The winner of this hamper is Nicole Mansour!!!
The winner of this hamper is Nicole Mansour!!!

Thanks to everyone for all the amazing comments. I really appreciate  every one. It was so difficult choosing just one winner, but Nicole’s comment was my favourite and her story about 8 Hour touched me personally. I lost my mom to breast cancer and while she was undergoing chemo, nothing soothed her dry lips quite like 8 hour.

Here is Nicole’s touching comment:

Candice, this is the most amazing article EVER!! You are such an expert and this kind of beauty advice is seriously amazingly appreciated. Keep the pro advice coming please!

As for this article, I am a committed fan of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream, I always have two tubes on the go at once, one next to my bed and another ‘in my bag’ for daytime use.

A meaningful story for me and my 8 Hour Cream… when my mom was in ICU in hospital I spent the two weeks making sure to put my 8 Hour Cream on her lips every visit, three times a day. Just after she passed away I was helping my brother get clothes for the memorial service in the shops when a beauty consultant called me to the beauty counter and handed me a free gift… a small tube of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I like to think it was a small thank you gift from my Mom and to this day I still have it next to my bed.

Thanks for the amazing blog Candice, you’re going to do so well with it! I’m a fan! Will definitely get hold of all these other beauty products you’ve featured to give them a try.

Nicole x


Elizabeth Arden happened to send me 5 tubes of the Eight Hour Skin Protectant, so I was able to choose four other comments I liked and I’ll be sending each of those readers a Tube. Congratulations to:

Bronwyn Ansley

Jerusha Sukhdeo

Christi Pretorius

Monique Leender

I’ll be in touch via e-mail with all the winners on Monday.


Thank you so much Candice! I am so thrilled!!! Here’s to our guardian angel Moms 🙂
Nicole x

Such a pleasure Nicole! Thanks for sharing the lovely story about 8 Hour cream. And yes, here’s to our Moms. X

Congrats, it’s a real skin-changing prize! Enjoy it 🙂

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