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I’m giving away a bottle of SÌ to one lucky reader!

The juice of Giorgio Armani’s newest fragrance SÌ, is described as follows: “When rose meets black”…a new enthralling Chypre, built on black fruit.

To explain, when a fragrance is described as Chypre, it means there is a contrast between fresh citrus accords (in SÌ’s case, blackcurrant) and a woody or patchouli element.

SÌ opens with a rather sexy aura – blackcurrant and two variations of vanilla combine really well to give the top notes a slightly sweet, but very sophisticated elegance.

Heart notes of Rose de Mai, Freesia and earthy patchouli beautifully balance the initial sweetness to give the scent a sexy, voluptuous quality.

The dry down, or final notes are characterized by blonde amber wood and musk, which adds a very chic, warm and slightly luminous quality to the scent.

I think SÌ a charismatic, utterly sophisticated scent that will resonate well with women 30+. Cate Blanchett fronts the campaign and, in my opinion, she’s the perfect choice. When introducing her as the ambassadress of SÌ, Giorgio Armani described her as having the following qualities, “An amazing allure, a natural charisma, and the same charm as Katharine Hepburn”


This gorgeous mood board sketch shows the look & feel for Cate’s styling 

kate smiling

Cate looks superbly sophisticated & stylish in this beautiful black suit


Strike a pose! Behind the scenes of  the SÌ campaign

I love how Armani says SÌ is his tribute to modern femininity – An irresistible combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit.

SÌ is an easy to wear scent that’s charismatic without being too overpowering and lingers on the skin for about 8 hours. I reckon it will resonate with most women that it’s targeted at (30+), but I’ve seen a few reviews written by younger bloggers and they love it too. SÌ is a sure bet if you’re looking for a great birthday or Christmas gift.

I’m giving one 50ml EDP SÌ, valued at R990 to a lucky reader. To enter, like In My Bag on Facebook – (if you haven’t already), then leave a comment in the comments section below telling me why you’d like to try this fragrance. I’ll choose a winner by random draw on Friday morning 8 November at 8:30am. The winner will be announced on Facebook and notified by e-mail.

Giorgio Armani SÌ is available at selected Edgars, Red Square, Stuttafords, Truworths, Woolworths and Foschini stores.

Price: 30ml (R705.00); 50ml (R990.00) ; 100ml (R 1,390.00)


Liked on Facebook 🙂

I’ve been on the hunt for a new scent as of late. And I think SÌ would be perfect. I would like a fragrance with a difference, something completely different to what I am currently using and am accustomed to…what better choice than something from Mr Armani!

Dearest Candice-Lee( the next model for a Giorgio Armani parfum?)

I have always been a fan of Giorgio Armani’s fragrance & couture. Alas, I can’t afford the gorgeous couture gowns that bedazzle on the red carpet, so a coveted parfum can still make one feel like a movie star indeed. Theres perfume and theres Si. Si, on the other hand is no ordinary perfume, it’s an original and I was left in an envelope of sexy sophistication on a fateful afternoon at Red Square. I immediately put this heavenly scent on my Christmas wish list( Santa I have been a good girl!) . This perfume was designed for the modern and iconic woman and who better than to portray this than the uber cool Cate Blanchette? I love the sensual advert that sizzles on television( the gorgeous male model is another story!). So yes, perfume in my opinion is the piece de resistance when it comes to grooming. Si, is what I need when I target a make audience in the boardroom. Si is what I need to make my man go absolutely gaga. Si, is what I need to conquer the world and smell utterly gorgeous. That’s the power of perfume,that’s the power of Si!

From your biggest fan(loved of Facebook too;)


I’ve been on the lookout for new summer fragrances. And since I’m a huge fan of citrusy fragrances it would be a bonus to win this one! Besides who couldn’t with a bit of Armani in their life?


Would love to try this fragrance – sounds gorgeous for a sophisticated & sexy summer!

this sound like a perfect summer fragrance. can I have it, please?

I would honestly love to win this fragence because #1 I truly like to smell good. Nothing better in life than smelling good, it gives you that extra push to both feeling and looking good 🙂 I like to potray myself as being sophisticated, intelligent, daring , amongst other things bold which I think this perfume oozes and it would be total bliss to be able to win this. Loud and proud of being a girly girl loving luscious and gorgeous gopdies xox

This fragrance looks like something different. I don’t really collect fragrances the way some people do, because I struggle to find ones I really like…and then stick to them. I also find perfume gets pushed down my shopping list while I focus on other things. I am actually hooked by the marketing of this, and Cate Blanchett as the face of the fragrance makes me feel confident in it somehow, if that makes sense? It doesn’t look girly and frilly, it looks grown-up and chic. That’s why I’d love to try it. And it’s my birthday next month 🙂

I’ve always been interested in finding my perfect signature scent and with summer approaching this would be a great fragrance to try out! x

I first got intrested in this perfume when I heard that Cate Blanchett was going to front the campaign for it! I am in love with her, she is everything that I wish I was and to me a great role model and inspiration! But then I also started hearing all kinds of great reviews on this perfume so now I really really, no I mean really want a bottle of this! Great giveaway!

Love Armani…and think Cate Blanchett is EVERYTHING! Great ambassador/face for this brand.

Simply Indulgent – SI will add to my New Years Resolution: New Year New Me… And I never buy perfumes for myself (so this will be such a lovely indulgence!)

I smelt this after all the beauty editors raved about it, and loved it. I need this in my life 🙂

Blackcurrant, vanilla, rose, freesia & patchouli…”these are a few of my favourite things lalalaaala”!!!
Love to be wrapped in gorgeous Si. I’ll be the bee’s knees this festive season!!! xxx

I have a lot of special occasions coming up in December, and need a new fragrance to carry me through a season of weddings, festivities and office parties. Si sounds like a perfume that’s all about celebration, and saying *yes* to good things!

I would so love to try this new fragrance. I mean vanilla, rose, blackcurrant, for me these remind me of staying healthy and youthful. I love my perfumes. I regard it as an accessory to my outfit, like a pair of earrings or a handbag. It makes me feel sexy, smart and sophisticated. But then again I would give a kidney for any perfume.

I would love to deviate from my usual fragrance this summer 🙂 Something new is always welcome and I dont think one can go wrong with anything Armani!

This sounds like me in a bottle – would love to give this a try! x

This sounds like a beautiful fragrance, love that its not too overpowering. Would love to try it out, the bottle is stunning

I would love to feel and embrace the style and sophistication this fragrance conjures just be reading about the creation process.
I think all women would love to be seen as an icon and often a fragrance just gives a little edge of confidence she might not otherwise have , myself included.

Loving the breakdown of the fragrance notes especially the combination of Blackcurrant and Vanilla.
x x Heather

Would definitely like to try this fab new fragrance.
Holding thumbs and all.

I’d love to treat my Mom to this fragrance – she absolutely adores perfume – her no. 1 beauty accessory and has had a rough year! Thanks for the opportunity! xx

This comment is going to be a little different because I am not entering for myself (and I realise one has to enter on facebook but I don’t have a facebook account). But I would like to express my deepest wish for Bronwyn Hoedemaker to win (I see she did leave a comment above). She has is such a wonderful friend to so many ladies in my blogging / twitter circle and personally to me, she has been such a ray of sunshine. I went through a few difficult months and Bronwyn was there with her words of encouragement and even sent me gifts to cheer me up. I would love for her to be treated to this perfume to reward her for being such a remarkable person to people she hasn’t even met in person. She truly is such a sweetheart!

Awesome Giveaway! I’m a young female, with a vibrant bold and playful personality. This scent would complete my simplified yet bold style, by drawing a fixed scent of bliss to my oufits especially this Summer. Liked your Facebook page and tweet about giveaway (flutterbymegs) So please send me the bottle. Fingers crossed tightly 🙂 xxx

Since I am a mom in my 40’s and cannot afford to buy expensive perfume I would love to win this! And I must add: Vanilla and black currant are my favourite smells and I am sure it will make me feel sexy again!

Sounds delish & i love the packaging! would love to try it!

SI SI SI…..This one suits me to a T !
Love the deceptive simplicity and independence of spirit depicted in the campaign. Powerful yet oh so subtle…

Armani is synonomous with style, and everything chique. I love all his fragrances to date and this one is sure to be a winner

Heard so many amazing things about this fragrance and would love to try it out myself. The description sounds like my ideal fragrance!

Liked on facebook. I smelt this perfume this weekend for the first time and LOVED the smell – it is an instant classic; sophisticated and feminine. The TV ad is also too beautiful; I think wearing this perfume everyday would make me think of beautiful Italian escapes!

I am going to play the pity card. I have MS and i am permanently in a wheelchair, yet I always want to look and feel my best. Handbags and sexy shoes are out for me, so the one thing that makes me still feel beautiful, is, yes you guessed it, PERFUME!

all a woman needs to feel sexy is a gorgeous black dress and a beautiful perfume. Minimalist chic, audrey Hepburn is definitely an idol of mine and this fragrance seems to die for! So i’d love to try it as it embodies the high powered balanced woman, from office to nightlife is just a spritz away.

would love to win the fragrance because it sounds like it suits my personality amazingly

Sounds wonderful…and the mood board picture is lovely!

I think the pairing of Georgio Armani’s fragrance Si with Cate Blachett is perfect! She is the ultimate icon of simplistic beauty, the face of natural strength and femininity. I love that Mr Armani picked her himself to represent this gorgeous complex fragrance!

I have been searching far and wide for a suitable perfume for my wedding day (which is fast approaching) and it is surprisingly hard to find a fragrance that is sexy without being overbearing. My ideal fragrance is Si! I discovered it recently and decided it depicts the perfect balance of sweetness and complexity and it is such a unique fragrance that I know that this scent would accompany me perfectly on my special day.

This fragrance was definitely a match mate in heaven for me xXx

would love to win this since having a baby 6 months ago and now a stay at home mom – cant afford such things anymore and it would be nice to SMELL NICE again instead of baba spit,puke,food heee heee etc xxxxx

I love love love perfume. It can take you on a journey to a special place or bring back great memories. Since this perfume is targeted at older than 30 I would love to win this for my Aunt. She has never experienced the luxury of a signature scent or a special perfume. This would be lovely for her! Have liked on fb as well. Already subscribed via email!

oh my gosh i tried this at cavendish Claremont on sat and i absolutely love it. it is definitely on my christmas list . it is just beautiful.

Hi Candice,

I just discovered your blog, amazing, This post reminded me of my mother, so I would love to win the fragrance for her. It embodies a clean, classy and elegent look which describes my mother to the T. xx

The fragrance sounds wonderfully but too pricey to buy. So it would be lovely to win.

A must have. Tried it Lover it Hope to have it <3

I am totally in love with this scent and it’s to die for. I will sell my soul for a bottle of Si. My husband love the scent of it especially when I am wearing it. I always wear it with pride. I test it every time I step in to Red Square. It just have that Panche and makes me feel more that a woman♥

Hi ,just seing the packega on its own nje it attracts me i would love to win Say si to love, life and freedom to wiiiiin . it will be my graetest pleaure please give it to me yhoo the blaack meets the rose its truelty a combination.

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