! I wish, I wish upon a star….
Freaked out every time I look in the mirror and see my dried out face.
Thanks Candice for a lovely blog.

I would love, love, love to win these utterly amazing Sisley products because my skin feels a bit weather beaten after this past Cape of storms winter. And my skin deserves some pampering with the best products available, which Sisley undoubtedly is.

I would love to win this great giveaway simply because it would be great to try out these products. Even though I love skincare products like these, they are way over my price range. :’-( My skin needs some TLC especially after the winter months. I adore face masks and this one really looks amazing.

Hi , what an amazing prize! I am about to become a new mom and my skin could do with a little pampering, I have dry skin( and I see sleepless nights in my near future) so this sounds like the perfect treat .

Without getting all sappy.. After having kiddies, although I ADORE the munchkins, my skin has not coped particularly well with the sleep deprivation, the not-optimal diet, the lack of exercise (unfortunately, I could go on and on!)


I’ve decided to make some changes and Number 1 on that list is getting back into a skincare routine. My skin is in dire need of some real TLC and these products look and sound amazing. Mmm.. I can already imagine how incredible the Black Rose Cream Mask will feel at the end of an exhausting day **bliss**

This miracle in a pot is exactly what I need. I hv been struggling with dry skin for a little while nw. A few years ago I suffered frm severe acne, thankfully as time has passed,my skin only has the occasional breakouts. So frm having a very oily skin to now having dry skin,I’d love for this product as I believe it may improve my dry skin. I could do with some pampering,in the hype of our busy daily routines,we or should I say ‘i’ tend to neglect any sort of beauty/pampering routines..

Hmm, Let me think. I love skin care and if a product delivers I want it!! I am taking your word
Candice!! If you say its great then its Great. You never let us down, Thanks you to you I discovered the Nimue Stemplex, simply wonderful !! I reallly need this because night shift at Tygerberg Hospital really takes its toll on your skin. And I can only afford this product after months and months of saving.

Please pick me


Sisley is one of my favourite skincare brands – mainly for its superb quality and ingredients. I also have found that I have developed a few fine lines and (dare I say) wrinkles from the harsh South African sun, so these products would be great to pamper myself and help out my skin in need!

My first encounter with Sisley’s Black Rose Masks reads like something out of a fast passed drama thriller: Girl gets acid burns in face a week before going on holiday with new love interest. Frantically she searches for cure (because how will she survive if he literally sees under her skin?) Black rose mask enters on stage – and the day is saved. And boy is still in the picture.

What happened in real life – earlier this year, before I went on holiday with a new man I met in December, vanity persuaded me to have a chemical peel. Little did I know it is not wise to have a facial two days after a peel. The facial’s thorough scrub caused large parts of my face to be literally skinless. I panicked myself into a stupor of silly and tried several products before I found a Black Rose Mask sample I had. This immediately gave me results that made me smile without pain. I ended up buying a tube and have been campaigning the miraculousness of the product ever since then. Which is why I’m really excited to see that a face oil of this product is launching.

I think you should give the prize to me so that I can continue my campaign and hail the Black Rose Mask-family “hero of all skin stories”! (well that…and my first tube is nearly finished)

To be honest the only way I’m EVER going to try out these seriously amazing products and treat my skin is to win them in this competition! With 2 kids under 3 years my nappy buying days are far from over. Thanks for fun, informative blog:)

One can only dream of ever being able to get your hands on these fab products to use, so winning it would be the ultimate gift to myself, especially for my BDay coming up in November. This product is perfect for my skin which has become very dry and dehydrated in the past 3 years as a result of menopause. I would love to be able to rejuvenate my skin and gain back some of it’s youthful appearance.

Sisley products, hailing from France, are one of the most sought after skin care ranges. From what I have read on the Discover Black Rose Precious Face Oil is that its ideal for mature and dry skin.
It has a high concentration of active ingredients and this silky-smooth dry oil prepares, nourishes and has an anti-aging effect: it is rich in omega 3 and 6, and prepares the skin to receive its daily care.
It is a powerful blend of plant-based active ingredients that nourish, rejuvenate and protect.

And if that sounds, good, then The Black Rose Cream Mask sounds even better
It offers the skin “instant youth”.
Rich in active anti-aging ingredients including Black Rose, Padina pavonica, and Alkekengi Calyx extracts, it immediately gets to work on signs of aging and fatigue to rejuvenate skin and restore vitality.
In only 15 minutes skin is visibly hydrated, plumped, smoothed and redensified.

Any South African woman would benefit from these incredible products, our climate is harsh on our skins and we need sublimly awesome products like this.

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