Last week I got to view the Poetry Autumn Winter 2018 collection. As per usual, there are so many items that I desperately want – and know you will too! The inspiration for the collection comes from the historical le marchand des quatre saisons – the market of the four seasons. The fresh produce markets … Continue Reading

If there’s one beauty treatment I love, it’s a facial mask. When I cast my mind 10 years back, there wasn’t the variety we have available today. Now days, there really is one for every skin concern and type, no matter what your texture preference may be. Clarins recently introduced a trio of new, targeted … Continue Reading

Join the Elizabeth Arden March On campaign by purchasing a limited-edition lipstick in the brand’s signature Red Door shade that’s been signed by Reese Witherspoon. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to UN Women. This program is designed to celebrate women’s achievements, encourage women to support other women and includes a pledge to donate … Continue Reading

Sensitive skin can affect every skin type, from dry to oily. The triggers are many and quite varied and can include stress, allergies, pollution, genetics, diet and certain ingredients used in cosmetics (especially preservatives, as I found out last year – Read HERE). In short, dealing with sensitive skin can be a minefield! How to … Continue Reading

When I became a beauty editor back in 2004, one of the first fragrances I fell in love with was CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum. It managed to get the balance between sweet and oriental notes just right. For the record, I’m not the biggest fan of floriental (floral/oriental) scents as I find them … Continue Reading

Meet Momo – our new puppy! I’m an animal lover through and through. I grew up surrounded by dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, even silkworms (they escaped, but that’s a story for another day.) I believe growing up with and respecting animals makes for happier, more compassionate children. When my daughter Miyo was born, both my … Continue Reading

A Bag For All Seasons A few weeks back, I got to meet acclaimed South African handbag designer, Adrian Furstenberg. The designer made headlines when he won the “All About the Logo” by Guess category of the 10th annual Independent Handbag Designer award in New York City in 2016. Seven styles of bags are available, … Continue Reading

I’m a big supporter of local fashion and beauty brands and count SKOON among my favourites when it comes to skincare. I like that their products are mostly natural and free of chemicals. The brand manages to harness the best of nature with science by using ingredients such as wildflower honey, Buchu, organic oils of … Continue Reading