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Almost three months ago, I (reluctantly) agreed to try out the 22seven financial app. While I considered myself somewhat sussed with money (I now know how deluded I was), I was by no means ‘in touch’ with my finances.

As I started using and learning about the app (it took about 3 weeks for me to really get my head around how it worked), I began to realize how much money I was spending unnecessarily. You can read my pervious posts here, here and here.

In my last 22seven post, I spoke about how I’d had a complete paradigm shift when it came to my finances. My previous head-in-the-sand approach has been replaced with a keen interest in just where and how I’m spending my money.

Even though I knew I spent a lot on clothing, I was horrified when I saw an actual amount. Because I never drew up budgets, or listed my spending – I never had the actual ballpark figure. I kept telling myself that what I thought I was spending was justified – After all, I’m a fashion & beauty blogger and need to look good.

But it was a ridiculous amount, and I’m thankful for the app showing me that. I’m now far more mindful when it comes to buying clothing. Now, when I see an items of clothing, a pair of shoes or a bag I want, unless I absolutely NEED it (which I don’t) – I won’t but it. Instead, I take half the amount of what that particular items costs, and save it. In just two months I’ve saved R2000!!! This exercise is proving to be quite thrilling!

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Hmmmm…not so much anymore.

Food was another HUGE expense. After downloading the app, I quickly realized just how reckless, stupid and out of control my spending had been. I convinced my hubby to download the 22seven app – so he too could track his spending. Guess what? After just ONE MONTH  he called a ‘family meeting’ and decided to draw up a monthly food budget.

We planned weekly menus (well, I did) and no longer do daily shopping trips to Woolies – wondering aimlessly down the aisles, thinking about what to make for dinner (this is a ridiculously expensive exercise). We now do a weekly shop, that includes visiting not one, but three or four different stores. It’s taken a bit of effort (and time) to change our food shopping behaviour patterns, but it’s now glaringly obvious just how financially beneficial it’s been. We reckon together we’ve made a saving of about R3500 over two and a half months!

food shop

So, in just two and a half short months, I’ve (we’ve) saved around R5500 – is that even possible? If we carry on this way, we’ll be able to get round to that to-do/visit list  that includes:

Deck around our pool


Landscaping our front garden

Courtyard garden

Finally holiday at Rheeti Rah in the Maldives (never mind that the current rate for 7 nights is a whopping $15,900… PER PERSON! On second thought, maybe not!

Reethi-Rah Water villa

It’s way cheaper to visit NYC instead, and we can take the kidlet along too


But…we’ll most likely end up putting it into a university education fund for my daughter


Thanks 22seven for showing me how to save money. Without you, I’d be (R5500) poorer.

You can download the 22seven app here. Follow 22seven on Facebook for tips and regular updates.


Nice post. I just have to say I LOVE the look of that courtyard in the picture you used.

Hi Candice! Love this article and have been using the app. This is my first ‘clean’ month so here goes nothing. x

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