By Helen Clemson I have tricky hair, and it comes with issues (for which I need tissues!). I’m nervous about the shampoo and conditioners that touch my fragile hair, as I suffer from hair loss and it’s also prone to breakage from chemical processing because I can’t live without my happy-making highlights. I’d seen Oribe … Continue Reading

I do love me a beautiful, classic fragrance that evokes the style and sophistication of the quintessential French woman. And that’s exactly what the new Orissima EDP by Ted Lapidus does for me. For my younger readers, Ted Lapidus was a French fashion designer who is credited with pioneering the unisex fashion look. He was … Continue Reading

Developing good money savings habits has always been a challenge for me. I have to remind myself on a regular basis that the key to wealth, is living within my means and being disciplined about saving. But, if I’m honest, the world of finance alludes me. I find it challenging (mostly because I don’t understand it) … Continue Reading

Flashback to February this year when I visited NYC with Dove to learn more about the brands exciting innovations. When I saw the spectacular Dove DermaSpa collection, my first question to the PR person was “when are we getting this range in South Africa?” Her response, “patience Candice, patience.” It felt like the longest wait, … Continue Reading

The idea to take a mid year break took root when my good friend Sheena called early January suggesting that this year we spend our (shared) birthday on an island, far, far away from home. That was really all it took to get the ball rolling for what turned out to be a spectacular holiday. … Continue Reading

By Helen Clemson Carve out some me-time this weekend and treat yourself to some one-on-one with these fabulous finds. I’m crushing hard on beauty products that bring cheer in wintry weather as well as treatment benefits. Ok, I know what you are thinking; how does a nail polish give your treatment side effects? Nail colour … Continue Reading

By Helen Clemson Ah Winter, my old friend; cozy knits, fireside slumber, weekend mini breaks and sadly, dehydrated, dull-looking skin. Don’t know about you, but I have my heater centimetres away from my desk and at night, I sleep with heating panels switched on in my bedroom. Heating zaps moisture from skin (ditto aircons in … Continue Reading

Did you know that when the temperature drops, humidity levels in the air decrease and this causes the skin to dry out. To compound matters, at the first sign of cold weather we’re quick to turn up the heaters, take super hot showers, and drink copious amounts of coffee (oh, I do that in summer … Continue Reading