I love all the Mugler fragrances, but it’s the new Alien Eau Sublime EDT that’s really stolen my heart.

Angel will always be one of my favourite scents, closely followed by Alien. My mom visited Paris the month Angel was launched internationally, and bought a bottle back for me. I wore it for a good year before it was available here in SA, and people would constantly ask me which fragrance I was wearing. For it’s time, Angel truly was a trailblazer of a scent, as everything about it was unique; from the bottle design to the gourmand juice. I fondly remember the local launch of Alien years back in JHB. I had just become the beauty editor (of sarie Magazine), and Alien was my first fragrance launch. I recall smelling the wonderfully enticing notes of jasmine, amber and woods and immediately being smitten. The unique flacon design – meant to resemble a sacred talisman preserved in an amethyst – captured my imagination and heart. I’ve been a fan since.

Alien Eau Sublime 

Alien Eau Sublime 1

Over the years, both Alien and Angel have launched many variations, and I love most of them. However, it’s the newest limited edition Alien Eau Sublime (R855 for a 60ml EDT) that I believe to be the most accessible, wearable and well rounded.

Described as solar, refreshing and sensual, Alien Eau Sublime EDT is a citrussy-floral-oriental fragrance that has a luminous fragrant air – like the warmth of the sun that brings an immediate feeling of well being.

The scent is actually inspired by the sun at it’s zenith, and Alien Eau Sublime EDT seeks to capture that in its sublime juice. While it still carries the original Alien DNA of jasmine sambac and Cashmeran woods, it has a lighter, fresher and sunnier disposition. I think a lot of women who struggle with very heady scents will like this.

The Fragrance Notes

With zesty green top notes of mandarin and bitter orange, the opening of fresh and vibrant. After a few minutes, the sensual heart notes made up of radiant white flowers bursts forth. The emblematic sambac jasmine – used in all Alien fragrances – gives the scent its unmistakable Alien signature, but the juice is given a bright, sparkling update with the addition of Tiaré flower. As the scent develops, the wonderfully comforting notes of amber and woods give a feeling of warmth, comfort and well-being.

I love how Alien Eau Sublime manages to energize, illuminate and wrap whomever wears this scent in its sensual, luminous and soothing fragrant trail. It is a wonderfully warm fragrance that is just perfect for the last days (or nights) of winter.

Alien Radiant Body Lotion

Alien body lotion 1

Also worth a mention is the incredibly indulgent Alien Radiant Body Lotion (R745) that delicately scents the body with its sensual and mysterious Alien notes. The lilac colored fluid and light texture of this lotion ensures it absorbs quickly, leaving the skin softly scented and perfectly hydrated. Wear this lotion on it’s own for a subtle trail of fragrance, or layer it (as I do) with the Alien Eau Sublime to ensure you smell sublime for a good eight hours +

Alien Hold


I have one 60ml bottle of Alien Eau Sublime valued at R855 up for grabs.

To enter, leave a comment below this post telling me why you’d like to win this fragrance.

Please ensure you include your e-mail address (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the winner. The winners name will be announce on the In My Bag Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE) next week Thursday 17 August 2017.


I’ve never tried the Alien fragrance, but now it’s at the top of my list. I’d love to win this to be able to sample a (much-needed) new scent! Love the article.

I am obsessed with perfume, but own only 2. What better way to celebrate woman’s day?

I love love love Alien… I only ever use it when I get it as a gift but I love it and try only use it on special occasions. It smells delicious… gives me the confidence i need to get through the day… and it’s my birthday on 8 September so it would be such a lovely present for me 💘💘💘

Angel and Alien are my everyday scents and would love a limited addition to try. I’m a true fan of all these perfumes. Perfume is not a special occasion thing for me, it’s an everyday essential

Just what I need to lift my spirit’s 😍😍😍

I received a sample in a magazine I bought & I absolutely love love love the smell but sadly can’t afford to buy it for myself, I really hope I win this prize xx

Alien is my absolute favourite fragrance ever! I love all things Alien & Mugler 🙂 and would love love love to try this one. I love any fragrance with mandarin, it’s the most beautiful smell to me, and I’d love to wear Alien Eau Sublime every day.

I love the Alien fragrances but don’t own any

The Alien sounds lovely – I love the fragrance notes – escpecially onces that have citrus. Would love to try it!

I’d love to win this to give to my mom. She always does so much for us that she deserves a luxurious fragrance.

I love the notes in this fragrance which emits scents that I would love to have the pleasure of using.
Reading this well written review and the description entices me to own and use this wonderful fragrance. Thank you.

I love Alien perfume. I had the deep purple bottle and it was gorgeous. I would love to try the new lighter/ softer Alien. On 11 Aug I turn 50 – this would be a lovely birthday present !

I just love love love the smell and the bottle.

I would love to win this because I love perfumes as most women do. I am also a huge Alien fan – I mean what is not to love. I love to smell great, makes me feel sexy and confident.

I love Alien perfumes, and would luv to try this new fragrance. Would love a spoil ;o)

I need a new “evening” fragrance, and this one sounds like it would be just perfect for me!

It’s Womens Month and this would be the perfect treat to spoil my sister with – it’s also her birthday month & Alien is her absolute favourite! I am sure she would love to try this new addition to the Mugler family.

I have been searching for the perfect fragrance to wear on my wedding day on the 16th September 2017, and I have heard so much about this particular one. I would love to be able to not only look but smell great too on my big day 🙂

Honestly I dont own any fragrances I share with my mom , due to a tight budget, I love the uniqueness , and essence of this scent of this fragrance and it is certainly my choice of the first bottle of fragrance to own. The notes are fresh and I can imagine the sensation of using it.
Hope to win and finally have my own fragrance and its my birthday soon as well.

I love the fragrance Alien Eau Sublime ,I got the sample it smells really Heaven sent Would love to win this , exciting exuberant perfume please ♥

Perfume. The gentle indulgence. So love this.

I love everything perfume and I’d love to add this to my collection.

I’m a HUGE Mugler fan. I have a purple Alien, Comet Angel plus miniatures of both. There is few perfumes that can compete with Mugler…and I need to indulge in Alien Eau Sublime.

I mean really, who doesnt love a Mugler fragrance? So it goes without saying! 🙂

I’m a big time perfume lover and at the moment I have no perfume cause my last perfume broke and it was really disappointing, winning this would be awesome as I haven’t smelt the alien range before and it would be awesome to own one and feel confident again as I now only use deodorants.

I have been a fan of Alien since I was very little. It is one of my mother’s favourite scents and she has passed it on to me too! It would make my mom so happy to win this. It is truly a classic scent that will stand the test of time 😊 holding thumbs!

Attractive notes i would love to wear them.

I would love to win this perfume. I adore all the alien fragrances and this sounds absolutely amazing. I also love the frosted glass aesthetic.

I have lusted over Mugler fragrances for many many years, your post and wording just seems to make this new Alien fragrance come to life. I found myself inhaling wanting to smell the scent. I would love to own this and try it.

I would love to win this as perfume is such a staple piece when you are out and about whether it be to work, a hot date or a girls night out with friends! The bottle is very unique, I love it and perfume in general lasts ages which is a bonus. I want to smell delicious please! End of story💁

Yesterday I took some time off campus work to hostess at the Hrush event…I was most excited about the scents around me worn by bloggers and stylists there. I’d love love love to smell as good!

Angel was my first love in perfume and my father bought me my first bottle years ago when it launched when I was in high school. I have been following the Mugler fragrances since, always in love with their unique scents!

Angel was the first perfume gifted to me by a beauty editor during my very first internship / the start of my career. It was my first real perfume, and I remember researching its history before wearing it-sparking a fascination with both beauty writing and fragrance history. I’ve loved both Angel and Alien (and the dramatics of 90’s Mugler) ever since. I fondly remember applying some during the Lady Gaga concert (we had been queueing since 3am and the concert was about to start) and everyone around me (i.e. complete strangers that I had met while waiting to enter the Monster Pit) instantly cried out “ITS ALIEN! PLEASE CAN I WEAR SOME?” It’s a complex, sexy and alluring scent, and one that I will always adore.

If it’s one thing I truly believe in it is that you aren’t fully dressed without wearing perfume 💜 I love how wearing a beautiful scent can uplift the spirits and make you feel like an absolute queen 👸 Every woman deserves to feel like this on a daily basis 👰 I haven’t sampled this one yet but if it’s anything as good as the original Alien then it is sure to be a winner! Perfect for those beautiful summer days that we are all longing for 💃

Would really love the spoil – with kids in the house there is never money for a splurge like perfume so I hardly ever buy it for myself. Fingers crossed!

Just totally in Love with this perfume. I received it has a gift and just fell in love with the long lasting fragrance 😍😍 and agree with you. ..people always ask what perfume I’m using. …💕

I’d love to win this bottle of perfume, because I know that it’ll smell devine on me, because all Mugler products are of the best quality.

I would love to win this bottle of Alien Eau Sublime! I never spoil myself as money is tight, as it is with most people I suppose… but a ‘little spoil’ never hurt anyone hahahaha and it would really lift my spirits… who doesn’t like smelling delicious! Holding thumbs that it’s my turn to win ❤

Great review and really gives insight into the new Alien Fragrance, personally I did not really fancy the Alien Range, but more The Angel for me however I’ve read some awesome reviews about the new Alien Fragrance so it must be fabulous.

I totally love Fragrances and always have which started when as a little girl used to wear my Mom’s Opium, what I thought was without her knowledge but of course when she arrived home could smell it – need I say more!

I also love collecting Fragrance Bottles which I keep on my dressing table – some of my all time Fragrances are Boucheron Jaipur, Chanel Allure, Opium Black, Si, Jador … so many to mention!

From the flacon design of the bottle to the amazing smell that is inspired by the sun at it’s zenith,everything about this perfume is amazing! I would love to win this. It’s my birthday the 22nd August and I have surgery scheduled 28 August-so the Alien fragrance will definitely cheer me up!

In May 2014 i was intreduced to Alien by my best friend who bought me this gift bag of alien perfume and hand lotion for my birthday. After i have smelled it on her and always said i would like a bottle like that. Since then i have never been more inlove with one perfume. Upto today i dont use anyothet perfume but Alien. Even my fiancé knows now that i can never have enough bottles in the drawer. Alien makes me feel confident, sufisticated,classy but yet so down to earth . It makes you feel proud that you are a woman and it makes your beauty shine even more . I would be truly thrilled and excited out of my shoes if i can get this give away …

I just love this fragrance!

I love to win this fragrance because it’s everything right now!

I love the fragrance, the bottle is beautiful and It’s my birthday next month. What better present could a woman get. I need a treat. I have been working, studying, been quite sick on top of it. This would make my day.

Alien has always been my favorite perfume and I would love to win this amazing fragrance just in time for spring☺ I am a totally a fragrance fanatic

I have had my eye on it since it hit the shelf bit unfortunately cannot afford it right now

I’d love to win this because my mom and I love Muglar so this will be something awesome that we can share.

I love oriental fragrances 😍

Such an iconic scent to truly make a girl feel like a million bucks.

I am a young 64 and have used Alien for at least 10 years! I have been followed around on numerous occasions in shopping centers, banks etc and asked what perfume I am wearing – even in the Skukuza parking lot in Kruger National Park!!!! Alien is just out of this world!!!!!

This is my absolute favorite fragrance ever and I finished my bottle 2 weeks ago 😔

It’s a fabulous perfume, that’s why 🙂

My wife loves Alien and I’d like to win this to give to her. Huge brownie points!

This is the best, yummiest perfume around!! All the heart eyes 😍

Best perfume around, I’d love to win this ❤️❤️❤️

I love wearing perfume, it makes me feel special every day.

I’ve never tried this fragrance but have only heard good things. I’d really love to win this! 🤞

This is absolutely amazing 💖.
All your giveaways are actually 🙌💖.

This fragrance is absolutely wonderful 😍.

I would love to win this for my mother who’s birthday is on the 14th of September 🎁.

My mother is my anchor and overall a wonderful woman. This would really steal her heart and make her day extra special 🙌🙏💖.

My mother has always love the scent of jasmine and smelling sensual and refreshing 😍😊.

It would mean so much to me “To Win This Wonderful Alien Eau Sublime Fragrance” 💜 to be able to give my mother this for her birthday, “I know” she’ll love and adore 🎉🎁🎀💖 Xx

Fragrances are such a luxury and I don’t really buy them. So would love to win this so I can have a new smelly to brighten up my day!

I would love to win this Alien Eau Sublime Fragrance because I a crazy about e Mugler fragrances plus it is my birthday next month

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Mugler fragrances and I have never tried the Alien Eau Sublime so I would love to win this

I would love to win because I want to be nice and lovely smell in front of my hubby as he love if he seeing me good looking and nice smell I want to impress him with this smell.

I would love a chance to win this perfume. My friend uses Alien and loves it. I do not feel dressed unless I have a spray of perfume. An elderly.lady.once told me to spray behibd mt neck so if anyone standing behind me can smell the fragrance.
So to feel completely dressed I need this perfume as my existing perfume is almost at an end and my.ladt bottle broke in my luggage whilst travelling .bless you for this opportunity to be in this competition draw.
Rhonda Cooper

I’d love to win this because I love that it’s refreshing and sensual

I tested this fragarance, it’s amazing, even not getting a give away, ladies should save up for this one, its extrodonary, makes you smell summer! #inlove

I’d love to win this because I love all the notes of this scent.

I would love to win because i am a huge huge fan of Mugler fragrance, my absolute signature scent is Alien Absolue, i definitely need a new fragrance and having to win this new fragrance would be my Ultimate dream come true❤❤❤❤❤

I’d love to win this because I love everything perfume and I’d love to add this to my collection.

I’d love to win this lovely fragrance because as a women if you smell good you feel good 👍 Who doesn’t love a good smelling lady😉

I love the smell of Alien and it is a scent that suits me. Perfume is such a luxury for me espescially with my tight budget so I would love to win this.

I’ve never had the privilege to own a bottle of Alien or Angel. I’ve entered so many comps…. whenever I see they are up for grabs but so far the luck was not on my side. This fragrance sounds sublime and it would be the ultimate blessing to win a bottle for myself. I especially love the floral notes, because I really adore soft floral fragrances and I always get compliments when I wear them. This busy Mommy would really ♥ a treat for herself and I am a complete perfume junkie. I even keep the bottles. 😀 Thanks for the opportunity to enter. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I’d love to win this fragrance because I’ve never owned a bottle but my mom has a small bottle and I always ‘steal’ some when I see her.

Alien is AMAZING! Love the dark purple bottle so would be great to try this one!

I’d love to win this because Mugler fragrances are so iconic and recognisable.

I believe that your “scent” leaves a lasting impression and someone will always be reminded of you when they smell it again. I love Thierry Mugler fragrances but it’s usually way over my budget so I’d love to win.

I have never tried this fragrance but over the years have heard always great things about it so would love to experience this wonderful fragrance!

i love the wonderfully enticing notes of jasmine, amber and woodsve and because it’s womans month and my birthday month i would love to be spoiled

because I’m a little Alien…..

I think a great fragrance can brighten even the most dismal of days! Also, I love Thierry Mugler fragrances!

I would love to win this perfume because it is such an iconic scent!

Heyy…omw just the bottlr itself is beautifully crafted in white and gold- pure elegance…i myself am an alien fan just for the beautifully scent it gives off as i walk… i would love to givr this one a try…. crossed fingers 😚

I would love to win it for my mom whose not having a decent perfume she always wanted one but can’t afford it for the meantime

I am in need of a new summer fragrance😀 I am such a fan of Thierry mugler fragrances🙌🙌🙌 He is in a class of his own & never disappoints. It sounds absolutely delicious😍So many reasons why I need this please!!🙈

I would love to win this as I feel like I need a bit of spoiling!

I would SO love to win a bottle of Alien Eau Sublime because I am a huge perfume fanatic but the budget usually doesnt allow for that! I love the fresh and vibrant scent of Alien Eau Sublime and I find it beautiful that its inspired by the sun at it’s zenith. Ive been an Alien fan from day one.
P I C K M E P L E A S E.

Omw would love to try this amazing giveaway
Im obsessed wid the prfumes would lovw to wi this awsome giveaway 😍😍😍

The original Alien has been my classic fav and feel good fragrance for years and I’m dying to find out if the newest addition is everything as the name suggests SUBLIME… Alien was my Prince Purple Rain accompaniment 🙂 so if I win I can’t wait to find a jam to match this beauty!!

I’d love to win this fragrance for myself. I want to experience the solar, energizing luminous effects of this fragrance. Xx

I’d love to win this fragrance because I can see myself wearing this everyday.

I’d love to win this fragrance for myself, to COMPLIMENT THE NEW ME!!!

I’m a lover of trying new fragrances, I smelled it before and it smells divine. I don’t have any of its kind and it will be a great addition to my collection.💛 I hope I win. xoxo

It’s always wonderful to win something and even more so this fragrance I’ve never had the privilege to own! This is a perfect gift for a lady on maternity leave on Women’s month!

Id like to win this because what’s not to love it? It’s amazing!

I would love to win this perfume since I LOVE citrussy-floral-oriental fragrances and knowing Alien this fragrance would linger long on my skin 🙂 🙂

I’d love to win this because I cant get enough of this scent.

It’s my favorite fragrance of all time. Winning it would be the best birthday present ever.

Oh My Word, I would love to win this perfume.
Last year (Jul;y 2017 my husband surprised me with a bottle of the original Angel (star shape). Little did I know that my Dad would pass away very unexpecedly a few days later. I remember wearing this fragrance during this time and with people coming to symnpathse with us during this sad time, they would always ask me what I was wearing. I’d just smile and say Angel – I made reference to the name of the bottle which provided me with comfort that my Angel Dad was always close by. So for me, to this day, Angel will always be very very close to my heart.
Holding thumbs – I’d love to have this in my collection.

I love the Alien fragrances. I have a refillable bottle that I top up regularly. I love the fact that you can recycle the bottle so you can smell amazing and be a bit more eco friendly. It’s the one scent that my husband and I both like. It always makes me feel beautiful when I wear it. I would love to try the new fragrance. I have been searching for it in Somerset West and have yet to find it…… it would be amazing to win a bottle, but if not I will keep searching ❤

I’d love to win this because this fragrance is EVERYTHING!

The words jasmine sambac and Cashmeran wood, comforting notes of amber and woods just make me feel so warm and fuzzy and brings about a sense of comfort and well-being.
Id love to own a bottle of this gorgeous scent. Ive always spritz onto myself when passing by in the fragrance isles but never got to buying it for myself.
I especially loved how the scent develops, into a warm delicate scent. This would be so awesome to win to start the new season as well with a brand new, fresh and vibrant new perfume.

I would love ❤️ a new fragrance especially one by Mugler! My bottle of Cool Water at the most have 3ml left!

I’d love to win this because Alien is such a distinctive smell and I love it

Alien has always been on my wishlist. With all the responsibilities I have, I have not yet been able to afford. I love perfume and would like to own one.

I’d love to try this because I’ve never had an alien fragrance before and its as close as I’ll ever get to an alien!!

I mean really, who doesnt love a Mugler fragrance? So it goes without saying! Would love to win it.

Since purchasing my first bottle of Alien many years ago and then bought a bottle of womanity. ..I don’t use anything else except Thierry Mugler parfum. …I can just imagine what this must smell like…..like it’s name? SUBLIME….

This is just what I need to smell as good as I feel 🙂 I feel confident, blessed and thankful for each day.

I’m the biggest fan of the Alien parfum , I love the smell , would love to try the new smell

I’d love to win this because I love everything perfume and I’d love to add this to my collection. This is a must-have!

My 20th wedding anniversary is next month. So I would like to win this to wear it on that night. 🙂

This scent is magical and I’d love to wear it! #inittowinit

I’d love to win this because I’m an absolute fragrance fanatic and I think I could rock this scent.

Beautiful brand, stunning bottle, fab fragrance – love this! Just to spray and feel fabulous!

Limited edition’s the word… I would love to add this one to my collection 😉

I would love to win!!! I love perfume and everything the smells divine😜 Perfume is the last thing needed to finish any outfit😉

what a beautiful fragrance that would be an awesome spoil this women”s month and its my birthday on the 17th of August. But with 3 kids and 1 salary I usually don’t get a birthday gift. this would be so lovely

I’d love to win this because I think it’ll give the ultimate confidence boost when walking into a crowd

I have tried it as a sample I received in a magazine and fell in love with the fragrance, it is a costly perfume so I’m not able to purchase it myself, I would be so blessed if I was picked! Fingers crossed!

I love my Alien perfume. Would love to try this new one ☺️💞🎊

I love the uniqueness of the Alien perfumes and I’m sure this 1 will be no different. I have a very important day coming up, my sister’s wedding and this scent will be so so perfect for her big day. Hope to win

Love the Alien Fragrance – A real confidence booster!A quick and easy way to round off any outfit.

Mugler fragrances are so unique. Love them

I really love this fragrance and have only ever tested it at a special event. I would absolutely love to own a bottle so I can savour the beautiful notes.

I need to change up my look, fragrance and style, I want a complete make-over and the scents found in this fragrance intrigue me, so I would love to win it and give it a try! 🙂

I would love to win this as I’m in need of a new frangrance for summer. I love fresh, unique fragrances and this would so suit me. I love having a signature scent and this would be perfect for that.

I love perfume and to be honest I love a gorgeous glass bottle too. This is a beautiful bottle and I can just assumetheperfume to be out ofthis world.

Alien is m favourite fragrance ❤❤❤❤❤❤

I’d love to win this for my mum who is absolutely crazy about this fragrance. Seeing as though it’s women’s month I’d love to spoil her.

Alien is my favourite fragrance ❤❤❤❤❤

Yes please! Would love to try this perfume. A nice warm scent to warm me up!

Alien was the last fragrance my best friend wore before she passed on 2 years ago <3 so whenever I smell it, I am always reminded of her. Winning this fabulous perfume will allow me to have that little piece of her where ever I may go.

I bought the Marie Claire magazine a few months back and it had the Alien sample on it. When I tried it i fell inlive. I even sprayed it into a rose i had dried out. I honestly could not get enough of how lovely it smells. I’m a person who is very specific about scent because some can be very overwhelmingly. I went instire to try tge Angel and i must say i love it just as much. I haven’t had the chance to scoop it up as yet, I need to save for a few months. I would really love to win this one. Im crossing all fingers and all the fingers I have at my disposal.

I last owned a bottle of perfume 2 years ago. It has just become too expensive. Would love to try this!

A beautiful fragrance completes your look , it can transform not only your outfit, but the way you feel, your mood and your style and this is everything that embodies the Alien fragrance

I’ve never used an expensive fragrance before , I would love to win it because its my birthday month also woman’s month.✌

I would love to win this perfume as it is such a sublime perfume ! Holding thumbs !

I’d love to win this because I’ve never owned a Muglar fragrance and this would be such a treat

Alien has such an edible yet sophisticated scent. It’s different and is in a league of it’s own. I simply love the unique bottle shape. It’s an accessory I would definitely not want to do without! The Alien original is one of my all time faves! If I don’t win this, I’ll surely buy the fragrance! ❤😘👌

I absolutely love fresh, citrus scents ♡ and having been unemployed for 3 months. I really could do with a pick me upper 🙂

I would love to win this of my mum. My reasons: She has been the most amazing role model to me; she has never steered me in the wrong direction, she allowed me to make my own mistakes without so much as an “I told you so.” She afforded me the space to grow and learn for myself without ever being so far away that she weren’t able to help when I needed her. She is my mom, my mentor, my strength, my number one fan and, most of all, my best friend. She has always been a constant force in an ever-changing life. No matter the trials she faced in your own life, she always found the means to ensure my needs were met. To this day I cannot begin to imagine how she did it. Despite all your heartaches, worries and troubles, she never lost her kind nature, she never surrendered her tenderness or sacrificed her values. When my heart aches, she know exactly what to say to pick me up and bring me back to myself. Whenever I have felt like our world is caving in, and that I am falling apart, it is her strength and love that have kept me going. I will always cherish the morning teatimes we spend together; the time we are able to relax into one another, to chat and catch up on all the goings on in our lives. I know that through her love, wisdom and friendship she has given me the ability to love unconditionally, to cherish every living creature and to treat them with the utmost respect and kindness. If I am able to grow to be half the woman that I see in her, I will consider my life a success. Someone who would love me unconditionally, who would guide me through all the ups and downs, never judging me, always supporting me. A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. I would love to spoil her with a bottle of Alien Eau Sublime.

I love the entire range… Would love to own this amazing fragrance #fingerscrossed #wish #win #dream hoping to be the lucky winner

I would love to win this fragrance because i love the entire range.

Great giveaway ! I would love to win this beautiful fragrance for my mother in law, she is a HUGE Thierry Mugler fan! She is very good to me, always spoiling me and I would love to be able to give something back to her and this perfume would be just the thing!

I’d love to win this because its just what I need to complete an outfit! 🙂

I’d love to win this because it’s just so unique. I love it

It was about 8 years ago when I started working… a new colleague had just started working and she smelt like a million bucks. Her signature holy grail was alien.

I’ve since went through quite a few bottles and the scent never gets old, still as delicious as the first day I smelt it and getting at least 1 compliment when I wear it… feeling like a million bucks. My mom’s favourite is Angel, which makes gifts easy… everything Thierry Mulger creates is amazing to the senses <3

I would love this scent, the base is still the signature alien that I know and love.

I’d love to win this because this scent will ensure I smell sublime for a good eight hours +. How amazing is that?!

I’d love to win this because it’s everything that I would want in a fragrance! yay!

So well captured, Candice-Lee! I love this one and reckon a lot of other men would too. R

I would definitely love to win this amazing fragrance so I can smell and feel as gorgeous as this fragrance! 😱 😍😉

This fragrance lingers longer and that’s exactly what I love about it! 🙂

I’ve never tried the Alien fragrance but have heard so much about it! Would definitely love to give it a try.

I just love everything about this fragrance and I’d love to own it! Yay!

This scent is just so sophisticated…I’d love to have it in my cupboard!

I love perfume but haven’t found the one. Maybe this would be the perfect one for me. Would be great to try it on. @matrixalive

I love the notes of this fragrance especially the Jasmine.

I never bought myself such expensive perfume so I would love to win this.

I would love to win this as it is my best friend’s ultimate fave fragrance and she is having a baby in less than a month and everyone tends to forget about spoiling the new mom as soon as the baby arrives!

I want to win this fragrance for my mom ho has a birthday coming up

Would love to win as a prezzie to myself

Have never had one of these perfumes before so would be a nice change

I need this fragrance because it’s going to be the cherry on everyone of my outfits!

I’d love to win this fragrance because it’s so distinctive…everyone will know when I walk in the room! Turning heads! 🙂

This fragrance smells of everything that I love…would love to add it to my collection

I love this perfume brand which I’m currently using, it’s long lasting and oh so classy! Perfect for those special occasions.

I’d like to win this scent because it screams of sophistication and glamour.

Does this not sound amazing ‘the sensual heart notes made up of radiant white flowers bursts forth’…who wouldnt want to have this fragrance?

My mom is a massive Muglar fan and I’d love to share this sublime scent with her!

WoW! Your giveaways never cease to amaze me!!! I must confess that I never owned a Mugler fragrance & I would love to try this one, the combination of citrus and flower notes must smell divine plus I’m a huge jasmine fan! I would truly appreciate if I would win the fabulous Alien Eau Sublime fragrance😍😍😍 Thank you

I’d love to win this because I’m such a fan of this amazing scent!

This is such a statement fragrance and I’d love to be wearing it!

I would LOVE to win this fragrance as I just turned the big 3-0 last week and definitely need a sexy womanly fragrance to help me feel thirty, flirty and fabulous!

Last year I tried the original Alien for the first time and it is now my favourite perfume to wear. I have had many positive comments when wearing it. I would love to try this scent too and see if it has the same reaction 🙂

This is an absolute must have…sophisticated and sublime, as the name says!

This scent is giving me life…it will complete me! 🙂

Alien eau sublime is absolute bliss…I’d love to be able to start everyday with it

Choosing a fragrance is a lot like choosing a Facebook profile picture.
Scents, like people, have personality and can induce specific feelings.
I have always been a fan of Alien and would feel honored to add this to my collection <3

I absolutely love everything about this fragrance and I’d be over the moon to wear it…

I’d love to win this because I’d love the treat and it would be a complete spoil

It is Woman’s Month and this would be the ultimate to celebrate it

#fingerscrossed hoping to be the lucky winner

fragrance addict but can never afford such a luxurious brand on a student budget and I have been longing for a bottle of Alien for ages now!

this fragrance is soooooooooo sublime and at the top of my wishlist for my upcoming Birthday this year….would love to win it, why, because I think this Mommy deserves some spoils and pampering

This fragrance is beauty personified and I’d love to have it as part of my collection.

This scent is incredibly captivating and I’d be excited to captivate everyone that I encounter wearing this fragrance.

This scent strikes me energetic yet comfortable wear and I can see myself enjoying it

So I’ve done a bit of research and apparently the scent opens with a combination of lemon, orange, mandarin and solar flowers…I mean common, that sounds so inviting

I love with Jasmine and with Jasmine at the heart of this scent, it’s got my name written all over it

Specific smells carry specific memories and I’d love to create memories with this scent.

This scent appeals to every one of my senses…and my senses are tantalised!

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