Now that I’m in my early forties, I’m even more militant with my skincare regime. I always cleanse properly – morning and night, use the correct moisturiser and eye cream, and include an anti-aging serum in my routine. I ensure I protect my skin daily from harmful UV rays, either with an additional SPF over … Continue Reading

By Helen Clemson Well, no lounging around in The Maldives for me this summer season (as if), so a gorgeous summery fragrance will have to hit the sweet spot to make up for the lack of a sun-drenched vay-cay. In fact, there’s a whole host of newness from Elizabeth Arden (including two fragrances, Sunflowers Sunlight … Continue Reading

With spring in the air, isn’t it time for a new, fresh and playful scent? The new Mademoiselle Rochas is inspired by the quintessential French girl. She’s active and cheerful, elegant, bold, playful and optimistic. This is a young lady who makes her own choices and lives in the present. Cheerful and outgoing, she enjoys … Continue Reading

I’m hugely excited about the new Revlon Youth FX range of anti-ageing products that dramatically transform the look of lines and wrinkles. Developed with filling and blurring technology, all four products in the range contain a unique combination of soft focus powders that scatter light, blurring imperfections, while micro-spheres fill in wrinkles, making them less … Continue Reading

By Helen Clemson In my late 20’s, three big things happened: I got married, I made an important career move, and my skin condition changed – radically. I went from having acne breakouts to officially being dehydrated. This isn’t to be confused with having dry skin because dehydration can still feel oily and dry at … Continue Reading

The incidence of skin cancer is on the rise in South Africa, so it’s vital to remember to protect your skin on a daily basis and become more aware of the damaging effects of UV rays. Recently, LA ROCHE-POSAY sent me My UV Patch – a digital breakthrough innovation aimed at changing bad sun habits into … Continue Reading

By Helen Clemson Buying deodorant is not an exciting, luxury purchase, but it certainly needn’t to be a grudge one. And the way you see buying your trusty deo needs to change; it’s as much a skincare treatment product as it is an anti-perspirant one. My mind space has altered and it’s really helped me … Continue Reading

Big, thickly mascara’d lashes (and I’m not talking about clumpy-looking ones), lined with jet-black, inky liquid liner is the ultimate sexy make up look. At least I think so. While every woman, her sister, best friend and Pilates instructor is having lash extensions – and honey, not all fake lashes look that great – I’m … Continue Reading