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Come January, I’m usually doing some serious financial juggling. Usually, Christmas and all the festivities that go with it have me broke by December month end. I know that I’m not alone.

What is it about the silly season that makes people spend beyond their means?

To add to my financial woes, both my hubby and daughter celebrate their birthdays in January. In addition, January is the month I need to pay school fees and buy new school uniforms, whilst still paying my regular bills.

But this year, things are different. For the first time in my adult life, I actually have money left over – enough to afford all my January expenses! How the hell did I do it, you may wonder.

I made a budget and actually stuck to it. Amazing really. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll remember I downloaded a nifty FREE financial app called 22seven, which has quite literally changed the way I feel and approach my money (you can read my previous two post’s here and here).

I set aside amounts for presents, entertaining and food, and even a little to spoil myself. I decided I would not go over those set budgets. And I didn’t – as difficult as it was. It’s easy to set a budget with the 22seven app. By going to ‘track’ on the ‘money month’ screen you’re able to set a budget for any of your spending categories. I like that when you’re about to go over your set amount, you can either re-set the amount, or re-think your purchase.  I did a lot of re-thinking whilst shopping and boy I’m thankful I did!

I’d actually go as far as to say I’ve had a paradigm shift of sorts with regards to my finances. My previous ‘head in the sand’ attitude has changed and I’m actually enjoying getting a handle on my money – it’s a very empowering feeling. And, I can’t believe it’s taken just two short months!

The two quotes below are really resonating with me at the moment (think I need to go Google Dave Ramsey!)

money 1

money 2

I’ve now set budgets for everything from groceries to entertainment and have a saving goal for the first time in my life!

Here’s to a far more financially fit 2015 – Cheers.

You can download the FREE 22seven app here


Love your blogs.
Another way of saving that I do is to take all my silver coins(R1, R2, R5) and throw it into a saving tin.(size of 410g tin foods) I also put in a R100 or R200 note when I have some cash with me. You will not believe how much money you save that way. I have now save R10 000-00 in a year and a half, and believe me – It is not that I have a ton of money – in fact far from it. It is just that one does not even notice how much money you waste. By saving all the coins, you take note when your tin gets full. My tin that I opened in beginning of December had R2500-00 in. I was shocked as I never realised that I actually put in a lot of notes without missing them. I also don’t use this savings and with every new tin, it motivates me to save even more.
What I also do is to rather go short on my wants and take that money and put it away to be able in 2 or 3 months to splurge then.
I have also heard by one of my FB friends that if you fill up a 2 litre bottle with 50c coins, it adds up to R2000-00 Don’t know if that is true, but have a 2L bottle in my room to put all my 50 cents in. So I will definitely find out how much the bottle can take in a few months. Who would have ever thought that?

I have been so tempted to try the 22Seven service but just don’t feel comfortable handing over my details to a third party no matter what the claims are.

XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

Thanks for the comment Abby. Be assured that with 22seven your details are safe. When asked the question at the initial briefing, the CEO said, “even if a 3rd party have your log in details, what can they really do with them?” Great question.

Hi Elmarie, I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. I’m TOTALLY INSPIRED to get my own ‘silver coin’ tin started after reading to your comment. I can’t believe you managed to accumulate R10 000! Usually, I leave my silver change in my car and give it to informal parking attendants etc. I shall be trying this and will blog about it. Thank you so much for the tip and taking the time to comment 🙂

I also do the silver coin collecting in a jar….it comes in hand in January…

I think 22Seven (which I down-loaded when you first reviewed it) is causing a mind-shift for me towards real saving and real budgeting, even though jars can be a useful, fun way to save as well. I have this has been made so much easier by 22Seven. I have been neglecting it over Xmas (definitely denial there) but I received a gentle reminder and am back on track. I have researched this company and its owners, and am comfortable to rely on their calibre for security of information. Thanks for such a useful tool.

Good to hear Caryn and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for the comment. XX

I’ll be giving the silver coin collecting a bash!

Candice you are like my online gaurdian angel lol thanks for sharing all this knowledge & wisdom with us. i need an i phone so i can download the 22Seven app.

Pleasure Andrea. You can download the app on android too. And on your desktop – let me know if you have any issues and I’ll try help. Enjoy using the app. XXX


I just started reading this blogg about money,i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove it.My kids and I are busy putting away coins from R5.00,1.00,2.00,50c,10c and 20c….A year ago i bought them snacks and juices for their lunch boxes the 50cents,20cents and 10cents combined they made around R150….I WAS SO IMPRESSED WITH MYSELF AND WE ARE STILL CONTINUING TO PUT THEM AWAY…I HAVE ABOUT THREE DIFFERENT SAVES IN MY HOUSE….2LITRE COKE BOTTLE IS FOR 5 RANDS ONLY,THE PIGGY SAVE IS FOR 2RAND AND 1RANDS ONLY AND THE SMALL SAVE IS FOR THE 50CENTS,20CENTS AND 10CENTS…..ITS A PIECE OF MIND I SO LOVE IT.

I LOVE THE SOUND OF COINS(laughing) even at work they collect them for me.

Thank you for helping out…please share more tips if you have.A blessed day my sister.

I’m started with 4 X 1.5 kg coffee tins. I only have about a few hands full of brown money. There are a tin for R5 , R2, and R1. I’ll save this link and let you know in 2 years time, Hehe , I’ll be rich.

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