By Helen Clemson

Buying deodorant is not an exciting, luxury purchase, but it certainly needn’t to be a grudge one. And the way you see buying your trusty deo needs to change; it’s as much a skincare treatment product as it is an anti-perspirant one. My mind space has altered and it’s really helped me find a solution to skin irritation (that sting I often experienced when deo was sprayed onto my skin, especially when freshly shaved – shudder!) There’s also the issue of dry skin. I suffer from dehydration in general – from tip to toe – and my underarms are no exception. There’s nothing worse than come summer and lifting one’s arms to reveal flaky pits (forgive my honesty) thanks to deo that’s caked to dry bits of skin. And I’ve yet to find a solution to exfoliating the underarm area. Erm, does one actually do this anyway?

Dove’s  new antiperspirants have got me – and my pits (theres that word again) – thrilled because of the moisturisation benefits. A quarter of the balance of the formulation is moisturising cream which means that a large dose of the product is made up of hydrating ingredients. So this is what you need to know: the latest re-worked formulations provide 48-hour sweat and odour protection (essential right?) while providing even more moisturisation, but ingeniously, also contain the same skincare ingredients as those used in face creams.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the ingredient list which as beauty journalists is important to Candice-Lee and I to feedback to you. Ingredients need to be carefully thought through, otherwise what’s the point in reformulating? The new Dove formulations contain humectants and active moisturisers such as glycerol and sunflower seed oil, which, together powerfully enhance moisturisation. Big plus points in our books! Glycerol has excellent skin-conditioning, meaning humectant properties that penetrate the stratum corneum to lock moisture into the skin. And, sunflower seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which boost the skin’s ability to retain water, improve elasticity and prevent dryness.

Now a word about the fragrance in the range; it’s both feminine and fresh (think the smell of roses), but one that doesn’t interfere with the scent (in other words, perfume) you’re wearing. Available in both an aerosol  (R31,99 for 150ml) and a roll on (R20,99 for 50ml), the collection is comprehensive with the Original, Mineral Touch, Invisible Dry, Go Fresh, Sensitive as well the Beauty Finish variants meaning there’s oodles of choice for all care needs and concerns. And, I just love solution-based products!

Available at major retailers nationwide such as Clicks and Dis-Chem stores.


I would love to know why they don’t sell the deo sticks anymore. No spraying, no too sticky too wet under the arm effect! And it lasted all day. Green tea and cucumber was my favourite.

Hi Rika, let me try find out for you. Will revert on email 🙂

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