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Beauty oils are a huge trend, both locally and internationally, and the excitement around them shows no signs of abating anytime soon. And rightly so – they are great at soothing, protecting and nourishing the skin, hair and body.

It’s interesting to note that human beings have been using oils for beautification purposes for hundreds of years. In Ancient Egypt, everyone from royalty to laborers used them to ease sore muscles and protect their skins from the sun. The Greeks were especially attracted to the use of scented oils. In fact, Hippocrates recommended the use of body oils in the bath. Argan oil has been used for hundreds of years in the Middle East, and is still considered one of the best treats for skin and hair.

This got me thinking about the first beauty oil I ever used?

It must have been around 2003 – I was fashion editor of True Love Magazine at the time, pregnant with my daughter, and suffering with severely itchy and dry skin on my body. I remember chatting with the beauty editor and asking her to recommend something affordable to ease and soothe my skin. She recommended Bio-Oil and explained to me that not only was it great at reducing scars and preventing stretch marks, it was wonderful for hydration. She even suggested I use it on my face! ‘But I have oily / combination skin,’ I remember saying – ‘How can I use an oil on my face?’

She explained how one of the biggest misconceptions around oils is that they aren’t suitable for combination or oily skin types. She went on to clarify how using the correct oils on this skin type can reduce acne scarring and even breakouts.

After using it on my face for a few weeks, I was amazed at how it balanced my skin and sorted out my dehydration issues (often, oily and combo skin types suffer with dehydration). Also, I only got one stretch mark during my pregnancy. Bio-Oil is dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic and non-acnegenic (won’t clog pores & cause breakouts) and contains no preservatives, making it great for ALL skin types.

Bio-Oil is also a fantastic anti-ageing treat for the skin because it contains Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant that protects skin from environmental pollution. It also has an anti-inflammatory action, and let’s not forget, it’s inflammation that causes premature ageing.

Also included in the formula is:

  • Calendula oil, which is excellent for treating severely dry and irritated skin while stimulates collagen production and minimizing scarring.
  • Chamomile oil gives the formula it’s soothing properties and it great for calming redness and irritation.
  • Lavender oil brings its unique antiseptic and anti-fungal properties to the formula, assisting in scar reduction while speeding up healing.
  • Rosemary oil firms slackened skin, while stimulating biological activity and cell growth – making it very effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Then there’s the special, trademarked breakthrough ingredient called PurCellin Oil. PurCellin Oil is the result of many years of research and is the ingredient that distinguishes Bio-Oils texture, absorption and feel from other oil-based products. It is a recreation of oil secreted by ducks during preening that creates a thin, no-greasy water repellent layer over the tops of the ducks feathers.



Bio-Oil also does a great job at reducing the appearance of pigmentation marks and uneven skintone. This I can attest to first hand. I, like a lot of women, had terrible sun damage on my décolletage. The area was wrinkled and badly pigmented. Last year July, I started treating the area with Bio-Oil (see post here) and have seen a VERY visible improvement. While its not perfect, there are less fine lines and the overall tone and texture is far better.

Aside from using my Bio-Oil as a face and body moisturiser, I’ve been experimenting and have found some other handy uses for it:

  1. In summer, I mix a drop or two with my liquid bronzer for a gorgeous dewy glow.
  2. I smooth it onto my plucked brows to minimize redness and soothe skin.
  3. Of late, I’ve been suffering with a dry scalp and find that when I mix three drops with my shampoo, it reduces itching and flaking. It’s also great at taming flyaway hairs.
  4. I always add a few drops to my bath to soften my skin.
  5. Because it contains chamomile and calendula extract, It’s great at soothing sun parched skin. I always slather it on after a day spent outdoors.

I can honestly say that Bio-Oil has, and will continue to be a staple in my beauty routine for the foreseeable future.


I love this brand so much, I’m giving one lucky reader the chance to win a beautiful toiletry bag with three, yes three bottles of Bio-Oil inside – a 60, 125 & 200ml all valued at R630. To enter, leave a comment below telling me why you love Bio-Oil and how it’s helped your skin. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday 22 April.

Bio-Oil is available at pharmacies and select retail outlets nationwide in 60ml (R49.99), 125ml (R74.99) and 200ml (R104.99). For further information visit www.bio-oil.com or follow Bio-Oil South Africa’s Facebook page.


I love Bio-Oil over the last few years its become part of my daily body moisturizing routine. I first started using it for stretch marks like most people do, but then I started using it on my legs as I noticed I was getting dark spots and within a week of using it I noticed they started to fade away, two days a week I don’t use body lotion at all and just Bio-Oil you can just feel the difference in your skin. I feel Bio-Oil just my skin look and feel healthy I could never stop using it, one product that will remain in there for a life time to come.

Bio oil is my skins dream come true. I have contact eczema with the sun. So over time it leaves my skin with blemishes and uneven skin tone. Bio oil has done wonders for me over the years. I would absolutely love to win this because im in a consist need of it. My skin will be forever grateful to you.

I absolutely love Bio Oil , I use it on my legs to help with the scarring and more especially in winter all over my body as my skin gets really dry.

During both my pregnancies,Bio Oil has been my aid. To keep my growing tummy soft and supple,it was always Bio Oil,after every shower. Alas I also suffer eczema,so to date I only trust Bio Oil to keep my skin well moisturised.

Bio Oil is the only thing I used on my skin when I am pregnant – and not one stretch mark anywhere:) Currently pregnant with my second child and already on my second bottle of Bio Oil – LOVE IT

Bio-Oil is a dream come true wow!!! I suffer from very dry skin and after trying numerous products without any results I thought why not try Bio-Oil and I haven’t looked back since. Its amazing for my skin not only does it make my skin moist. It boost my confidence to go out there and face the world again. I also like to use it for my stretch marks and believe me it works great great great! Loves it!!!!

I’m a total klutz and first started using Bio-Oil as a toddler after I had managed to seriously burn my legs by stumbling into a bonfire that someone had started at the beach and put out by covering it with sand. (True story!) Since then, I’ve used it on numerous scars (plaaskind) and, most recently, a scald burn. It really does assist in and speed up my skin’s healing! I also use it a lot during the winter months to moisturise my skin, and as a result I’m never without a bottle on hand 🙂

I have tried so many products. By far Bio oil is the best. With being in my 30’s and hydration is a big issue. Not only does it make your skin supple, it stays that way. It is inexpensive and works.

I love bio oil I used it throughout the start to the finish of my pregnancy and never got one stretch mark

I was a complete accident prone child, collecting my fair share of scars /burns/dog bites – you name it. I discovered bio oil in my teens and have been using it ever since to treat all these issues (the wonders it does with scar tissue is unbelievable!)

I was in an abusive relationship and had a glass cracked on my head,which left scars and bruises.Someone suggested Bio Oil and so I tried it and after a few weeks ,they scars,marks ad redness slowly dissipated and now today are totally gone.Although my scars are gone,the mental ones will always be there but i am ever so grateful to Bio Oil for their incredible product which gave me back my self esteem.

Ive been using bio oil throughout my adulthood, its the only thing that worked during my pregnancy and as a result i have no stretch mark, it works perfectly for my face, i prefer using it instead of a night cream, i love it as it also works on my sons dry skin.

I absolutely LOVE bio oil!!! I has bad stretch marks on my legs and it has helped a great deal to take marks away. I can now walk again in a bikini!!!

Bio-oil is a firm favourite in our household. I first started using BIO OIL as a teenager. I was bitten by a dog when I was 16 and I had very bad scars on my upper lip and nose after cosmetic surgery. This miracle oil has really made a huge difference to all the ugly scars and I continue to use it, especially in winter. The smell is comforting and light and
just amazing!

Just love the feeling and smell of bio-oil on my whole body. I’ve been using it every day now after my mastectomy operation and there is hardly any scars left. So it is a definite product in your cupboard for all those dry skin conditions, stretch marks and any scars.

I had the unfortunate chance of experiencing chickenpox during my adult life, and started using bio oil from the day I visited the doctor. I loved the smell and it not only helped with the itch with the pox was causing but also with the marks which would have otherwise have left from the pox. Its my favourite!

I had burn on my wrist from removing food from the oven. I used Bio Oil and now the scar has gone. Ever since i believed in the power of Tissue Oil. Tried every single Tissue Oil out there in the market.

I love bio oil because after having two kids, I have been left with stretch marks and the scars from my two ceasars..using bio oil has really helped minimise the scars so now im not as embarrassed of them.. before, they were so red and in your face noticeable, but now the scars are a lot lighter.. the smell is so pleasant and leaves my skin feeling so hydrated when using it.

I used it throughout my pregnancy and it worked for me , my skin was supple and never itched. I continued using it after pregnancy as well to minimize any marks. I was really happy with the results. Still continue using it especially in winter when my skin needs extra moisturising, I just add a few drops to my lotion and apply. love it!!!

I love Bio-Oil for the natural ingredients. For a long time, I thought that oil was the enemy, but I’ve proven that thinking wrong! Using oil in my beauty regime has transformed my skin! I’ve learnt that in many cases, oil fights oil, and that providing your skin with the oils it needs is the best way to healthy clear skin. And on top of that, Bio-Oil magically doesn’t even feel oily! It’s a proud SA export!

Thanks, Candice-Lee – good tips. I stopped using Bio-Oil after my pregnancies (no stretch marks!), but never thought about it for everyday use. Will now add it to my shopping list.

Bio oil has helped heal my scars from post surgery. It really does work. I use it everyday on my entire body, keeps my feet baby soft and my skin looks good with a soft well balanced tone.

This oil helped me avoid strech marks during my first pregnancy, and i’m hoping to avoid them again with my current second one.

I started using Bio-Oil in my teens to reduce scars and soothe dry skin. I haven’t used it on my face as I was afraid of it causing break outs due to my blemish prone skin, but after reading your write up I am keen to try it on my face. I can truly vouch for Bio-Oil’s remarkable power in reducing scars. I slipped and cut my leg a few years ago. Not happy to contend with a scar ruining my summer, I regularly applied Bio-Oil to the affected area and within a few weeks the appearance of my scar dramatically improved! I highly recommend Bio-Oil.

I love Bio Oil because it nourishes my skin and fades scars over time. I have a bad scar on my hand, where they told me a skin graft was necessary, but I didnt do it. After using bio oil continuously the scar has faded, and the skin is supple. When scars heal the skin tightens, and bio oil has kept the skin supple, ensuring movement.

Bio Oil is nothing short of a miracle. 4 months ago, I had a spinal fusion surgery which was unfortunately complicated by a MRSA infection. My incision failed to heal for 10 weeks, and I was forced to rely on a wound vac to close the surgical wound. As soon as the wound healed, I began applying Bio Oil two to three times a day. 5 weeks later, the scar is lighter, softer, less grainy and SMALLER! The product is easy to use, has a fresh scent, and doesn’t stain my clothes. It is a light and highly absorbent oil that comforts itchy, irritated skin. I also suffer from eczema – my skin becomes flaky, dry & itchy. During the Winter months my skin condition worsens. I use Bio oil daily & apply it directly to my skin. I also put a few drops in in my bath tub and use it as a bath oil. Bio Oil has helped my skin condition tremendously. Reduces on the dryness, itchyness & keeps skin more hydrated, soft & supple. I will continue to use this amazing product that has helped alleviate my skin problems.

I love Bio – Oil. I use it everyday and night on my skin. I had very bad scarring on my legs. Ever since I started using Bio – Oil, the marks became lighter. It also keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day.

THANK YOU FOR A GREAT BLOG! Such useful articles and reviews.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE BIO OIL. Im now 19 weeks pregnant and my skin is looking fantastic , all thanks to bio oil. I was previously in the modelling industry and would often add a few drops of bio oil to my bath and it always kept my skin silky smooth and glowing. So it was an easy choice wen i found out i was pregnant to start adding it to my bath more often then before 😉 Im looking forward to doing a pregnancy shoot and showing off my smooth , healthy skin- THANKS TO BIO OIL xxxx

I love bio oil,l started using it after l gave birth for stretch marks on my boobs and tammy

Bio-Oil has been such a help when i was in high school i got a pimple just under my neck and very visable with our v-neck school uniform and someone said put perfume on it it will dry out quickly but that didn’t happen and it got infected and left a scar i was always so embarrassed of it as it was raised and red, but today with continuous use of Bio -oil its barely visable now

I started using bio oil when i fell pregnant for my first child 9 years ago and since then i have used it almost everyday. i found new purposes other than it just hydrating my skin or clearing my pigmentation marks. I add a little to my bath and the kids bath water especially during winter months and i also use it to clear out my make up. It is a great product with clear benefits.I have also introduced it to my husband who has been suffering with dry flaky skin and since then he has been depleting my oil supply. Soon i will be passing over this secret to my growing daughter who will also be able to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful product. This product is good enough for the family and is something i would recommend yo many .

I use bio oil at night after a bath. I like the smell & it is great if you have dry skin.

I’m a stay at home mom who loves to look after her skin but unfortunately cannot splurge on expensive beauty products anymore; I’d rather spoil my babies first. I’ve been using Bio oil as a total face and body moisturiser for 5 years now (since my eldest was born) and always get complimented on my skin. Ssshhh Bio oil is my secret.

My Mother instroduced me to Bio Oil when I was very young and had always got cuts and scrapes by being a typical “tom boy” kid. She alwys used to put it on my skin and I am so thankful today not to have such bad scarring on my kness and legs as a result. I will always have Bio Oil in my own home and make sure to use it on my own children. Such a fantastic product 🙂

I have use Bio Oil for decades and it is my “miracle in a bottle”. I have had numerous sinus operations which would have left me terribly scarred around my eye/nose area and I am so grateful for the miracle of this product in alleviating the scarring.

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