So good, I'm giving away a  set of these 3 cocktails valued at R1596 to one reader!
So good, I’m giving away a set of these 3 cocktails valued at R1596 to one reader!

Before I even get into reviewing the Bio Therapeutic bt-cocktail, I believe I should explain why I was so excited about it’s launch into South Africa.

Many years ago, a trailblazing woman named Lee O’Brien decided to mortgage her home to raise enough money to bring a little know skincare brand to South Africa. While she believed this brand would be a huge success in our market, many spa’s and salon owners didn’t buy into her initial vision. But she persevered, and today that brand is a big success story in South Africa with many loyal followers.

The brand I’m referring to, is none other than Dermalogica!

Lee sold Dermalogica a while back and spent a few years living in Spain. She recently returned to South Africa revitalized and excited, with a new and very cutting-edge line of skincare and equipment for the professional skincare industry called… Bio Therapeutic.

I could not wait to try it, as I know that when Lee get’s excited for a skincare range, its going to be AMAZING and show great results.

Here’s the lowdown:

The bt-Cocktail system consists of 3 30ml cocktails – Energy 1, 2 & 3 that are used twice a day – morning & evening for 30 – 45 days as a booster treatment for the skin. I’d recommended using this system twice a year before summer & winter, when skin needs a bit of a boost. They work to  diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity and give the skin a radiant glow.

You apply all 3 onto a cleansed and toned (if you tone, I can’t be bothered) face beginning with Energy 1 and ending with Energy 3. The cocktail costs R1596 (for the 3) and can be purchased here. I didn’t need to apply a moisturiser over the cocktails, but if you have a dry skin, you may need to.

Energy 1 works to regulate sebum production and reduces oiliness. It helps lighten and brighten the complexion and contains powerful antioxidants that defend the skin against free radicals that cause ageing, sensitivity and pigmentation. The consistency is almost like a watery gel that instantly absorbed.

Energy 2 is loaded with more antioxidants that neutralize environmental pollutants while protecting the skins barrier function. It’s a clear, runny gel that is also quickly absorbed.

Energy 3 has a cream-like consistency and combines two peptides that enhance collagen production and improve overall skin tone. It also protects the skin from oxidative stress that can lead to sensitivity.

I gave the cocktails a good and thorough test drive for 45 days. I was also lucky enough to receive the nifty, hand-held bt-micro device (R3000) to judge for the FAIRLADY Best of Beauty Awards 20103 – A professional tool that combines ultrasonic exfoliation and micro-currents. I used it twice a day to help with the adsorption of Energy 1 & 2 as well as three times a week to exfoliate.

The results are phenomenal!!!  Real, ‘Oh My Gosh, I can’t believe how great my skin looks’ kind of visible! After just four days, I noticed how my T-panel was a lot less oily, my pores seemed tighter and my skin felt a lot smoother. I could see a definite, vital glow. I’m proper, proper impressed with this system. I believe that because I used the machine in conjunction with the cocktails, I’ve seen even better results. I think I should mention that the bt-micro can be used with other brands products, to aid the absorption of serums and to exfoliate.

So, if you’re concerned with ageing, or just need to give your skin a boost, this system is for you.

If  R1596 is out of your price range, you could always enter my giveaway and stand a chance of winning the 3 system cocktail! So hurry up and enter!

To enter the competition, subscribe to my blog (if you haven’t already) either via Bloglovin or by entering your name and details in the subscriber tab. Then, leave a comment telling me what your skin concern is and why you’d like to try these products. Competition closes on Monday 12 August at 10am. I’ll announce the winner shortly thereafter.


my skin is looking a little bit sad and dull from Winter, and it would be amazing to get it looking radiant in time for warmer weather 🙂

My skin needs lots of TLC, there are lots of dry patches and fine wrinkles (shocking stuff) showing from dehydrated skin that comes with winter. HELP!

My skin absolutely positively needs this right now! I’m still struggling with the aftermath of having been on Ruaccutane for 6 months. I recently finished my course but my skin is kind-of freaking out at the moment – one day I have normal skin, the next I have highly sensitive skin, the next day I have small bumps all over my cheeks, and the next my skin is super tight and dry.

I won’t even get into the fact that I recently turned 30 and I’m noticing a lot of sneaky wrinkles making their way onto my face!

I’ve been subbed to your blog on Bloglovin’ for a while now…

Please, pretty please, let me win this! 🙂


All looks very interesting! As a swimming teacher and Ironman-in-training my skin really takes a knock (and the fact that I simply don’t have the money to spoil myself) all adds up to a face in desperate need of some TLC! I am already following your blog on Bloglovin and so enjoy it!!

In all honesty I’ve not been taken good care of my skin the last few months…and everything the cocktails promises to fix I have: dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles, no elasticity. This is exactly what I need now…just in time for summer.

I follow on Bloglovin 🙂
My skin is dehydrated and in the last year or two is really starting to show fine lines around my eyes and forehead. Getting old and falling to bits, haha. Also a bit dull and occasional breakouts and not to mention slightly enlarged pores. See, I need this miracle stuff!!

Flirty at thirty and fancy free,
but my skin won’t quite agree with me.
Wide open pores and blotchy marks,
please help my skin get back it’s sparks!

I have read about this product on a few other beauty blogs in the last couple of days and I so badly want to try it out! I do suffer from oiliness and with this winter weather my skin is now dry as well. My skin is in desperate need of some TLC and I think that Bio Therapeutic bt-cocktail is the answer!

My skin is often dull – think this will do the trick!

I am happily turning 33 soon, but my skin is clearly not! Have tried different products, but my skin is not really taking to anything, and neither is my pocket. As a makeup artist, a great look starts with a great skin …so I’m in a bit of trouble with my skin going through it’s issues! I would love to try something Bloody Terrific for a change!

I would love to try these products, JHB in winter has taken its toll on my skin this year…

I’m 34 so I have too many skin concerns to mention. I think the biggest concern is regulating the sebum as I’ve spent years using products for oily skin, now my skin is dehydrated and clearly confused. 🙁
These products sound incredible and I’d love to give them a try.

After a snotty week of sinus and a few months of dry Highveld winter, never mind all the years of fabulous sun and sport, and the fact that my previous skin care range is discontinued, now my skin is desperate for something new that actually works.

oh my word Candice…I am sooooo behind on my fave Blog read, with my move, parties, etc and only saw this now.

Sounds absolutely AMAZING !!! I am so damn desperate for a proper result for this oily T panel of mine…infact I am desperate for the perfect oil free foundation too.

hhhhmmmm think I may just give this a bash…so how long would we use this for and would you still cleanse as per the norm and do eye cream, etc?

who is selling this product now? any salon that does Dermalogica??


Hi Sandy, I can only imagine how hectic things have been with your move, etc. In effect, these 3 cocktails are booster treatments that one would use twice or three times a year. The results in a short time are freakin’ amazing – I was proper impressed! You’d use all three cocktails twice a day, one after the other for about a month. There is a link on the post but you can log onto for a list of stockists. X

deeeeevine – gonna get on Kloof Str. Thanks again


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