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So I’ve officially been using the 22seven app for a month now and wow, just WOW!

As I said in my previous 22seven post, I was never much of a budgeter. I find the idea of drawing up an excel spreadsheet way too tedious. But, as I get older and wiser (and more financially savvy) I’m realizing how important budgeting is. Prior to using the app, I really hadn’t a clue where my money was going.

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What 22seven has shown me in just a month, in terms of my (rather reckless) spending, is just how much I’m forking out on non-essentials like clothing and eating out. In November, I spent a whopping R2800 on eating out! WTF? While I was aware I was spending a bit, I thought it was more in the region of R1000, R1500 max – how wrong I was…

Clothing is another expense I’ve come to realize I’m spending way, way too much on. I mean, R2210 a month on JUST SHOES (granted, Woolies have been having a very good shoes season, and all my purchases are leather that I’ll wear for years to come, but still) – Really Candice, REALLY?

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It’s amazing how when you start seeing your (uncontrolled, in my case) spending patterns emerge, and they’re laid out in a simple, easy to understand way – you really start thinking about how you’re spending your money.

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Because previously I had a ‘head-in-the-sand’ attitude to money, this translated into my finances being in a bit of a state. I’m really starting to believe that the more of an interest I take in my money, the more I’ll understand it and save.

So, I’ve decided to set budgets for clothing, entertainment, Christmas gifts and food. And I’m adamant I’m going to stick to them.

It’s really easy to do with the app. All you do is, well, set a budget. The app let’s you know when you’re about to go over, and you can either re-set the budget, or re-think your purchase. Given that it’s Christmas, sticking to my budget will be difficult, but I’m adamant that I will.

I did a few sums and I realized that if I cut my average clothing and entertainment by just half, come December 2016, I’d have a pretty tidy sum to invest, pay for family holiday or put towards my daughters education. I find this to be a rather exciting prospect. In fact, after seeing the quote below (and given that I haven’t travelled half as much as I want to), I’ll spend it on a holiday!



If you still haven’t downloaded the FREE 22seven app, you can do so by clicking HERE.


HAHA so use to buying things I really don’t need

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

Downloading this app RIGHT NOW!

Hey Candice-Lee

I signed up the day I read your first post about 22seven. Even though I am disciplined when it comes to money (I get it from my mom) it’s great for me to have a track of my spendings. I usually put together a little budget for myself every month using Evernote but the 22seven app has proved to be really useful.

Thanks so much for sharing the knowledge!

Thanks for the dose of reality, we should all take note, I certainly am and downloading! Amazing how few of your followers took note and/ or commented compared to the (very beautiful) bag giveaway!!

Thanks for the comment Angela 🙂 – I’m sure you’ll enjoy using the app and find it useful. I had to giggle at your comment – amazing how many women are keen for a real designer bag! Now to select a winner from all those entries.

Hi Kate, I’m thrilled to hear you’ve found the app useful 🙂

You’ll love it, Jean.

Story of my life, Candice 🙂

I hope I win this hamper in order to spoil my girl a little. She has been having a bit of a difficult time with me over the last two weeks and she deserves it more than anyone 🙁

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