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I love my Converse sneakers and wear them all year round. Although I have a few pairs in various colours, my white ones are by far my favourite. I love that they’re super comfortable, work with just about everything and have serious ‘hip credentials’ attached to them. The problem is that they get dirty rather quickly.

I clean mine by immersing them in water with a sprinkle of washing powder and a cap-full of bleach. I then scrub them vigorously with an old nailbrush until all the dirt is removed. Unfortunately, I’ve found that drying them in the sun always leaves yellow marks – in fact, even when I dry them in the shade this happens. But my brilliant cleaning lady, Abigail, has found a cunning way to counteract the yellowing – this is what she does:

After rinsing them in water, while they’re still wet, she covers them with toilet paper and leaves them in the sun to dry. The results are amazing – not even the slightest bit of yellowing, just sparkling white, good-as-new sneakers.

By the way, this trick works on coloured sneakers too, as well as running shoes.


I was just reading on this issue this morning and this is definitely a great tip!

I was sitting at my Sister’s Salon this Morning reading this brilliant way of keeping our Converse sneakers white. Love it! Best I get stocked up on more toilet paper. Which I have a crazy obsession with anyway. The one with the lab puppy.

Thanks Lucy! It is a fantastic tip, especially if you constantly washing your Converse sneakers like me.

Thanks Dan! I’m also inclined towards the puppy, not the cat!

Thanks for this fantastic tip Candice!

I’m thrilled to read this post. I’m wedded to my sneakers too but have never really known how to wash them properly. Guess what I’ll be doing today?! x

Such a great tip!

Thanks Charlene!

What an awesome tip – thank you! I often avoid wearing my white Converse for fear of making them too dirty and then ending up with the yellow, post-wash look. Now I shall wear them with gay abandon 🙂

Hi Dom, pleasure – glad you found it useful.

wow – what a fab tip hun…well done to Abigail for coming up with this amazing rescue

will be doing that this afternoon


wow – what a fab tip hun…well done to Abigail for coming up with this amazing rescue

Will be trying that on my Levi’s this afternoon

brilliant tip! thanks candice – will definitely be toilet-papering my converse’s soon! x

Great tip , I think I will tell my hubby . What he does is he covers his converse sneakers in white mealie meal flour when they are drying – I have no ides why – perhaps it speeds up the drying or prevents them from yellowing in the sun. (He uses it on most of his takkies – whatever colour they are)

thanks for the tip! I’m a lover of Converse sneakers as well and am sitting with 2 very dirty pairs at the moment, lol. I’ll def be using this tip to clean them 🙂

Pleasure! It is a fantastic tip.

Pleasure Benita – glad you found it useful! x

Thanks Sandy, it is a brilliant tip. X

Ahhhh! That is sooo clever! Does the tissue come off easily when dry? I have two boys so we have loads of sneakers in our home. Will definitely be trying it

Wait does this actually work Because I recently accidenly used bleach to clean my white converse and they turned yellow

U just wash them in water? No soap or anything??

Hi Niyati, you can use a hand washing powder (like Skip), but make sure you rinse it out properly.

I promise you Niyati, try and you’ll see. It’s the BEST trick.

I got yellowing too on my running shoes 🙁 . I washed them for the 1st time with dtergent, and sun dried them. When it almost dried, i spot a yellow stain on the fabric part. Back then I remembered that i didn’t rinse them perfectly with water because I don’t wanna wet them all over. 🙁 the 2nd time I washed them all Over and rinse it with water. But I still notice yellow stain. How do I get rid the stain from my shoes?? 🙁

Yes I have a problem to keep my Tommie’s clean I wash and also use a mall nail brunch to
clean them and they just don’t come clean like I want them to be. My son he doesn’t care whit his and I really struggle to them clean.

I am sire there must be something on the market to use.

O yes I live in South Africa.

amazing !!!
it totally works !

some people say maziena helps to whiten your shoes..after you washed them rub some maziena all over and place in the sun have to check on them tho ‘

I tried that but the brownish marks still occure on the edges

Tried and thanks for the tip.kept my vans white as milk

Hi Coco, yes, I’ve heard that! Thanks for the comment.

Hey will definitely be trying it….but after drying does the toilet paper come off easily?

Hi Saneeya, yes, the toilet paper comes off very, very easily.

Helped me keep white vans,milk white!!thanks alot,that tissue method works

Hi I have a question! I noticed in your picture only the fabric is covered, my problem is the soles yellowing, does this prevent them from yellowing too and if so do I need to cover them as well?

i just did it today..hope it tired of washing my white converse !! 4th time this week cause its turning yellow..

So you must wash your converse shoes regularly and that can be done easily with just some tricks and a bit of knowledge.

That’s right, Chris.

Hi Precious, let me know how they turn out 🙂

does it work with White Superga Shoes too? 🙁

Im getting so bummed with my shoes guys.. Washed my white Soviets for the first time and they yellowed.. the ladies at work also told me about melliemeal and the tissue im wondering if I can do both? 😣getting desperate and frustrated

I know Sharon, it is frustrating when sneakers yellow. Trust me, this trick works unlike any other. You will be amazed.

I have been using the tissue paper for ages and it worked everytime. You just have to, after rinsing let the water drip and then before taking them out in the sun, cover them in tissue. when dry peel off the tissue and you good to go.

hi, im so desperate to remove the yellow stains in my shoes. just wondering if it’ll work without letting it dry under the sun, because im too excited to try it now and its already 5:30pm here.. hehehe

I’ve tried this twice and it still hasn’t removed the yellow stain. How many layers of toilet paper should I be using. Just one or a few?

hi Bri, I’d suggest about two. Also, make sure you are allowing your sneakers to dry away from direct sunlight as this causes yellowing. I find in general, this tip works better on fabric sneakers as opposed to leather ones.

Tried this today and it worked! Thanks for this tip!

My white shoes turned yellowish after washing it the first time last Saturday. I was really sad. I already wasted a pair of white canvas for the same reason. I looked for a solution online and found your blog. I was skeptical at first but I don’t have any option. Glad it worked! Thanks again!

my shoes are newly cleaned and it turned out yellow. will try this however do i need to use soap again?


Does it work in Keds shoes too?

This REALLY works! Awesome tip!

can you please elaborate your cleaning procedure? what do you mean by cap-full bleach mixed with water and powder? im so desperateT_T

did you just wash it with water? no soap? then you covered em with toilet paper?

No, I wash them using a sprinkling of washing powder, then scrub, then rinse and cover them with toilet paper.

will this be effective in my vans peach blush as well?

this seems like a great idea! thanks and lots of love and positive vibes to you 🙂

hope this works..tried it just right now!
and thanks a million if this works!💞

This trick just blew me away, worked like a charm! Thank you for sharing, helped a lot because 90% of the sneakers I own are white!

This trick worked perfectly! My nike shoes look brand new! Thanks.

Hi thank you for sharing this tips! I just bought a white canvas shoes and it turned yellow on its edges, then I found your blog. This is really helpful 🙂

Hello, can i use toothpaste for cleaning my keds sneakers? Thank you..

hell yes thank you so much it worked!! i soaked mine in laundry detergent and water.

Thanks so much for your tip. It worked for me. I washed my daughter’s white converse with liquid detergent and rinsed it well with water. I let the excess water drip before wrapping the canvas with three layers of toilet paper, then placed the sneakers undet direct sunlight. My daughter was very happy to see her newly washed converse ‘yellow free’. Thank you, again!

Trying it now with my vintage Tommy sneakers. washed them twice and they yellowing just got worse! I’ve never been so distraught over a pair of shoes but praying this works!
Lottie x

Vanessa! Get yourself some Bicarbonate of Soda/Baking Soda, make a paste with it and use that. It’s essentially toothpaste but much better!

Yhu abelungu niya dina ! Kunini siyiyenza lanto ?? Suka.

Hi! Tnx for the tip. Question: does it work AFTER my shoes already turned yellow? I mean if i wash it again then let it dry with toilet paper would ir help?

I actually did this just today; out of frustration. I hope it works!

I love you already. I washed mine this morning and it turned yellow, I’m gonna wash it again tomorrow, thank you 🙂

Will this work on white vans??

Will this work on Jordan 11 white mesh area? Thanks

Hi Paul, it should work on a Jordan 11 white mesh area.

Thank you so much for this tip….. salvaged three pairs of vans that I was so close to give up on….. This is a genius tip and yet it’s not widely known I don’t think…. looked elsewhere for a long while until I found your post.

Great! I should try this. Thanks for the tip. = )

Do you have to use non chlorine bleach or regular bleach? Won’t regular bleach ruin the logo on the shoe tongue?

Is it work for Nike white huarache too? The foam and lining become yellow after washed with detergent and bleach.

After reading this I immediately wet my olive green canvass shoes. I washed it yesterday and the water left yellow marks above the soles. I’m impressed after following your tips, the stains were gone. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It’s a BIG HELP!!! 😊

Oh my goodness! I have to try this. I washed my white converse weeks ago with some bleach, detergent and water, but it left my converse yellow. Been so scared to put them on again so i don’t have to wash them again and turn them to a more yellowish colour. I am so trying this on my white converse!

This trick is the best – works every time 🙂

How do you take all the tissue off then ?

You saved my Nike Air Max Zero sneakers from going into the trash. I only wore them 2-3 times before I thought that lightly hand washing my shoes would keep them looking great. Horrible, horrible mistake because they developed disgusting looking yellow and brownish stains while they dried. Nothing worked until I tried your toilet paper trick! I can’t thank you enough!

Thank you so much for this tip. You just saved my fav sneakers

what if your shoes already have these stains, how can i remove them?

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