I like this range so much, I'm giving away a 6 month supply to one luck reader.
I like this range so much, I’m giving away a 6 month supply to one lucky reader.

I have to admit that usually when a shampoo or conditioner has the words ‘repair’, ‘moisturising’, ‘nourishing’ or ‘hydrating’ I tend to steer clear of it. I find these kinds of formulas leave my hair dull, limp and a bit greasy.

I have normal, thick hair that’s slightly wavy. I colour once a month (to hide those pesky greys) and almost always blow-dry after washing. Three times a week I’ll use a flatiron or curling tongs.

Given that I’m an ex beauty editor and now beauty blogger, I know this is a terrible admission (and I really do know better), but often I don’t even bother to apply a heat protection product before heat styling. Eeek!!!

I was somewhat relieved when Dove sent me some information pertaining to hair damage. I read with interest that worldwide a whopping 60% of women who experience hair damage don’t do anything about it. I’m one of those women.

The main causes of hair damage:

  • Chemical processes like colouring, perming, bleaching and straightening result in hair that splits, breaks and frizzes.
  • Pollution, sun exposure, cold and dry air all make the hair dull and dry.
  • Brushing, washing and towel drying often results in dry hair that’s prone to frizz.

According to the research, women globally spend an average of 30 minutes a day damaging their hair!

So, knowing that my damaged hair desperately needed some help, I decided to give the Dove Intensive Repair range a go. I have to admit, I was a bit reluctant because of the words ‘Intensive Repair’. I was convinced I’d use it, blow dry my hair and have to wash it the next morning because it would be heavy, dull and greasy.

But the exact opposite happened. After the first wash (even before I applied the conditioner) I noticed how much softer it felt. After applying a small amount of conditioner to the ends, I immediately combed it through (without waiting even a minute!) and was amazed at how easily my comb slid through my hair – no tangles or pulls. I also noted that there seemed to be less hair left on my comb than normal – Bonus! But the real test would be after I’d dried my hair – would it be overloaded with moisturising ingredients causing it to look dull, limp and oily at the roots?

I’m pleased to report that after drying my hair it looked super healthy and very shiny – no greasiness, dullness or limp looking locks to speak of! My hair was soft and silky with a lot less frizz. After almost two weeks of use (three times a week) I cannot rave enough about this range. I decided to do a little online search to see what other users worldwide though of the products.

These are some of the descriptions from my favourite beauty product review website makeupalley.com that caught my eye:

“Freakin amazing”, “Best Haircare products”, “Must-Have”, “Love it” and “Holy Grail of Haircare”

For more information about the range, click on the Dove Banner (on the right hand bar of this page) and it will take you through to an educational ‘How-to-guide’ for using the products.

But don’t take my word for it, give it a try yourself and let me know what you think.

I love it so much that I’m giving away a 6-month supply to one lucky reader!!! Leave a comment below and tell me why you need to try this range. The competition closes on Tuesday 23 July at 10am and is only open to South African residents.


I really really need this hamper.My hair is damaged and brittle:( I also want to change shampoo and conditioner as my current product only makes hair oily real oily.Please Dove come to my rescue:)

love most of the Dove products, have not tried the hair care range though!

Hi, I have naturally curly hair, currently my hair is extremely dry and a frizzy hot mess.
Need something to rescue me from my frizzy blues :-(.

Hi Candice,

Knowing that Nikki my wife uses Dove products, currently I see the Dove roll-on in her cupboard without looking to hard. Well now that hair care was mentioned as a man we don’t struggle with this but we see our beautiful ladies hair going from colour to another or high lights to low lights. My low light is feeling my Nikki Nu’s hair that feels dry and not pleasant to touch. Help me to have long beautiful hair next to me in bed rather than steel wire. Please please. She needs this awesome product. Clayton

I have very thick, curly, and naturally dry hair which becomes super brittle in winter. I have used Dove products in the past and absolutely love them, the quality really is amazing and the prices are great too! Unfortunately I can’t afford fancy products from salons, but winning a 6 month supply of Dove would help keep my hair soft and moisturized throughout the rest of winter and well into summer – when I’m in the sun and sea every weekend!

I definitely need this! I was on Ruacutane for 6 months (finished my 6 month stint about a month ago) and my hair has NEVER been so dry and lifeless. That stuff really sucks the life out of everything in your body! I use a curling iron probably more than I should now because it makes my hair look healthy (when really it isn’t). I do use a heat protectant but alas, my hair is in a pretty bad state at the moment. Please help me get my hair back to soft, healthy locks?

You say that I shouldn’t take your word regarding this range I should rather try it…..so then the hamper is mine- I plan on trying it.

I must say that I’ve heard wonderful things about this range. Been using their beauty bar forever, there’s no soap that’s better. So if the hair range is half as good…..I’m definitely going to try it.

Hi Candice,

At the end beginning of the year I went to the hairdresser for some light brown highlights. They ended up making half of the highlights light brown and the rest came out blonde. They told me to come back so they could fix it, instead they ended up putting in more highlights as they couldn’t pick up the same threads of hair they highlighted the first time. Then they told me my best option was to just make it all blonde as the light brown wasn’t taking on all my hair in the same shade. It was the worst thing ever! My hair constantly breaks whenever I brush it out. My split ends are hideous and I can’t get rid of them without chopping half my hair off. It’s dry and feels hard and course. I’ve had to go to the hairdresser every 2nd week for a repair treatment.

This is however getting a bit expensive. I actually just asked them not too long if there was any other product I could use as an alternative as the constant hairdresser appointments are becoming too much – and they actually suggested that when I’m not able to come anymore I should try the Dove Intensive Repair Range.

So I would really appreciate it, I’m sure a 6-month supply would really help getting my hair back to it’s old self! Thanks!

Last year I cut all my relaxed hair off to start a new and embrace my natural hair. I’ve noticed that products I’ve used before just don’t cut it for my new kinks and coils. I would love to try this! Dove products have also worked well for me (I’ve used the lotion in this range which is great) and I think the shampoo and conditioner would work just as well.
Please pick me 🙂 *fingers crossed!*

I just buy shampoo and conditioner without thinking about it. I am growing my hair now and you need a lot more care for long hair. I would love to try this range.

Oh Please Dove,
You are the sign of peace and for my hair I to calm the raging frizz and dryness.
I cannot find a balanced product. Either hair care products make my hair even drier or super oily/greasy! They actually don’t {hair} care at all and I’m also weary of putting strange carcinogen chemicals on my hair.
I would really appreciate this Dove Hamper.

awesome…you’ve convinced me hun – decided I would go get and then Nikita reminded me that we’ve bought it before and she was right cos I remember her raving about it.

gonna go get some more this weekend

thanks again for an amazing blog

So glad we chatted about this 🙂
I’m now very keen to get my hands on this range!
Kudos to some of the ‘drugstore’ hair brands that are upping their game to compete with their salon counterparts to give us girls some good hair days!

What a wonderful hamper!! I am in my “young” sixties and I am sure this will do wonders for my hair.

Loving your blog!
Your product reviews are so helpful.
I am always so apprehensive to try new products and always just stick to what I know.
My hair has become so dry and brittle lately and I just have no idea what to use.
Reading your review has tempted me to try it out. Obviously winning a supply would be even better!
Keep on blogging!!

❤ Imaan

Great prize!!! I’m already a big Dove body care fan!!! When it comes to hair care products, I’m probably not that loyal. I constantly chop and change shampoo and conditioner, as I continue my quest to find something that nourishes my dry ends without weighing down roots that are prone to turning greasy. So got to get my hands on this prize to try it out 😉 Holding thumbs!!! xxxx

Dear Candice

Great blog – a first for me to read!

Now there’s a great prize, could really do with a change of use of shampoo that may even come to the resolve the brittle problem on a daily basis, with all the products on the market it does become daunting at times!!

Keep up the good work and I will continue checking in!!!


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