I’ve always been a fan of capsules – capsule wardrobes in particular have saved me a lot of stress in the fashion department. But skincare ampules – or capsules as they are also known – are perhaps my favourite. Why? They mean you get the exact amount of product that you need to dose your … Continue Reading

Recently, I decided to take the plunge and change my hair up a bit. To be honest, I’d actually been planning this change for a while. I had a very specific style in mind – inspired in no small part by my #GirlCrush – French model Caroline de Maigret (below). I so relate to the … Continue Reading

I love CHANEL – from the clothing to the makeup and fragrances. I’m also mildly obsessed with the woman behind the brand – the iconic Gabrielle Chanel. Trailblazing, courageous, passionate and rebellious, Gabrielle flew in the face of convention, at a time when women’s independence was but a dream. Whenever I’m asked which person, dead … Continue Reading

I do love complexion enhancing, glow getting products that promise to correct, illuminate and beautify the skin. In my life as a beauty journo, I’ve tried so many of these glow getting beauties, I though a little post chatting about some of my faves was in order. These beauties really help you nail that “lit-from-within” … Continue Reading

One day after my daughter was born, the pediatrician entered my hospital room with a grave warning: “your baby has sensitive skin,” she said. Duh, I thought. Don’t all babies have sensitive skin? No, apparently my cherub – who’s skin was noticeably flushed on various areas of her body – suffered from skin sensitivity as … Continue Reading

Jimmy Choo L’Eau EDT is the newest offering from the Jimmy Choo fragrance line. In essence, it’s meant to be an expression of the dynamic, alluring and adventurous Jimmy Choo woman. The press release describes the scent as being a “sensual evocation” of the Jimmy Choo woman with pure and subtle notes heightened by hibiscus … Continue Reading

If you haven’t included a serum into your skincare regime, then you really should consider doing so immediately. Serums are fantastic because they effectively penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver a very high doses of active ingredients. The best way to select the correct serum is to establish what your particular skincare concern is, … Continue Reading

I love all the Mugler fragrances, but it’s the new Alien Eau Sublime EDT that’s really stolen my heart. Angel will always be one of my favourite scents, closely followed by Alien. My mom visited Paris the month Angel was launched internationally, and bought a bottle back for me. I wore it for a good … Continue Reading