I recently received some beautiful products from the new Clarins ‘Contouring Perfection’ range to play with. Now, while Clarins are well known for their skincare, their make-up is really fantastic too. I personally rate the brands foundations among the best, and LOVE the Lip Oils.

The limited edition Face Contouring Palette R595 is simple to use and master. There’s a matte highlighter that brings volume and light to the face, a powder to shade and deepen contours, and a fresh blush to give cheeks a healthy glow.

Clarins contour palette

These three easy-to-use shades create contouring make-up which highlights and enhances the features. Use the highlight powder on the bridge of the nose, the forehead and chin. Swipe a little under the brows and nose and onto the orbital bone to bring light to these areas of the face. Apply the shading powder just under the cheekbones and on the sides of the nose for contouring. The blush powder should be applied to the apples of the cheeks to add a rosy glow.

A wonderful pro brush that comes with the palette is made using natural hair, and has been specifically designed for contouring, helping to guide the hand over the face – just like a pro. By perfectly hugging facial contours, it applies powder in the right places, to give a very subtle contouring result. Used correctly, this palette reshapes facial volume and subtly highlights contours.


Clarins stylo pen

One of the most exciting items in the press drop has to be the unique, limited edition 4-Colour all-in-One Pen (R495) that can be used on eyes, brows and lips. I love how Clarins has basically taken the iconic 4-colour brio pen and reinvented it as a “make-up pen” 

Clarins Stylo 4

There’s an intense black that’s perfect for creating a graphic look; a chocolate colour to subtly warm the eyes and intensify brows, and a bold indigo blue to make the old peepers pop. The fourth, universal nude shade should be used to line and add shape to the lips. It’s super easy to use too: simply select the colour and diagram under each marker, and slide down your chosen make-up… Et Voila!

Clarins Ombre Iridescente

Three new shades are available in the Ombre Iridescente line (R320 each), namely Silver White, Silver Grey and Silver Rose. I love the creamy, powdery texture of these shadows that are best applied with fingers. They brighten the eyes, adding a gorgeous shimmery reflection. Matifying bamboo powder has been added into the formula to ensure long-lasting hold.

Wanting to create the perfect smokey eye?  Then look no further than the 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette ‘smoky’ (R535)

Clarins smoky quad

The palette contains three richly pigmented charcoal eyeshadows, illuminated with a touch of pearly white to play with light and shade, creating really bewitching, beautiful eyes.

There’s also a diagram card inside the packaging that explains where to apply each shadow. Carnauba wax powder has been added to these shadows to provide eyelids with comfort and ensure a very long-lasting hold. You can use the shadows dry – for a subtle finish, or damp – to intensify the results.

Clarins Daily Energizer lip_open

While the Kiss Daily Energizer Lip Balm (R215) does not form part of the Contouring Perfection collection, I had to just give it a mention. This balm immediately softens and plumps the lips, while an “intelligent” pigment reacts with the pouts ph, giving lips a natural looking, subtle coral tone. This is also a responsible beauty product, because its paper based packaging is sourced from sustainable forests. I also LOVE the little kisses that are printed onto the packaging. I mean, how can you not resist?

Clarins Kiss outer

To learn more about Clarins, check out www.clarins.co.za


The Face Contouring Palette is gorgeous!
The 4-Colour all-in-One Pen is such a great idea and nifty tool.

SO gorgeous, Lalannie and does a great job at highlighting and contouring. The pen is however my BEST – so handy to pop into your bag for touch-ups.

Love the makeup pen – such a clever idea. Is it in stores yet?

Hi Lauren, yes it is 🙂

Love this product – Kiss Daily Energizer lip balm – don’t know why I didn’t use it before.

Love this product – Kiss Daily energizer lip bLm – don’t know why I didn’t use it before

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