Whenever winter rolls around my skin becomes so damn dry. The reasons for this are varied, but as temperatures drop it sucks moisture out the air. This dry air, coupled with indoor heating, cold winds and scorching hot showers can cause the skin to dry out. The feeling of dry skin is familiar to us … Continue Reading

We all know that a good night’s rest is essential for great looking skin, because it’s at night when the skin kicks into repair mode and is better able to absorb active ingredients. Worryingly, research by Dermalogica shows that sleep problems constitute a global epidemic affecting as much as 45% of the world’s population. Now, … Continue Reading

Why have the majority of South African women not cottoned on to the brilliance that is makeup removing cloths? These are microfiber cloths that remove makeup (including waterproof mascara) with only water. All you have to do is wet the cloth and gently rub it over the skin in circular motions. You obviously need to … Continue Reading

I have a serious love for Gosh makeup. Aside form the fact that the formulas are really, really great, all the products are made in the EU, most of them are Vegan, and the prices are incredibly affordable given the quality. Today I’m showcasing some newish products that I’m really enjoying using. LIPS GOSH The … Continue Reading

Today’s budget beauty is a real goodie and one I think you will all enjoy. It’s a face mask that costs just under R150, falls into the high-end beauty category (yeah baby), and it’s Vegan. Let me introduce you to the FOMO Jelly Face Mask by LUSH (R145) BUY HERE Now, I’ve blogged about these … Continue Reading

Could this this new scent, simply called Nude, be the most perfect everyday fragrance created? I think it just may be, considering the concept of Alaïa Eau de Parfum Nude was to create a second skin fragrance, to be adopted for oneself, rather than others. The colour nude has carnal evocations reminiscent of muses and … Continue Reading

Looking for a well priced, professional haircare line? Then may I suggest you consider Indola. I was excited to learn that the brand have created a new, streamlined range of hair care products in really cool, contemporary packaging that deliver on quality and performance. The range is so easy to decipher with #1 being WASH, … Continue Reading

I was recently sent two press drops from Elizabeth Arden containing some stunning new makeup products – all of which I’ve been using and really enjoying. First up is the Flawless Finish Everyday Perfection Bouncy Makeup (R485) available in 14 shades. This unique compact powder foundation has a very light, weightless texture. While it covers … Continue Reading