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A month ago, the peeps over at 22Seven challenged me to try seven tasks that, they assured me, would yield extra cash, come month end. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, but undertook to take them on to the best of my ability.  You can read my first post about the challenges here.

A month later and I’m R4004 richer. Yep, that’s right & I can hardly believe it myself.

Here’s how I did it:


mobile data

I was spending around R600+ on JUST mobile data per month. Spurred on by the “Decellarate” challenge, I went online and saw that I could purchase a 250MB bundle for just R59. That equals a R541 saving per month! Why oh why did I wait so long?


salad in a jar 212

This was by far the most challenging challenge, as I had to really think about, pre buy and prepare my lunches. Because I’m on a bit of a health kick, I decided to do salads in a mason jar.

The most difficult part of this challenge was convincing my hubby that a weeks worth of salad lunches would not only be nutritious, but delicious too. My hubby & I work from home, so we either skip lunch, get a takeout, or we pop across the road to our local called “Locale”. We spend anywhere between R150 – R200 on a lunch (for the both of us).

Buying veggies and ingredients for our “salad in a jar” came to R487 for the week. Amount saved that week: (working on a regular lunch spend of R200 per day) R513.

Check out the 22seven app screenshot I took to compare my Eating Out & Takeout spend for July & August.

Money month comparision



My hubby, daughter and I opted for a blissful Sunday walk through Newlands Forest, instead of joining friends for lunch in the winelands. I reckon we saved around R600 here and managed to get in a bit of exercise too.


old clothing piles

This was my favourite challenge. I have A LOT of clothing. While I’m pretty ruthless with my seasonal wardrobe edits, there are a few pieces of clothing I’d been hanging onto for years – some were even around two sizes too small!

The best part of this challenge was realizing I could actually make good money selling my old stuff. I made R1200 and, to be honest; I plan on spending the cash on new shoes…


Pay yourself first

This was easy. I transferred R900 into my investment account and really didn’t even miss it at the end of the month. This is definitely something I’ll be doing monthly.


Groovy gift

I had a lot of fun with this challenge. I gathered up a few bits and ends that I found lying around: an empty plastic pot plant holder, some twine, my daughter’s craft glue and a small peg with a wooden heart on it.

I gave the pot plant holder a quick sand with medium grade sandpaper, covered the whole pot with craft glue, then carefully (from the bottom) wrapped the twine around the pot. I then filled it with potting soil that I had lying around and put three “Echeveria” into the soil. These succulents are so easy to grow and are drought resistant. I reckon I saved around R250 making my girlfriend this gift.


my coin jar

Even my 11 year old was inspired by this challenge and started her very own coin jar. For the past 3 weeks, both my hubby and I have been throwing all our coins into the jar. We managed to accumulate R162 thus far.


Candice smoking

Okay, this wasn’t an official 22Seven challenge, but after doing a few calculations to see just how much money I’d save if I quit smoking, I was very motivated. I won’t lie; I have had a ciggie here and there (that I’ve bummed off friends) but straight after feel quite sick. I worked out I’d save R600 a month by kicking the habit. In addition, my life insurance premiums will come down by R200 after being 6 months nicotine free.

I love the 22Seven app and have been using it for close on a year now. I like that it allows me to see exactly what I’m doing with my money. I’m able to set budgets and compare what I spend over various months. If you haven’t already, you can download the app here. You can also see my other 22seven posts here, here, here and here.


Love this article Candice!

This is so great Candice. I downloaded the app a while ago 😉

This is so interesting……… All the little things add up!

Love this article, but one question – do you have to grant the app access to your bank account to use it? seem to remember a similar app a year or so back and I was quite apprehensive of that one thing that you needed to do to make it work…

R4004???! This is amazing! I am so inspired after reading your post. I am not a very disciplined spender, but reading your blog convinced me to take a look at how I throw money down the drain.

Well done!!
Love the homemade gift!!

Awesome!!! I NEED to do this… There’s definitely money to be saved! Great Read Candice 🙂

Where did you sell your clothes? Thanks

Thank you! I think I’ll download the app, sounds like something we could use!

Hi Nicola, yes, you do need to give the app access to your accounts, but remember 22seven is underwritten by Old Mutual so it’s all above board. When I joined, ABSA sent me messages warning me about giving my details to a 3rd party. If you’re still unsure, read their policy about this on the website. I’ve had the app for close on a year & have had no issues.

Hi Lynnith, good for you. I’d love to know how you find it. Thanks for the comment.

Hi Suzanne, get hold of Closetclique. I think they’re the best. They will collect & sell on your behalf.

The saving is brilliant!

I am just wondering why you hadn’t cut down or considered some of the things before if you have been using the app for almost a year now. Preparing your own lunch is always in a list of how one can save money.

And the coins in a jar thing is an old known way to foster appreciation for the measly coin though I must admit I didn’t think this would work anymore. Cards or other electronic methods of payment are so convenient I barely have enough coins to tip the petrol attendants.

Amazing!!!! Love love love your salad jars – such a good idea 🙂

Hi Ingrid, to be honest, I think I was just too lazy and crazy busy. I had been wanting to get a data bundle, but just never got around to it. Also we have wifi at home (and I work from home) so it wasn’t a huge issue. The coin jar I’d actually done before and was impressed with how much I accumulated. Thanks for the comment. X

There really is, Gillian and I’m glad you enjoyed the feature. Thanks for the comment.

Hi Mariska, I’m so pleased! I still can’t quite believe it. Because I’m not really a financially minded person, I also tend to throw money down the drain. Let me know how it goes. X

Good for you Kerry – how are you enjoying the app?

Thanks Megan 🙂

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