Big, thickly mascara’d lashes (and I’m not talking about clumpy-looking ones), lined with jet-black, inky liquid liner is the ultimate sexy make up look. At least I think so. While every woman, her sister, best friend and Pilates instructor is having lash extensions – and honey, not all fake lashes look that great – I’m a fan of good ‘ol mascara. It’s on and then it’s gone. I have a collection of mascaras in my cosmetics drawers in the bathroom and I am always thrilled to add a new one to my ever-growing family.

Lancôme’s newbie, Monsieur BIG Mascara Big Volume All-Day Wear (R350, available at Edgars and Red Square stores), has the most fabulous name – very Sex in the City, a la Carrie’s dishy Mr. Big. It’s a nice chunky tube – and ditto the top end of the wand – to hold. I like this because it makes for a steadier hand and therefore, easier application. I found the texture very “liquidy” and that meant it wasn’t dry in the tube and didn’t form clumps on my lashes (impressed!) The result was length and definition, so basically big by name and big by nature.

Also available in the collection is the Monsieur BIG Marker Bold Eye Marker Ultra Black Vinyl Finish (R340) and the Monsieur BIG Brow Chubby Brow Crayon (R320). Both these products have the same chunk in terms of tube size. It’s a no brainer that toddlers learn to draw with oversized crayons – they are easy to hold – and so are bigger make up products. So, if like me, you don’t have the best fine motor skills but want to wear liquid eye liner and fill in your brows without looking like a clown, I like using easier to grip eye makeup tools. The Monsieur BIG Marker’s tip is actually really fine, so don’t worry about creating a thick line that’ll look too heavy on the lid causing it to look too “weighed down.” Ditto the Monsieur BIG Brow; it’s not a fine pencil but it’s not a massive-size tip that’s going to cause you to draw an alarming huge brow that resemble your great uncle Jeffery’s. The texture is soft and waxy and blends in beautifully with the help of the blending brush on the opposite end of the crayon. Happy days!

Now let’s talk lips; these too are sex magnets! The texture on everyone’s lips (forgive me the pun) is matte – and it’s dead-easy to wear. Especially in the form of a liquid lipstick. Enter Lancôme’s Matte Shakers (R315, available from Edgars and Red Square stores); behold hot colour that doesn’t dry out on your pout leaving colour residue on flaked bits on skin – my worst! It does so like this (which I think think is rather clever): a water-in-oil emulsion has been formulated with a patented ultra-thin film technology to give you a weightless texture and a second-skin feel on your lips without sacrificing that really bold colour payoff. Vitamin E has been added for a comfortable and non-drying feel on your mouth. Surprisingly, the sponge applicator with its rounded top allows for a very precise application.

Now, let’s talk colour! Spring seems to be here in the Cape (although I’m hoping for more rain), and so for warmer weather choose shades like 378 Pink Power (pictured above) and then also invest in a good ol’ basic red, like 374 Kiss Me Cherrie. You could also purchase two different shades, apply one colour on the top lip, & the other on the bottom and rock a bit of a two-tone lip.  Enjoy!


I just love Lancôme / have used their make up for years – love the write up as I clearly love mascara as much as you do !

Love the sponge applicator of the lipstick – love it when brands reinvent products.

Me too, Lalannie. Just wait till you see the new Revlon Youth FX concealer applicator (blogging about it next week) 😉

Hi Jill, Lancôme do, in my opinion, make some of the BEST mascaras on the market. Just wait till you try this one!

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