Did you know that just a two-degree drop in temperatures can rob skin of essential moisture? While dry skin can happen anytime of the year, it’s more prevalent in the winter months because factors like indoor heating, coupled with cold, icy winds and a drop in temperatures have the ability to sap moisture from the skin.

Here are my top five tips for keeping my skin smooth and hydrated in winter:

1. Exfoliate

Moisturiser is much more effective on a skin that’s just been exfoliated. Because exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells, the products you apply thereafter can penetrate much better and really do the job they’re meant to. Also, once you’ve exfoliated your body, you’ll notice how much softer and smoother your skin feels. Try exfoliating your skin at least once to twice a week. While there are many amazing scrubs on the market, this really is one product you can whip up yourself. I’ve been making my own brown sugar scrub for years now – here’s my recipe:

Brown Sugar Scrub

In a bowl combine the following:

  • 1 x handful of brown sugar
  • 2 x tablespoons of Bio-Oil
  • 2 x drops of your favourite essential oil (I like lavender or rose)

Massage scrub all over the body (concentrating on knees & elbows) in circular movements. Rinse off with water.


2. Invest in a Humidifier

The best thing I ever did for my skin and hair, was invest in a humidifier. If you sleep with a heater in your bedroom, you can be assured that the moisture levels are very low, which leads to the skin drying out. A humidifier will replace that lost moisture in the air and you’ll wake up with hydrated, dewey skin and shiny, soft hair.

3. Skip the bar soap

The old bar of soap can be so drying for the skin. Rather opt for creamy body washes, which don’t strip the skin of essential moisture. Remember to moisturise the skin after your bath or shower. I apply Bio-Oil all over my body and like that the formula absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy film on my skin.

4. Pimp your moisturiser

Did you know that you can add a few drops of Bio-Oil to plain old aqueous cream to make it even more effective? I also sometimes add a drop or two to my night cream when my skin really needs a moisture boost.


5. Avoid bathing & showering in very hot water

I know this is difficult, but bathing and showering in really hot water dries skin out. Avoid the temptation by limiting yourself to a few minutes in the shower. When taking a bath, keep the water lukewarm and add a few drops of Bio-Oil to help keep skin supple.

A few other uses for Bio-Oil

  • Dry, itchy scalp? Add a few drops of Bio-Oil to your shampoo to reduce itching and flaking.
  • Use Bio-Oil to nourish dry lips and cuticles.
  • Mix a tiny bit of Bio-Oil with your foundation to hydrate the skin and give it a gorgeous glow.
  • Tame flyaway hairs with a little Bio-Oil, rubbed into hand and smoothed over hair.

Bio-Oil contains no preservatives, is dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic, non-acnegenic and suitable for all ages and skin types. Bio-Oil is available at pharmacies and selected retail outlets nationwide in 60ml (R49.99), 125ml (R74.99) and 200ml (R104.99).

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How do you use your Bio-Oil? Tell me and you could win a Bio-Oil hamper consisting of 3 bottles of Bio-Oil (60ml, 125ml and 200ml – valued at R250 in total), as well as this fluffy, white robe from @Home. Leave your comment below this post and be suer to include your e-mail address (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the winner. I’ll announce the winners name on Wednesday 16 July.


I have an eczema condition. My tried & tested remedy to always keeo my skin moist is to mix in Bio Oil with my body moisturiser. I keep some of this in my handbag for touch ups. This remedy keeps my skin soft & moisturised all day with no oily residue.Bio Oil neat,I reserve for night use.

Hi there 🙂

And this is how use my Bio oil:

I use my Bio oil for almost all my skin issues, at night before bed I rub my whole body with Bio oil especially in winter when my skin is at its worst and so dry and it helps me start to take care of my legs in time for summer. It makes my skin for super smooth and shiny, I don’t only use it for stretch marks, its an all round skin product it just makes your skin feel good and you just feel. One product which is in my beauty routine all year round 🙂

I would absolutely love this Hamper, fingerscrossed I hope I’m lucky its my Birthday month 🙂

Thank you
Kind regards

I am very particular to which products I use, oils and facial/beauty products alike. Bio-Oil has been on top of my list for the past 7 years now. As a mom I have not only used it on my tummy during pregnancy to try and combat those stretch marks, I also used it on my boys’ skin as well when they were babies. Today I still use Bio-Oil on my own skin, especially during winter. I pour a tiny bit into my bath water instead of using baby oil and it really leaves my skin nourished and feeling soft. I also do the same with my boys and we also use Bio-Oil for removing stains, believe it or not, it is fantastic after you colored your hair to use a tiny bit on some cotton wool to remove the excess color from your hair line. Bio-Oil is definitely one to take to the grave!!


Um I dont actually use Bio-oil yet but will start soon! I found out I am pregnant recently. 🙂 I’m a confusing blend of excited and terrified right now (my first time!). Everyones been telling me that the bio-oil is fantastic for helping prevent those nasty strech marks. So at least that would be one less thing to worry about.

I recently experimented with making my own lipstick from wax crayons, the instructions said to use Vit E oil so I opted for Bio Oil and added a few drops to each colour so that the lipstick would give my lips some extra care. (Using non toxic crayons to make your own lipstick is totally safe, and you can make fun colours like blue for dress up parties 🙂 )

I LOVE Bio Oil, I use it on all my stretch marks, works like a miracle oil! When my skin is feeling a bit dry I sometimes put a few drops in my bath water and have a good soak.

My bio oil treatment for baby soft feet apply after a bath onto your feet with a massage then seal the bio oil in with petroleum jelly and put socks on. Do this at least thrice a week to have soft beautiful feet.

I love Bio oil truly believe in the product. I throw a few drops in my bath water. I use it as a cuticle oil and put it on my hubby’s bald head.

Hi, I use Bio Oil as an under eye cream, just a tiny dab rubbed in very gently, and I have no wrinkles!!! Love it,

I started with Bio oil during my 1st pregnancy & swear by it to this day 3 years later. I use it as a daily moisturizer & have started using it for my kids during the harsh winter we’re having! It’s amazing & I just love the smell! <3

Ive been using bio oil for years from a young age with yoyo dieting i got a few stretch marks on my thighs and hips. It saved me during pregnancy and was lucky enough to not get any on my tummy. I used bio oil up to 5 bottles a month during my pregnancy. i suffered such dry skin. i used it in the bath, in my as a treatment, on my face and mixed it my aqueous cream.

I buy Bio Oil almost every winter to help with my extremely dry skin. This has done WONDERS for my skin, I am truly amazed. It helps against dryness, marks, discoloration, and tone. It feels so soft on my skin keeps it moisturized.. I would totally buy it again and again!

I always stock up on Bio-oil in winter. I just find that nothing is able to keep the cold at bay like a hot bath but because it’s so drying, I add a few drops of Bio-oil to every single bath.

I had a small op about a month ago and have been using Bio-oil on the scars to help them heal. It’s definitely had a huge affect and made the healing process that much more bearable.

The last way I use Bio-oil is as a face oil at night. If I’m finding my skin is dry and sore, night creams often exacerbate it and can even sting a little. Bio-oil goes on smoothly, is absorbed quickly and leaves me with soft, supple dewy skin in the morning.

I have only recently started using Bio Oil after receiving a bottle at an event. Since I’ve been struggling with really dry patches on my arms and legs, a condition I’ve never experienced before, and all my usual creams and body butters were not working, I started using Bio Oil. Oh My Goodness, Within a week I saw a difference and my skin has recovered and is back to normal! I’m so happy!
Thanks to Bio Oil SA!

I have very dry skin & in winter it get worse, so have been following some of the above tips & also have been mixing it into my moisturiser for my whole body.

Uhm, I’ve never used Bio-Oil, I know people who swear by it and would love to try it, I’ve always been cautious as I hate that slippery oil feeling but you’ve mentioned that it soaks right in so maybe I should give it a try. There are so many uses for it, I would definitely try adding it to my day/night cream.

I use Bio Oil on my face because I have uneven skin tone and a lot of dark marks and acne scars…I therefore use Bio Oil every night before bed so the oil can work to restore and replenish overnight. It tends to work like a charm for me 🙂

I have used Bio-Oil for years as body and face moisturiser and for my dry cuticles before bedtime. Since I’m pregnant I will definitely be using it even more over the next few months. Hence my keen interest in this competition 🙂

I use my bio oil to lighten stretch marks as well as to try and lighten marks left by my eczema

I make good use of my bio-oil. Three times a week after a shower i apply it to my entire body. Every Sunday my face gets the pure bio-oil on it. Even my i shave my legs i dont apply lotion but instead use the oil.

Needless to say i have beautiful skin for my age. (

Full body moisturizer & on my face at night. I <3 Bio oil

I am literally using a bottle of bio oil every two weeks, and I am talking about the 200ml bottle:) I am six months pregnant and have become allergic to anything but Cetaphil and bio oil. I can’t even use perfume. I used bio oil in my first pregnancy and continue to use it in my second as it is the best at preventing stretch marks and dry, itchy patches. I apply straight after my shower and follow up with e45 cream twice daily. I would love to win this hamper as it would be the best gift to myself right now. Itch free and supple.

I am a huge fan of Bio oil, I prefer it over Vitamin E and Tissue oil. I apply it 2 -3 times a day on marks , scars and stretch marks and have definitely seen results.The problem area will first go lighter and then eventually fade.When I massage the left overs into my nails, it seems like my nails are much stronger when it grows as my nails normally chip and break easily. The key factor in seeing great results with Bio oil is to be persistent in applying it, there are no quick fixes, some people give up because it seems to take too long to work. Repairing won’t happen over night, but stick with it and you will see positive results. I know of someone who uses it as a hair masque once a week to revive her dry hair. I would like to try it on my hair but unfortunately my hair is already oily, so I’m gonna give it that experiment a skip. 🙂

I use Bio-Oil both in Summer and Winter ….. actually all year round. Bio-Oil is a brilliant after sun treatment in Summer and really soothes and bring comfort to sun exposed skin. In Winter I lather it all over my body as well as a few drops into my bath water – love the fresh smell! Bio-Oil has also helped both my teenagers with acne scars – it gently fades away the scars! Sometimes I even put a few drops on the dog…. just for the smell to linger longer!

Why haven’t used Bio Oil yet! Must have been mad, after I read all the comments. I will surely get myself a bottle!

I live in Gautang and its very dry up here, so my skin always get so dry specially in winter so if iam bathing i add a few drops to my bath or if i shower just after i get out when my pores are still open i rub it into my body and face and it also works well if you add a few drops in to plain aqueous cream

I have had huge knee operations, on both my knees & used bio oil to reduce the scarring. There are still marks on my legs, but they aren’t red anymore & the scarring is looking a lot better! Really like your posts and the photos are really nice as well.

I don’t use Bio Oil often but these are great tips – thank you. Oh and also love the sugar scrub. Definitely going to make this!! Thank you.

I basically just alternate between Bio Oil and tissue oil – whichever is the cheapest, usually Bio Oil though. As a 60 year old woman its important that I keep my face as firm as possible and the Bio Oil really helps!

I actually use Bio Oil to moisturize my face specifically after I shave – it helps keeps it smooth and also keeps my tone even.

i use it for my daughters eczema

I always have Bio Oil. I used it when I was pregnant with twins on my super large tummy…I am sure it kept my babies happy as they were forever kicking each other 🙂 And my tummy returned to its average dimensions…
I also use it on my hands and on my neck at night.
I occasionally use it to polish my stainless steel fridge door as well!!

This is my favourite product for 36 years. Bio Oil is the best for scarring and it keeps my skin and hair moisturized! It is also a firm favourite of my three amazing daughters. So thanks Bio Oil!!!

I had a operation a few years back and started using it then on my scar

I do not use Bio oil. I never knew it was such a multi purpose product. If I won the hamper I would use it as a body oil (I prefer oil to creams) and I will add it to my bath.

My 6 year old little missy started getting dry skin with the colder weather, so I thought to use bio-oil to relieve her dry skin condition. Well, the little princess insists on being showered with the ‘bio-oil treatment’ every night after her bath now. Nothing else is good enough in her eyes. Good skin care….. Start early, appreciate the life long benefits 🙂

rehana seedat I use Bio oil as an Everyday Moisturiser. After showering, I work a small amount of the oil into my clean skin for an all over everyday body moisturiser. Hair Oil: I use Bio oil as a pre-wash treatment to help replenish dry and damaged hair. I simply put a towel down on my pillow before bed, work the oil through my hair and then sleep on it over night to help lock in moisture. In the morning, I wash my hair like normal to give my tresses a real shiny and healthy boost. For my Dry hands, brittle nails and peeling cuticles I massage a small amount of Bio-Oil into my fingers on a daily basis. When I’m planning a mani or pedi I add Bio-Oil as an important step in the process.
I LOVE using Bio Oil as a Body Scrub, Not only do I use Bio-Oil to cure dry skin, it makes a great homemade exfoliating treatment too. I pour a small amount into a plastic bowl and mix in either flaky sea salt or fine sugar granules. Then I simply rub it in around the desired area and wash off in a warm shower. The warmth helps dissolve any remaining granules leaving my skin smooth, soft and refreshed. I also add drops of Bio Oil in my bath tub.
Winter brings out the worst in my skin. I combat those dry, flaky, itchy patches with an intensive spot treatment of Bio-Oil. Whether it’s for my dry legs, rough elbows or cracked heels a little bit of Bio-Oil lovin’ is just the trick for all over soft and healthy looking skin. Love Bio Oil

I always put my lotion on my hand and put a bit of Bio-oil on it, rub it together and apply it to my body during the day especially on my scar. At night after the shower I just put bio- oil alone on my body- with me being pregnant now, my concentration is on my tummy, I apply lots of it to my tummy to prevent stretch marks.

I use my Bio Oil every day and its really helped with my stubborn scars and stretchmarks. I also add it to my everyday lotion and my skin looks amazing…

Some days I shower and apply the bio oil to my body while its wet and my skin glows for the entire day.
So winning this hamper would be so awesome. And thank you for the tips. I’ll be trying that scrub out very soon 😀

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